Jimmy Butler reacts, believing that he was fouled.

NBA Trade Rumors Regarding Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler Heat Up Days Before The NBA Draft

Jimmy Butler is the hottest name circulating as NBA trade rumors heat up for the Chicago Bulls‘ star, just days before the NBA draft. Chances are great that anywhere between four and eight NBA teams are interested in talking about a trade with the Chicago Bulls. Between now and the NBA draft, it is possible that more teams will begin ringing the Bulls telephones in an effort to pry Butler away.

Whether the Chicago Bulls trade Jimmy Butler or not remains to be seen, as the franchise has not necessarily been known to take risks in terms of trades. If there is any truth to the NBA trade rumors with Jimmy Butler’s name attached to them, his trade value may never become higher.

In a span of five minutes, Jimmy Butler was a trending topic amongst NBA trade rumors. The flurry of information on Jimmy Butler is described below.

Jimmy Butler to the Boston Celtics?

Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Jimmy Butler to the Phoenix Suns?

Jimmy Butler to the Cleveland Cavaliers? Wait, Jimmy Butler to the Cavaliers? That cannot be possible!

The Celtics, Timberwolves, Suns, and Cavaliers were all linked to Jimmy Butler in the NBA trade rumor frenzy. Interest in Butler is expected to swell at some point in the days leading up to the NBA draft. It means that the Chicago Bulls could be a busy team before the first name comes off the draft boards.

Interest from the Boston Celtics was already known league-wide. ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith confirmed the Celtics’ desire to use the No. 3 pick in an attempt to trade (courtesy of WEEI) for Jimmy Butler.

If the Celtics are successful in trading for Jimmy Butler, they will have to present a strong offer for the Bulls to consider. There is a possibility of a bidding war brewing for Butler before the draft. Each team that places an offer will let the Bulls know what they have in Butler.

Jimmy Butler scores on Clint Capela.
The Chicago Bulls are receiving a lot of interest for Jimmy Butler. At least four teams have reportedly contacted them. [Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]

While it was not a secret that the Celtics had an interest in Jimmy Butler, the Cavaliers’ being in the running is startling.

ESPN is reporting that the Cavaliers are trying to get a couple of teams involved to put together a three-way trade proposal for Butler. The package would have to center around power forward Kevin Love due to the fact the Cavaliers are short on trade assets. The onus could be on Kevin Love to help find a team that he may be willing to play for in order to make things work.

That possible third team involved could be the Phoenix Suns, who have the assets the Bulls would want in return for Jimmy Butler. It would be unwise to dismiss the Suns as a team who could not complete a trade for Butler on their own.

Why would any team help the Cavaliers trade for Jimmy Butler? The thought alone might be enough to eliminate the Cavaliers from the discussion of trade destinations for him.

Despite the NBA trade rumors about the Suns possibly willing to help the Cavaliers land Jimmy Butler, they may have their own intentions. The Suns are considered a dark horse in the chase for Butler, according to the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson.

The Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves had preliminary talks over the weekend regarding Jimmy Butler, according to CBS Chicago. If the Timberwolves are willing to offer Andrew Wiggins, the Bulls will listen intently. Without Wiggins included, the Bulls will walk away from any deal the Timberwolves put on the table as far as Butler is concerned.

Other teams are expected to get involved in the trade talks for Jimmy Butler. Several NBA trade rumors suggest that the Bulls are either contacting teams or at least listening to offers.

There is a CSN Philly report that the Bulls were denied the No. 3 pick in the NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers in a deal for Jimmy Butler. The 76ers would later swap draft picks (courtesy of ESPN) with the Celtics.

One intriguing team could wind up being the Detroit Pistons.

The Pistons want to do something to spruce up the roster they will open up their new arena with. Could a trade proposal of Stanley Johnson and draft picks grab the Bulls’ attention in a Jimmy Butler trade?

Another team to watch out for is the Denver Nuggets, who may be willing to offer a combination of Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, Emmanuel Mudiay, and this year’s draft pick for Jimmy Butler. The Nuggets were willing to offer the Indiana Pacers a similar deal (courtesy of SB Nation) for Paul George prior to last February’s trade deadline.

Despite which teams may be interested in Jimmy Butler, the question still remains if the Bulls would deal Butler, a three-time all-star.

No one outside of the respective teams’ front offices knows what offers the Chicago Bulls received for Jimmy Butler. It is possible that NBA teams have submitted subpar proposals. And Butler is simply too good of a player for the Bulls to give away.

There is also the belief that the Chicago Bulls are overvaluing Butler, a strategy that has hurt them in the past. Until something definitive takes place, the NBA trade rumors with Jimmy Butler’s name will continue. Prepare to see a bidding war take place for Butler.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]