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Cleaning House: A Number Of Former WWE Stars Part Ways With Impact Wrestling, Finished With TNA

A number of big names are free agents once again as they suddenly and unexpectedly parted ways with TNA Impact Wrestling on Monday. As of now, there is not a lot of information known as to why these former WWE superstars are gone from TNA, but they join a whole host of employees who have left the company or been fired in the last year. Now, fans will no longer see Simon Diamond, Al Snow, and Gregory Shane “Hurricane” Helms with Impact Wrestling anymore.

Every spring, there is usually a massive house cleaning by WWE and there are superstars ending up without a job left and right. Sometimes, though, there are moves that need to be made and it comes at the cost of wrestlers being let go.

In the case of the releases from TNA on Monday, the three known names are quite odd as they were rather involved with the company.

Late on Monday afternoon, Al Snow hopped on Twitter to let the world know that he is onto different things in life. There was not a lot of reason as to why, but he was quite gracious in his departure and thanked Impact Wrestling for the time he spent with the company.

Snow has worked as a producer and in-ring talent for Impact Wrestling since 2008, and he’s pretty much done everything with and for them.

wwe tna impact wrestling shane helms al snow simon diamond leave
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

Wrestling Inc. is also reporting that Pat Kenney, also known as Simon Diamond, is also no longer with Impact Wrestling. Kenney has actually been with TNA since 2003, and worked primarily as a producer for the company, but he understands the reasoning behind being let go. According to Kenney, TNA had seven producers on staff at one time and it was simply too many.

The third name to part ways with TNA on Monday is none other than Shane Gregory Helms.

wwe tna impact wrestling shane helms al snow simon diamond leave
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

This is kind of an odd move as Helms, formerly Hurricane Helms in WWE, has been the leader of the Helms Dynasty faction which also includes Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee.

Helms tweeted out a number of other times and even said he’s “never been an a**-kisser and I damn sure wasn’t gonna start with an owl.” The “owl” reference is speaking of the emblem of TNA’s owners, Anthem. He later said he was just joking around.

Al Snow, Simon Diamond, and Gregory Shane Helms are all great talents who can do things in the ring, in a managerial role, or backstage. Obviously, TNA Impact Wrestling had different plans in mind and decided it was time go in different directions. There is no way of knowing if any of them will end up with WWE in any way, shape, or fashion, but anything is possible.

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