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Former Nexus Member Out Of Action Up To 12 Months, Loses Part Of Finger In BASE Jumping Accident

A former WWE superstar and current Lucha Underground talent is going to be out of action for close to a year due to being injured in a base jumping accident. PJ Black, formerly known as Justin Gabriel in WWE, is a huge fan of extreme sports and his love of BASE jumping will have him missing possibly six to 12 months of his wrestling career and it also caused him to lose a portion of a finger.

According to an interview with Wrestling Epicenter, Black has loved BASE jumping for many years and it is a form of skydiving. For those who aren’t aware of it, BASE jumping is a form of skydiving, but it is done off of the top of stationary buildings and objects.

Black has been doing it for a long time and he may want to rethink it after having yet another accident while taking part in the activity. His latest accident left him with a severely broken leg and a missing tip of a finger which will put him on the sidelines for a long time, by way of Cageside Seats.

“The short version is, I jumped. My body position wasn’t perfect. The parachute opened with a 180-degree turn, so instead of flying away from the building, I flew straight into the building. I managed to kick off one of the ledges and flip myself around, but in doing that I broke my ankle, and then while I was flipping around my finger got caught in a satellite dish. It ripped the tip of the finger off. I’ve got two titanium plates in my leg, and a pretty messed up finger, but I’m alive so that’s pretty cool.”

It sounds very severe, but he is taking it in stride.

wwe tna justin gabriel pj black base jumping accident finger injured
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Again, this isn’t the first time that PJ Black has had to deal with a serious injury caused by his BASE jumping thrills. Sportskeeda reported back in October that Black suffered two broken ankles and it caused him to miss a match against Ananzi with World Wrestling Professionals (WWP).

With this second accident happening, the wrestling promotions that sign PJ Black in the future may end up putting a clause in his contract which restricts him from BASE jumping while a deal is in place.

wwe tna justin gabriel pj black base jumping accident finger injured
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PJ Black has come a long way since his days at Justin Gabriel and being a member of The Nexus in WWE. He has had a lot of success in TNA Impact Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling, and Lucha Underground over the last few years. Unfortunately, his BASE jumping addition has caused him two serious injuries and will keep him out of the ring for possibly up to a year during the prime of his wrestling career.

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