Derrick Rose passes out of a double-team.

Derrick Rose Reportedly Wants A New York Knicks’ Return

Derrick Rose will get to test NBA free agency for the in his roller coaster career. Playing one season with the New York Knicks after being traded by the Chicago Bulls, Rose wants a long-term shot on the east coast. If Rose had things his way, he would continue his NBA career with the Knicks.

Sportsnet New York is reporting that Derrick Rose wants to return to the New York Knicks. Whether or not the feeling is mutual remains to be seen, but there are a couple of reasons why the Knicks should want to re-sign him next season at least.

Keeping Derrick Rose beyond next season is up for debate. Unlike with most players, the questions surrounding are not performance based, but Rose’s overall availability. Another major injury could force Rose to reconsider playing basketball.

Can the New York Knicks afford to commit to Derrick Rose long-term?

It’s no secret that injuries have robbed Derrick Rose of most of his explosiveness getting to the basket. His overall effectiveness has taken a hit because he is a player who heavily relied on driving to the lane to score. Rose has a decent midrange jump shot, but his range loses its consistency past 18 feet. Spending an entire offseason to work on his jumper would go a long way for him.

Derrick Rose dribbles past Marcus Smart.
Injuries have taken much of Derrick Rose’s explosiveness away, but he still maintains some quickness to get past defenders. [Image by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]

Despite missing his explosiveness, Rose still has enough quickness to push away from defenders. If he can be free of any major injuries for an entire season, things could return to form. That is why Derrick Rose is worth a two-year gamble for the New York Knicks.

Derrick Rose, when healthy was solid running the Knicks’ offense. The difficulties in running the triangle offense cannot be overstated and Rose is not a perfect fit for the offensive scheme the Knicks employ, but it takes time to master it. One season sounds like a crash course in the triangle.

Giving Rose more time in the offense would work wonders for him. His desire to return to the Knicks means he is willing to learn.

It is up to the New York Knicks to give Derrick Rose the opportunity continued growth in the offense. The rumors headed into the draft have the Knicks taking a long look at Frank Ntilikina (courtesy of the New York Post).

Ntilikina, a point guard from France, will need some time to develop. That time could be at least two seasons. Derrick Rose can re-sign with the New York Knicks as the bridge to a potential successor. And if the gamble works out, the Knicks can trade him for a valuable asset or move him over to shooting guard permanently.

Rose has thrived in the two-guard spots in the past. He could thrive again in the right circumstances.

Of all the available NBA free agents, Derrick Rose may be one of the last of the high-profile names to sign. He wants to return to the New York Knicks. Will the Knicks oblige him?

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