Laquita Lewis Charged With Killing Daughter, Mother Stabbed 4-Year-Old To Death

Laquita Lewis Charged With Killing Daughter, Mother Stabbed 4-Year-Old To Death

Laquita Lewis, 34, is charged with capital murder of a child under 10 after stabbing her little girl to death at an apartment complex in Harris County. The Texas murder victim was only four years old.

According to Chron, Lewis told the victim’s father and aunt that the little girl was gone and was in Heaven. At Laquita’s arraignment, prosecutors said Laquita stabbed 4-year-old Fredricka Allen in the chest with a knife, a detail the suspect confessed to the father of the child.

The accused was not at the arraignment because Harris County Jail was still processing her. On Tuesday, Laquita Lewis is scheduled to appear before District Judge Maria Jackson. On that day, she will be formally arraigned and will be appointed an attorney if she has not retained one on her own yet.

Prosecutor Lori DeAngelo said Lewis was involved in a crash on Sunday. It appears that the murder happened before the crash. After the accident, which happened around 6 p.m., she began texting friends saying she hurt her child. Laquita also texted and called the father admitting what she had done. That is when concerned family members called authorities, who arrived at the apartment complex to do a welfare check on the little girl. The victim was found laying on the floor in the master bedroom, and she was dead.

When police found Fredricka’s body, Laquita was at a local hospital being treated for minor injuries related to the car accident.

Court records indicate that Lewis has a history of making threats of violence. In February, she pleaded guilty to threatening to kill her ex-husband, Donnell Lewis, Jr. The charge was a misdemeanor, and she was sentenced to probation.

Nobody seems to know why Laquita Lewis murdered her 4-year-old daughter. Detectives believe it happened after the suspect got into a fight with her boyfriend on Sunday, who does not appear to be Fredricka Allen’s biological father. In fact, court records show that the mother had several paternity suits against two different men, all which were dismissed. Fredricka had siblings, but it was not made clear how many, the genders, or their ages.

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