Kevin Owens May Have Suffered An Injury Lasty Night

Huge Update Regarding Kevin Owens’ Leg Injury Following Last Night’s PPV

At the WWE Money in the Bank PPV, there were no SmackDown Live title changes, but Baron Corbin and Carmella have emerged as Mr. and Miss Money in the Bank respectively. WWE fans enjoyed last night’s event, but now the focus is already on what’s coming next. With WWE SummerSlam around the corner, the powers that be are looking to make the summer as massive and exciting as they can for the WWE Universe.

Unfortunately, there is a chance that WWE officials may have to carry on without one of the company’s top stars after last night. During the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Kevin Owens took a big bump from the top of the turnbuckle, and Sami Zayn tossed him through a ladder. Owens’ hip and leg took most of the fall. He finished the match, but he was helped to the back by referees after Money in the Bank went off the air.

The speculation after the PPV is that the current United States Champion has suffered a leg injury of some kind. A ladder match is full of bumps and bruises, so it’s not uncommon for Owens to be banged up after the match. However, it’s unclear how severe the injury is right now, but many fans are preparing for the worst.

Kevin Owens Failed to Become Mr Money in the Bank
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For almost an entire day, the WWE Universe contemplated what SmackDown Live and WWE would be like without “The New Face of America.” Kevin Owens has established himself as a pivotal performer on WWE programming, but his “leg injury” at the Money in the Bank PPV may be nothing more than an injury scare.

An update on the situation has been reported. Owens is scheduled to perform tonight during a SmackDown Live show in Indianapolis. By all appearances, the U.S. Champion seems fine after the PPV, but he was likely banged up enough to be carried out of the arena. Owens could also have been selling the match for the fans.

Sami Zayn May Have Injured Kevin Owens During a Ladder Spot
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Creative plans for Kevin Owens after WWE Money in the Bank are unclear. His United States Title reign is expected to continue for some time. It’s very likely the rivalry with AJ Styles will resume heading into WWE Battleground at the end of July. Owens is also expected to have a huge match at WWE SummerSlam, but he isn’t rumored for any creative plans yet. The only thing we know is Kevin Owens will have a great match.

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