Kylie Jenner reportedly is a "sugar mama" in her romance with Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner Reportedly ‘Trying To Buy’ Travis Scott’s Love By Turning Into His ‘Sugar Mama!’

Kylie Jenner has transformed herself from the shy little girl hiding behind her Keeping Up With the Kardashians big sisters Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian. Joined by her close pal and sister Kendall Jenner, Kylie has been soaring out of the shadows and into the spotlight in recent years. That success has a downside, however, because it’s put her boyfriends in the spotlight as well.

In the latest round of eyes-on-Kylie’s-boyfriend, Travis Scott has been facing rumors about every aspect of his romance with Jenner. She recently rebounded with the 25-year-old rapper after dating another rapper Tyga, 27, for several years.

Now one new rumor claims that Kylie is paying for everything in their relationship, even romantic getaways and a wardrobe upgrade for Scott. Radar Online detailed the allegations about the financial aspect of their relationship in a report headlined “Love Don’t Cost A Thing? Kylie Jenner ‘Sugar Mama’ To Boyfriend Travis Scott.”

There are multiple perks to dating Jenner: she’s cute, has a good sense of humor, and has the ability to make dinner reservations at the most crowded Hollywood hot spot. But beyond that, Kylie reportedly has given her new rapper boyfriend Travis a variety of “lavish” presents, according to the publication.

Kylie Jenner reportedly has been giving her new boyfriend Travis Scott lavish gifts, earning the alleged label of "sugar mama."
Kylie Jenner reportedly has been giving her new boyfriend Travis Scott lavish gifts, earning the alleged label of ‘sugar mama.’ [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for]

Jenner recently took Scott to Mexico, for example, and that romantic getaway reportedly is just an example of the impressive gifts that the rapper has received from the 19-year-old lip kit queen. An insider told Radar Online about the alleged “sugar mama” role that Jenner has played in her romance with Travis.

“Kylie is blowing an insane amount of money on trying to buy Travis’ love. She is literally his sugar mama!”

Moreover, when it comes to Scott, it’s allegedly a free ride.

“He is not paying for anything right now,” added the source.

But the claims of Jenner as “sugar mama” in her romantic relationships don’t stop with Travis. The insider also hinted that Kylie used to have a similar relationship with Tyga in terms of who gave gifts and who got them. Now, on the outside looking in, Tyga allegedly is bothered by not enjoying those “perks” anymore, according to the insider.

“Tyga is apparently upset because he is not getting the perks of being with Kylie anymore,” said the source.

“[Tyga] used to love the money, jewelry and cars!”

While the concept of Kylie Jenner as “sugar mama” is allegedly the same in both relationships, the insider revealed that there’s one difference between her romance with Tyga and Travis. And that has to do with her reported desire to transform Scott. Jenner reportedly has such a strong desire to give her new boyfriend an image overhaul that she’s even purchasing his wardrobe.

“Kylie is now buying Travis new clothes because she is trying to redo his image,” said the source.

Is Kylie Jenner in a rebound romance with Travis Scott?
Is Kylie Jenner in a rebound romance with Travis Scott? [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Beyond supposedly attempting to transform Scott’s appearance with new attire, Jenner even allegedly has reached out to her sister Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West for help. Famed for his own music success, Kanye could become the ideal mentor for Travis. And that’s reportedly Kylie’s goal, putting her in the role of not just a “sugar mama” when it comes to spending money but (in a gender role reversal of My Fair Lady) Professor Higgins to Eliza Doolittle.

“She is paying for vacations and everything that they do together,” noted the insider.

“[Kylie] is even trying to set [Travis] up with Kanye to help his music career!”

Despite the reported similarities when it comes to Jenner’s alleged “sugar mama” role with both Scott and Tyga, another new report emphasizes that Kylie is serious about Travis and isn’t using him just as a rebound boyfriend. Jenner is “crazy” about Scott and “adamant” that it’s not a rebound romance, according to Hollywood Life’s insider.

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There has been some speculation that Kylie jump started her romance with Travis too soon after the end of her relationship with Tyga because it was only one month after Jenner split from Tyga that she and Travis were spotted holding hands and canoodling at Coachella. Moreover, Kylie and Tyga were together in an on-again, off-again romance for years.

But despite all those allegations that Scott is a rebound, the source says that Jenner herself has no such fears. She reportedly believes that Scott is her ideal match. And as for how long Kylie’s romance with her new boyfriend might last, the insider revealed that she’s thinking about having it be a “forever” relationship.

“Kylie is crazy about Travis and she can see them being together forever.”

The source claimed that some of Jenner’s friends are worried that Scott constitutes a “classic case of rebound.” However, Kylie has remained “adamant” that her love for Travis is real, according to the insider.

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