New color variants of the LG G6.

LG Unveils G6+ With Wireless Charging, More Storage, And New Colors

LG’s latest flagship, the G6 may only have been on the market for a matter of months, but the South Korean firm is already releasing a version with updated hardware. LG has announced a new version of its current flagship, the G6+, which will bring with it a host of new hardware upgrades and some aesthetic changes too.

According to the Verge, the recently unveiled G6+ isn’t fundamentally all that different to the current G6 on the market, however, it does provide a few key noticeable upgrades. For a start, it will come packaged with a bumped up 128GB of storage, whereas the original G6 was only available with either 32GB or 64GB capacity. LG will likely be hoping that increasing the G6’s storage will allow it to better compete with the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8, which both offer larger storage capacities than LG currently does.

Meanwhile, audio quality is clearly a major focus with the release of the G6+. LG has confirmed that it will bring its quad DAC audio performance to all models of the smartphone, whereas it was previously only available on Asian models. At the same time, the company says it will now package the G6 with a pair of “premium” B&O Play earphones.

In terms of aesthetics, the G6+ will maintain the distinct bezel-free look of the G6, however, according to Android Authority, it’ll now be available in more colors. LG says the G6+ will introduce “optical marine blue” and “optical terra gold” color options, which are undeniably more interesting than the bland silver and black varieties of the original G6.

Similarly, the G6+ will bring wireless charging capability to all variations of the G6, no matter the region. That’s no surprise considering Apple reportedly plans to introduce wireless charging to its upcoming iPhone 8, which will mean LG undeniably wants to remain competitive when newer phones make it to the market.

For those looking to pick up an LG G6, the upgrade to the G6+ is undeniably a no-brainer. However, it may be difficult for LG to convince current G6 owners to make the upgrade. Thankfully, LG has also announced a software update with features including facial unlocking, a low power consumption mode, and improved camera functionality for both the G6 and G6+.

The G6+ and the G6 software update will arrive sometime in July.

[Featured Image by LG]