The Pokémon series mascot; Piakchu.

‘Pokemon’ For Nintendo Switch Will Be A Traditional ‘Pokemon’ Experience

Nintendo caused a good deal of excitement at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo when it announced that a main series Pokemon title is in development for the Nintendo Switch. However, despite confirming that the title exists and is in development, Nintendo didn’t provide any additional details around the main series’ first outing on their new console.

According to Nintendo Everything, when Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about the upcoming title, he confirmed that it will be similar in nature to traditional Pokemon titles that have typically been released on Nintendo’s handheld consoles over the years, including most recently the 3DS.

Pokemon for Nintendo Switch will be “a traditional find, battle, train type experience,” Fils-Aime confirmed.

Nintendo had initially left many fans disappointed earlier this month when it held a Pokemon-themed Nintendo Direct, where many expected the company would confirm a main series title for their newest hardware. Instead, Nintendo confirmed its plans to bring Wii U title Pokken Tournament DX to the Switch, whilst releasing Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on the 3DS.

Reacting to that disappointment from fans, Game Freak’s Tsunekazu Ishihara made an appearance during Nintendo’s E3 presentation to confirm that a Pokemon title is in the works for the Switch.

According to Siliconera, back in March, Game Freak began recruiting 3D CG designers with experience on Wii U and PS Vita character models using animations and modeling software Maya. Whilst it wasn’t explicitly confirmed that the company was planning a Pokemon title for new hardware, the need for more experienced 3D developers certainly appeared to suggest so.

E3 2017 was largely seen as a success for Nintendo, which launched its Switch console in March. Alongside the aforementioned Pokemon title for the console, Nintendo also announced that the long-awaited Metroid: Prime 4 is also in development and heading to the Nintendo Switch. However, again, the company provided no further details about the upcoming title.

Reggie Fils-Aime later clarified that Metroid: Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch will be “a first-person adventure,” much like its predecessors and in comparison to Metroid: Samus Returns, a side-scrolling Metroid title that Nintendo confirmed for the Switch’s predecessor, the 3DS, at this year’s expo.

Nintendo is expected to release both a new Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch and the aforementioned Metroid: Prime 4 at some point in 2018.

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