New report says President Donald Trump wants to resign

Report Says Trump Wants To Resign — Twitter Asks President If It’s Fake News

A new report that is spreading across the internet suggests that President Trump wants to resign. As many people are interpreting the report as an indication of Trump’s dissatisfaction with the job of POTUS, some are opting to tweet Trump and ask whether it is fake news. The report is from Politico, and the passage in question suggesting Trump wants to resign comes from the last paragraph in the article. You may view the article and decide whether or not it is clearly stating the president is fed up with leading the United States. For those who are still unclear about the article’s intent, you might find that tweeting the president like others have is the best course of action. Here is the passage that has sparked the controversy.

“But Trump, too, is cognizant of the comparison to Nixon, according to one adviser. The president, who friends said does not enjoy living in Washington and is strained by the demanding hours of the job, is motivated to carry on because he ‘doesn’t want to go down in history as a guy who tried and failed,’ said the adviser. ‘He doesn’t want to be the second president in history to resign.'”

According to the passage, an advisor to President Trump states that President Trump wants to resign, but is hanging in there because he doesn’t want to fail. Some who have read the article that primarily focused on the possible firing of Mueller and Rosenstein walked away with little more than the statement President Trump hates leading the country and wants to resign.

The Palmer Report has interpreted the article as meaning that President Trump truly wants to resign.
You may read the full article that has since gone viral at the official Palmer Report site. The article has prompted many of Trump’s detractors to respond on Twitter with excitement. Those who are against Trump hope that if they keep the pressure on him, such as with the Russian investigation, they may be able to force him into giving up the Oval Office and resigning.

What do you think about the report? Do you believe it is clearly stating that President Trump wants to resign or do you think it is fake news? Will President Trump crack under pressure and will the months of preparing for the job of POTUS pay off? Is this a real news story or are people grasping at straws, with wishful hopes that President Trump is about to give up and pass the baton to the next man standing?

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