Gwen Stefani And A Few Of Her Family Members Joined Blake Shelton For A Birthday Celebration

Gwen Stefani’s Dad Got A Kiss From Blake Shelton On Father’s Day

Gwen Stefani is so happy that Blake Shelton was born 41 years ago that she decided to celebrate his birthday with him in two different states. During one of these fun family celebrations, Blake was so moved by all the love around him that he gave Gwen’s dad a big, sloppy kiss.

Blake Shelton celebrated his 41st birthday on June 18, and there’s no way that Gwen Stefani was going to let him mark the milestone without her. She dutifully documented some of the fun festivities that she and the birthday boy partook in on his special day, and she’s been sharing a few of her intimate photos and videos with her excited Instagram followers. As Hollywood Life reports, Gwen and Blake spent Saturday afternoon hanging out on a boat together. The couple was likely visiting Blake’s home state of Oklahoma, where he owns property near Lake Texoma.

While Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were in the Sooner State, they also visited Blake’s mother, Dorothy. The proud mama took to Facebook to share a video of the family singing “Happy Birthday” to the grinning country star, and Gwen Stefani makes a brief appearance in it. Blake’s camera-savvy girlfriend was filming the cute family video for Dorothy.

“I birthed this big thing,” Dorothy tells Gwen while wrapping her arms around her son’s neck.

On Sunday, Gwen Stefani threw a second birthday party for Blake Shelton in her home state of California. A few of her family members were there, including her parents and her brother Eric. It was also Father’s Day, so Blake let Gwen’s dad, Dennis, know how much he cared about him by giving him a big kiss on the cheek. Gwen Stefani shared a photo of the sweet smooch on her Instagram page, and there’s no doubt that it left many Gwen and Blake fans praying that Dennis will someday become Blake’s father-in-law. It also had some of Gwen’s followers wishing that they were in Dennis’ shoes when the photo was taken.

“Dennis, women would kill to trade places with you!!!” wrote one of Gwen’s Instagram followers.

“Blake has got to be the best kisser ever… he kisses everybody!” another commented. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY MR. STEFANI! This warms my heart!”

#happyfathersday ❤️❤️ gx

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There was no way that Gwen was going to let her dad be the only one who got a kiss from the birthday boy; she also snagged a sweet smooch from her beau, and she bragged about it on Instagram.

“I get to kiss on the birthday boy @blakeshelton #happybirthdaycowboy gx,” Gwen captioned a photo of their birthday kiss.

I get to kiss on the birthday boy @blakeshelton #happybirthdaycowboy gx

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Gwen Stefani also shared a photo of the birthday cake that she had custom made for Blake. However, her beau had to share the giant, armadillo-shaped dessert with three other people. According to the icing words surrounding the cake, Gwen and her family members were celebrating four big events all at once: Blake Shelton and Eric Stefani’s birthdays, Father’s Day, and Madeline’s graduation. Madeline is the daughter of Gwen’s younger sister, Jill.

As you can see, it looks like Eric Stefani played the accordion while everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Blake Shelton. Eric’s beloved instrument is visible in the left-hand corner of Gwen’s Instagram photo.

Birthday armadillo @blakeshelton gx #bdayboy #cake

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It wouldn’t be a birthday party without presents, but Blake wasn’t in any rush to tear into his gifts. As Entertainment Tonight reports, Gwen Stefani shared a silly video of her boyfriend balancing one of his birthday presents on top of his head. The box was attached to three helium-filled balloons.

“Celebrating the birth of my #bestie #favorite @blakeshelton,” Gwen captioned the Instagram video.

Celebrating the birth of my #bestie #favorite @blakeshelton ❤️????????????gx

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At the end of a long day of partying, Blake Shelton took to Twitter to thank everyone for their birthday wishes.

“Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!!! 41…. Sh*t man I’m beating the odds,” he quipped.

According to Us Weekly, a source close to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton has said that the lovebirds often “talk about their future and growing old together,” so it looks like fans can look forward to seeing their favorite couple celebrating many more birthdays with each other.

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