Carter and Clooney Twins Compared By Fans In The Social Media

Carter And Clooney Twins: Which Pair Is More Popular? All The Differences Between The Celebrity Babies

The Carter and Clooney twins are now born and the Internet is going crazy about the new addition to two of relatively the most sensational families in the history of Hollywood. But which set of twins are more popular in social media?

June is officially the month of celebrity twins, at least when we’re talking about Hollywood. After all, social media doesn’t just go nuts over the birth of babies if it’s not from a celebrity couple.

Case in point is the birth of the Carter and Clooney children who were both in June and have created a significant amount of buzz on the World Wide Web. In fact, according to Refinery29, Twitter can’t seem to decide which set of twins are more important.

Based on the report, users of the social media platform have been having a difficult time figuring out and explaining their side on which babies are worth more in 140 characters or less—ridiculous as it may seem.

At one point in the debate about the Carter and Clooney twins, a Twitter user, who appears to be a Beyonce fan, posted something interesting after Amal Clooney gave birth to Ella and Alexander as reported by the Inquisitr.

After news broke that the “Single Ladies” diva has finally given birth to her twins, Cashé Kidd-Collocott‏ whose Twitter username is @CasheKidd pondered whether the event would be as monumental as the Clooney twins’ arrival.

Of course, not everyone is pitting the newborns against each other. One even wondered whether Carter and Clooney twins could be meant to be linked romantically.

Meanwhile, some believed that the two sets of Hollywood Gemini twins born in the same year is a good omen.

Either way, one thing is sure: both sets of twins are bound to live different lives as E! News revealed that Beyonce and Jay Z, and Amal and George Clooney plan to raise them in their own way.

Amal and George Clooney Will Raise Their Twins Differently Compared With Beyonce and Jay Z.
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In fact, the contrast between the two celebrity couples began even before their twins were born, as Amal and George kept it quiet until the baby bump showed while Beyonce announced her pregnancy over social media.

According to the outlet, the announcement of the pregnancy alone was enough to predict the striking contrast between the two which have been proven after the Carter and Clooney twins’ birth.

While Jay Z and Beyonce are both active social media users and are not shy about sharing photos of their first born, Blue Ivy, whereas George and Amal have no personal social media accounts and will most likely have the photos of their children posted the old fashion way (i.e. magazines and talk shows).

On top of that, Blue Ivy has been a celebrity ever since she was a week old, which may also happen when the twins arrive home. Meanwhile, George and Amal plan on raising Ella and Alexander in London, miles away from the Ocean’s Eleven star’s life in Hollywood and closer to their rights lawyer mom’s workplace.

With that said, the biggest difference between the lives of the Carter and Clooney twins can be described in a single word: privacy.

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