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‘Modern-Day Maharaja’ Comments On Retaining WWE Title, Says People Boo Him ‘Because Of The Color Of His Skin’

Jinder Mahal was able to defeat Randy Orton for the second straight pay-per-view, this time in front of his father in their hometown of St Louis, Missouri. With help once again from his cohorts, the Singh Brothers, Mahal was able to defeat the Viper after a brief moment of getting distracted. When the Singh Brothers put their hands on Bob Orton, Jr., Randy rushed the team and viciously attacked them in honor of protecting his father. This brief slip-up from focusing on Mahal gave the champion an opportunity to execute his cobra clutch slam and get the victory.

Mahal was a guest on the Talking Smack show following Money in the Bank. Regarding Orton losing against him, he stated that it was because of a “rookie mistake” which he capitalized from and was able to win.

He also stated that Orton is “past his prime,” as he explained that when The Viper won his first world championship in the WWE, the “Modern-Day Maharaja” was in high school. Wishing Booker T a happy Father’s Day, he also sarcastically wished Bob Orton Jr. the same sentiments as well.

With only one championship reign under his belt, Mahal made the bold claim that he will surpass Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and John Cena, who have 14, 16, and 16, respectively, as the person with the most championships reigns of all time. Of course, this would include his losing the title at least 15 more times, which has always been an odd element of this record.

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Discussing a very controversial subject, Mahal stated that he was a member of 3MB, released, made his return, and became the only person ever to win the WWE Championship within a year of returning from getting fired.

When asked why people in the United States do not like him, Mahal stated that he should be viewed as a hero, and “people boo him because of the color of his skin.” This caused a brief and awkward pause from Booker T and Renee Young, as the subject was then changed.

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Since winning the WWE Championship from Randy Orton, many have been very critical of Jinder Mahal’s championship reign. It will be interesting to see his next chapter since it appears that he is finished with proving himself against Randy Orton.

With the 2017 Money in the Bank winner Baron Corbin lurking in the shadows, SmackDown Live is being geared for some very suspenseful programming.

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