Finsbury Park Mosque Graphic Video: More Than 10 Muslims Hit By Van Near Seven Sisters Road In London

Finsbury Park Mosque Graphic Video: More Than 10 Muslims Hit By Van Near Seven Sisters Road In London

There has been another terrorizing incident in London, with reports of a van that crashed into people nearby Finsbury Park mosque in London. The van caused a number of casualties, according to the Telegraph. Videos emerging of the aftermath of the tragedy, like the graphic one below, show people bleeding and another person receiving chest compressions.

The incident happened near the mosque close to Seven Sisters Road, near Finsbury Park station. In the wake of the van hitting pedestrians, one person has been arrested. Authorities received calls just after midnight to respond to the major incident. At least six people were witnessed on the ground after the van plowed into the crowd, with reports of at least 10 people being struck by the van emerging, as seen in news reports embedded below.

As reported by CBS News, the London Ambulance Service responded to the incident that occurred as people worshipping at the Finsbury Park mosque had left the worship center following midnight prayers. It was 12:20 a.m. local time when Metropolitan Police were summoned to the scene on Monday, June 19. With two recent previous attacks in London that found pedestrians getting hit by vehicles, people on social media are crying out for relief for the area with the news of another attack.

Warning: The following video is graphic and disturbing.

As noted in the below tweet from Metropolitan Police, authorities are dealing with the attack. The Twitter account has been updating the public about road closures, traffic situations, and the like, and reports that more updates will be coming as they are discovered.

According to Metro, at least 10 people were injured in the attack that the Muslim Council of Britain confirms targeted those departing the Finsbury Park Mosque. The Muslim worshippers were ending their Ramadan fast.

As seen in the above photo from 2004, Muslims can be seen during prayers outside of the same Finsbury Park Mosque in London, on Friday, May 28, 2004. The location was one where Muslim Cleric Mustafa Kamel Mustafa previously preached prior to being arrested by London authorities to face charges that were terror-related.

The Finsbury Park Mosque is located in north London.

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