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The Meghan Markle-Prince Harry Relationship Isn’t Making Other Royals Jealous [Debunked]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be making the other royals jealous with their lovey-dovey relationship. At least that’s according to an article in Celeb Dirty Laundry which claims that Kate Middleton is particularly jealous of the way that Harry “spoils” Meghan.

According to the site, Prince Harry plans to give Meghan a Mini Cooper for her upcoming 36th birthday because he is a big fan of the classic film The Italian Job. Harry reportedly hopes that Markle will use the vehicle to get around London unnoticed and it will convince her to move to London full time.

But, Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, all of these thoughtful gifts are starting to create a rift between Meghan and the royals who aren’t Harry. Kate Middleton is allegedly feeling it the most because Prince William doesn’t do a lot to keep their romance alive.

“After all, she and Prince William haven’t had a date night in years. Plus, William doesn’t get Kate expensive and lavish gifts for her birthday and their anniversary,” the article reads. “To make matters worse, he even thinks their own two kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte are too spoiled with all of the gifts they get throughout the year.”

If this sounds like a whole lot of fake news to you, then you’re not alone. Gossip Cop, a site that’s become well known for debunking celebrity rumors has called out Celeb Dirty Laundry for spreading lies about Prince Harry and Meghan.

As Gossip Cop notes, it’s ridiculous to think that Kate Middleton is jealous of Meghan Markle because she may get a Mini Cooper for her birthday as Kate regularly rides around in cars more expensive than that. They also point out that Celeb Dirty Laundry did not cite the sources of their information, probably because they don’t exist.

Even though the story about Harry and Meghan making other royals jealous is ridiculous, there are indications that things are pretty serious between them. Markle was invited to Pippa Middleton’s wedding which is yet another indication that Kate isn’t jealous of the Suits actress. While Meghan did not attend the wedding ceremony, multiple media sources reported that she was at the wedding reception.

Markle has also been seen recently seen wearing a gold ring and an insider source has said that she got it as a gift from Harry. According to The Daily Mail, Markle reportedly takes it off when she plays her character Rachel Zane on Suits. The insider also said that she’s told people close to her that the ring is from Harry and that she’s afraid that she might lose it because she needs to get it sized.

Do you think that Kate Middleton is jealous of Megan Markle? Do you think that Prince Harry and Meghan will be announcing their engagement within the next year? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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