Camilla Belle

Tim Tebow Girlfriend Camilla Belle Meets The Parents

Tim Tebow has reportedly introduced new girlfriend Camilla Belle to his parents, suggesting that the couple is getting serious.

The New York Jets backup quarterback and the actress apparently started dating out in public in October but they may have gotten together last May based on some published reports.

According to In Touch magazine, Tim’s parents are on board with their son’s new romance:

” ‘His mom, Pam, likes that Camilla comes from a strict Catholic family, and loves that she does so much work with a children’s charity,’ an insider tells In Touch …

” ‘Pam thinks Camilla could be the girl Tim has been waiting for!’ “

The Page Six section of the New York Post reports that Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle have also attended church together. Apparently they share the same views about pre-marital relations.