Boston Celtics move closer to trading top draft pick.

NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Moving Closer To Dealing Top Draft Pick As Markelle Fultz Visits Philadelphia

The NBA trade rumors are heating up in the days leading up to the 2017 NBA Draft, with reports that the Boston Celtics are moving ever-closer to a deal that would send the No. 1 overall pick to the Philadelphia 76ers in a deal sending a treasure trove of picks to Boston.

The teams have been engaged in discussions for several days regarding the top overall pick, but the talks appeared to heat up over the weekend after consensus top pick Markelle Fultz paid a visit to Philadelphia. The move was seen as one of the final steps in the draft deal, NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported.

There is now confidence among insiders that the NBA trade rumors will come true, with Boston and Philadelphia swapping the No. 1 and No. 3 picks and the Celtics receiving a host of other picks, ESPN noted.

If the NBA trade rumors were to materialize, it would give the Philadelphia 76ers a backcourt with Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons, last year’s top draft pick who missed the 2016-17 season due to injury. That powerful combo, along with the efficient Joel Embiid, could be enough to have Philadelphia pull the trigger on what would likely be a costly trade.

And while Fultz is seen almost unanimously as the most talented players in the draft, he would need to find a place alongside Isaiah Thomas in Boston and the Celtics may already have another player in mind. There have been reports that team president Danny Ainge covets Kansas Jayhawks forward Josh Jackson, who would still be there for the taking at the No. 3 spot.

Fans may not know if this NBA trade rumor comes true until much closer to draft day. While the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers reportedly made significant progress forward toward the trade, there are reports that the teams may wait until closer to the draft as the final pieces fall into place.

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