Kimye, Husband and Wife

Kanye West’s Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Obsession And His Adult Puppet Show

We’ve always known Kanye West values the more superficial things in life, but the story of how he met Kim Kardashian on a mature puppet show may take his materialistic image to a whole new level. It seems Kardashian’s sex tape played a large part of the high-profile meet cute.

According to WIRED, Kanye first met Kim in person when he insisted she take on the role of a sexualized Princess Leia in the mature-audiences puppet show called Alligator Boots West produced back in 2007.

Apparently, recounts Daniel Kellison, another producer on the show, West had been a big fan of the goods Kardashian unleashed on the world in her sex tape with Ray-J that leaked in 2007. In fact, the first time Kellison met West, West had been in the middle of watching the infamous porno. He had been so absorbed by what he was seeing that he lost track of what was going on around him and later had to ask the artist in the studio to do another take of the track he had been laying down. After finishing his viewing session, Kanye West insisted the striking woman he had just watched make some magic in a Mexican bungalow would be the perfect choice for the show.

Kellison disagreed with Kanye’s casting choice, insisting that adding another big star to the show in addition to Kanye, who was already guest hosting the pilot episode, would be too much. Her sex tape was the only thing Kim was known for at that point, but just that was enough to make her a well-known celeb. Oddly, Kellison says he originally wanted to hire Paris Hilton, another sex tape star, for the role.

West was persistent, though, and so they finally came to a compromise of including Kardashian in one of the show’s sketches.

“That was probably the thing he was most certain about on the show,” added Alligator Boots director Tom Stern.

The role Kim Kardashian was to play involved her getting into a dangerously skimpy Princess Leia sex slave outfit and talking flirtatiously with Kanye, who donned the garb of a storm trooper for the sketch. Kardashian’s character was in a relationship with West, and the dialogue they exchange is racy enough to fit into the raunchy Comedy Central show.

Stern notes that he had ended up loving work with Kim Kardashian. He says that casting her was one of the few helpful decisions Kanye made on the set of Alligator Boots, though, because he simply did not know what he was doing.

“It’s not like Kanye had a ton of ideas about comedy,” Stern reflected. “The things that he did care about were more like what kinds of sunglasses and sneakers the puppets would wear.”

As AV Club notes, that’s really not too surprising given Kanye’s extensive history with fashion.

Kimye, Husband and Wife
The couple in September 2016, nearly a decade after meeting. [Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for ‘Harper’s Bazaar’]

West had foreseen the saucy sexuality Kardashian would be able to bring to the scene, but it is probably fair to assume even he could not have predicted just how well he and his seductive co-star would hit it off. It is, of course, a well-known relationship at this point, but the two would go on to get married and have already given birth to two children, North and Saint.

Alligator Boots was not picked up and died before it had a chance to live, but at least it gave rise to the mighty Kimye! The very nontraditional road the two took to end up together — sex tape to mature puppet show to slave Leia outfit — will also make for quite the “How I Met Your Mother” story. In fact, that might be a good idea for Kanye’s next pilot.

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