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Outrageous Bill: Women Dubbed ‘Fat Girls’ On Restaurant Receipt

Server puts "fat girls" in the receipt

Stockton, CA – Three women are understandably angry after discovering the label “fat girls” on their restaurant receipt, which was apparently used by the staff to describe their table.

Christina Duran and two of her girlfriends were shocked when they looked at their Cameo Club Casino restaurant receipt and saw “fat girls” under the name of their server and above the number of guests listed, reports MSN.

In case you’ve never had a waiting job before, servers will sometimes type brief descriptions of their guests into the computer to help identify them to co-workers who run food on busy nights. The downside? Your name (as the server), the guest count, and any note about the table typed into the computer shows up on the check.

“I got the bill, and I was like, why does the receipt say, ‘fat girls?'” Duran said.

Her friends thought she was joking, reports News10.

“I was laughing at her, and she was like, ‘I’m serious.’ I’m like, ‘No, it does not say fat girls, let me see it,'” said Christina Huerta, who was also at the table along with Isabel Robles.

“[Huerta] was like, ‘You’re lying,'” Duran said. “And I was like, ‘No, I’m serious. Look at it.’ She was like, ‘fat girls?'”

“I was like, ‘Give me that,’ and I’m looking at it. I was like, ‘Oh, heck no,'” Robles said.

They demanded to see a manager, and showed him the check. “He had like a smirk on his face, like if it was funny, but he was trying not to laugh,” Huerta said, describing the manager.

The manager eventually apologized, and offered 25 percent off the bill. When they didn’t work, he upped the ante. “He was like, ‘Well, I can do 50 percent,’ and we were just like, are you serious?” Huerta said.

The three women were in tears over the bill, and insist that it’s no laughing matter. Management issued a later apology, and said that they suspended “Jeff,” the server who admitted to typing “fat girls” on the restaurant receipt. They’re calling it an “isolated incident,” and added that they hope the three women will return so that they can apologize in person.

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53 Responses to “Outrageous Bill: Women Dubbed ‘Fat Girls’ On Restaurant Receipt”

  1. Corrinna Jordan

    Suspension isn't good enough. Fire the guy and maybe he can get a real job when he grows up!

  2. Kathy Kalous

    Sure they may be overweight, but they were paying your wages, you fool!

  3. Micheal Brothers

    ummmmmmmm as someone who works in the restraunt business I can tell you this will never happen again there. Most places with common sense don't lets the table description be printed on the receipt. Its soley there to be easily accessed by thje touchscreen where ya send order to the back at.

  4. Zane Haywood

    I would fire girl who wrote it on there and call her a slut for working hooters any woman who would dress like that for money is no better than a hooker.

  5. Jim Grundy

    this is an outage. the guy gets punished for the truth. they were he stated the why should he be punished for the truth. mabe they should lose weight so stuff like that don't happen to them.

  6. Jennifer Hunter

    Jim, the truth is, you're a hateful, intolerant idiot who needs to move out of his parent's basement and stop wanking off to pictures of 12 yr old boys!

  7. Anonymous

    It's a wake up call ladies. Put the fork down & step away from the table.

  8. Debbie K. Smith-Guild

    never heard of this place, but if you live by one don't go there.

  9. Anonymous

    Less carbs, more protein, and exercise. Shed the fat. Look better. Feel better. YOU CAN DO IT!

  10. Zachary Tibbles

    But they were fat. It wasn't a lie. If they are so offended by the truth maybe they should lose some weight. I'm sure if the check said Hot Girls they wouldn't have had a problem with it.

  11. Ron Brown

    A fat girl/guy by any other name is still a fat girl/guy. I am fat, and if anyone referred to me as a fat boy, I would just laugh and say "Oh, how kind of you to notice".

  12. Rob Delaney

    Well what if stupid idiot showed up on your check. There might not be any outward signs you are a stupid idiot but this might be a wake up call for your inner self you stop being a stupid idiot.

    See what I was able to do there.

  13. Rob Delaney

    Judging from outward appearances, your next next could put drunk ass idiot from your cover photo and it would be the truth too. See what I was able to do there. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house boy.

  14. Shannon DeLaurentis

    byrdang1124 – It is people like you that keeps the hatred in the world continuing. NO ONE is perfect…learn some basic people skills please.

  15. Tom Wyble

    Judging from your picture ,you idolize a guy who covered up a decade long child sexual abuse pro0blem. So why don't you STFU and move along douchebag

  16. Anonymous

    Yes, byrdgang1124. By all means. They shouldn't EVER eat. That is absolutely the "solution" to avoiding douchebags saying and writing douchey things. Try stepping away the from the keyboard and doing something to better society.

  17. Anonymous

    Tibbles, your answer to people doing shitty things is for others to makes changes to appease those people?

    No wonder you appear to be a douchey fratbrat who far outpunted his return with his significant other. I'm disappointed to see you are in the Marines, but have no sense of compassion for others who don't deserve to be mistreated.

  18. Anonymous

    Wow. This would be like someone writing "solo elderly dude" in that same slot if you were out eating. It may not set you off, but it wouldn't make your meal enjoyable nor your experience at the restaurant. RESPECT is a key thing for all human beings, regardless of opinions.

  19. Anonymous

    And, for the record, I don't think you're elderly. You have white hair. It's a superficial observation comment, much like the that "fat girls" designation. Doesn't have to be true to be shitty. (the point being.)

  20. Anonymous

    No one deserves to be treated that way. Regardless of size, color, shape, disability, etc. etc. Just because you are comfortable with it doesn't mean others are. Acceptance of such inconsideration isn't the answer.

  21. Nels Corey Magnuson

    Oh! You've destroyed my self-esteem! How will I go on?

  22. Zachary Tibbles

    Whats funny is that night I was a drunk ass. If you are honest with yourself then someone telling you the truth doesn't hurt your feelings…Unless its a quality that you don't like about yourself and you know to be true.

  23. Zachary Tibbles

    Oh and also easy on calling someone a boy! We all live in a glass house but some of us are honest with our self and aren't afraid to be criticized or judged because we are confident in who we are!

  24. Michael Andersen

    Get over it, Fat is fat. I was fat once and it had myself to blame. Take ownership of yourself and move on.

  25. Nels Corey Magnuson

    Exactly. If the check had read "hot girls," that would have been a lie, obvious sarcasm, and far more offensive and insulting. The "girls" are not as upset by the waiter's candor and honesty as they are by the knowledge that they are, in fact, fat girls.

  26. Anonymous

    This story is so disturbing to me, but not for the reasons everyone is stating. As opposed to the majority of fist shaking readers outraged at this, I see a bunch of people reaching some assumptive conclusions and not really looking deeply into the real and reasonable and non-judgmental nature of the comment on the receipt…

    If anyone should be outraged at this story it is the FAT GIRLS… but not for the reason they currently are but for the following reason: If they have allowed themselves to become offended by something that was IMMEDIATELY DISTINGUISHABLE about them as a group so they could be identified. They need to identify the reasons why.
    They ARE fat girls, or the bartender might have said, 3 thin blondes, 3 bald men, 3 old ladies, 3 mothers with kids. This way of identifying people is not offensive and there is no judgment in 3 fat girls.

    Jeff didn't say "Three Little Pigs"… he said 3 fat girls. He said that because they ARE fat. If they don't want to be fat… they need to figure out why they're fat and go lose, the weight. They need only be offended by the hand that guides the fork to their mouths… or their attitude toward themselves, their bodies, and their attitudes. People notice and sometimes snigger at fat people in our culture, as we are a culture obsessed with beauty… physical trimness, vitality, health, radiance… but FAT GIRLS has no judgment.

    So, I don't' think suspension was even necessary. Jeff's big mistake was in allowing the bill to be issued before the identifier was removed and replaced by their table number. (since he obviously wouldn't know that from their ordering at the bar and then proceeding to find a table afterward).

    An apology for how the women "took" the news that they are fat and are perceived in our society as fat, is unfortunate, but their responsibility to do something about it. Not blame someone else for noticing it and using it as an identifier. J

    I don't know about you, but I am not going to be happy living in a world where my pointing out the black couple, the bald man, the woman with the cast, the mom with 2 children, the gay couple, the 3 punk teenagers is suddenly cause to be fired, or for any of us to be labeled as racist, exclusionary, discriminatory, etc. etc.

    If the buck stops anywhere, it stops with the 3 FAT GIRLS… maybe this is a message to them from the universe that they are on a collision course with coronary infarctions, if they don't lighten up on the calories and press ahead with their New Year's plan (last year) to exercise together more often! Maybe this is the impetus they were waiting for to compel them to change the way people see them!

  27. Anonymous

    Rob Delaney… you miss the point entirely when you use a judgmental comment to compare to an identifying comment. This bartender did not make a judgment call about these ladies… He did not use derogatory commentary. FAT is obvious… as is bald, blind, skinny, single, black, white, naked, etc. Stupid, dumb, bitch those are judgment calls. THAT would be insulting and offensive and something to be outraged about… but for someone to say Bald guy… or Fat girls… is merely stating the obvious. If you don't like what is obvious about YOU… then change it! Do not blame others for noticing!!! I'm calling Cameo restaurant and talking to the manager about the incident. Someone needs to be the voice of reason and logic and I'm sorry to say that is not you… and THAT was obvious to me by your comment.

  28. Anonymous

    If you do not like what is obvious about you.. and what people notice about you… then you should be outraged at yourself for allowing that condition to persist. If you don't like it, CHANGE IT! Don't be upset with others who notice what you have allowed to be apparent! One vote for Jeff the bartender. 3 negative votes for the outraged FAT girls.

  29. Mark Sompel

    Well, they aren't exactly small. 30 years ago, people would have laughed about this or shrugged it off. Now look, there are people who want to see this guy hung from a lamp post. So the guy's a moron. Say I'm sorry sorry, learn a lesson, and move on. And really, you can not make any errors today or the world will be brought down around your ears. This simply is not humanly possible!

  30. Evangeline Thompson

    (beside Mr. Delaney, who obviously extrapolates from opinion without employing fact) anyone applying the elements of critical thinking can tell "a fact" from "an insult" "3 fat pigs" is an insult. "3 fat girls" is an obvious statement of fact. "2 fat girls and 1 fat lesbian" is a 'sexual preference slur/potential hate crime'… 3 Mexican girls… a potential 'ethnic slur.' "3 big beautiful girls" would have met with fits of laughter by some. So they "are like" unhappy because 'like" she went like… I can't beeeelieve it… and I went like, no way…" uneducated, unhappy and unskinny. Maybe that would have been less insulting… *3 unskinny girls*
    Just like Happy Holidays has made everyone happy, but Merry Christmas has left people writhing in the street. FAT… BALD… TALL… OLD… NAKED… are now merely more than descriptors, they are daggers that inflict devastating, psychic wounds. Interestingly enough 'Happy Hanukkah" has yet to offend anyone but Hitler. Folks are losing their wits and it shows on these boards and iin this breakdown of useful conversation and commentary, trading that in for name-calling, slinging of epithets and hurling of verbal daggers. How ridiculous it all seems. . . and, by the way, Merry Christmas to all Fat Girls everywhere.

  31. Evangeline Thompson

    Rob Delaney yeah… you were able to act out the definition of what you were describing for us.

  32. Evangeline Thompson

    Nels Corey Magnuson Why isn't there an UNLIKE button for the comments one doesn't like? I see "liked" comments that I'd certainly give a thumbs down to, given half an opportunity. Lobbying for change!!!

  33. Evangeline Thompson

    As someone who has put on 25 pounds she can't rid herself of, I'd have just smiled and ordered another chocolate banana milkshake… and an supersized order of fries. You are what you eat and you are what you are… be that tall… skinny… fat… female… male… old… young… out of control…

  34. Evangeline Thompson

    Nels Corey Magnuson how do I add you to my hysterically funny collection of FB friends?

  35. Peter Roscha

    I feel like those women shouldn't be so fat. Eating healthy and exercising isn't that difficult. That goes for you too Daphne Cooper you fatty.

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