Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson at a premiere in NYC

Vicki Gunvalson Slams Shannon Beador, ‘It’s Your Own Fault You’re Fat’

As far as Real Housewives go, Vicki Gunvalson, the OG of the OC, has had run ins with almost every single cast member. The star famously feuded with Shannon Beador last season and the pair’s relationship didn’t end well. But now, Shannon claims that she’s been packing on the pounds because of Vicki.

During a preview for the upcoming Season 12 of Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon said that she was gaining weight because of stress, and most of the stress was caused by Vicki Gunvalson.

Fans, however, weren’t buying the excuse, nor were they allowing her to saddle her issues on Vicki Gunvalson, no matter how many fans have fallen away from her favor during the show.

Several fans even went as far as to call Shannon childish for blaming her weight gain on Vicki Gunvalson, telling her that it was her own issue.

As for Vicki Gunvalson, the reality TV star hasn’t come out and said anything yet, but insiders close to her have stated that she finds being blamed for Shannon’s ballooning weight utterly laughable.

The source close to Vicki Gunvalson claims that Vicki said Shannon is fat because she overeats, not because of anything Vicki has done.

Yes @drtim, this will become muscle soon! ???????? #workingonit #willgetthere

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Shannon Beador struggled with her weight last season due to stress, but it seems her weight has gotten even more out of control since then. It is unclear what happened between Shannon and Vicki in between the taping of the show’s Season 11 and Season 12 that would make her pack on the weight.

However, Shannon appears to be working on losing the pounds and hitting the gym.

Vicki Gunvalson, however, has stuck to not insulting Shannon publicly, at least so far. The reality TV star has been ridiculed in the past for her looks by Gretch de Rossi’s boyfriend, Slade Smiley, who at one point said the star looked like Miss Piggy. Vicki Gunvalson confessed to People that the dig actually really did hurt her, no matter how she may pretend it didn’t.

Weight gain or not, Shannon Beador and all the rest of the women of The OC will be back to begin a 12th season on July 10 on Bravo.

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