Jack Sparrow may be making his exit.

Johnny Depp: Is Captain Jack Sparrow To Be Killed Off In Next Pirates Installment Amid Bad Behavior Rumors?

Johnny Depp has won the admiration of fans and action/adventure film -lovers due to his role as quirky and entertaining Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise films. It seems hard to imagine an installment of such films without Depp within them, yet rumors are swirling that the star, who has experienced a bit of a tumultuous year, is at risk of having his part in the films eradicated due to Disney execs feeling that a film refresh is needed.

Daily Star noted that, despite the film giving Depp a bit of a career rejuvenation since he had been hailed with the title of Hollywood’s most overpaid actor by Forbes, Pirates film executives feel that the latest installment did not perform well enough and prefer to take the story line in a different direction in future films.

Previously, Johnny Depp was at the root of the films and was the reason to flock to the theaters to take in Jack Sparrow’s latest antics. Yet, new characters are holding audience attention, which has caused talk about showing Depp the door. Hindustan Times relays words of a supposed source regarding Johnny Depp’s future in the films.

“Once upon a time Depp was the reason to watch these movies. Now there is a feeling that is not the case any more among the audience.”

Other recent rumors that have emerged include additional reasons as to why Disney executives are not thrilled about having Johnny back to resume his role as the beloved pirate. It was reported that Johnny was not on his best behavior during filming, seeing as much of it took place while the actor was still married to Amber Heard. The former couple had a volatile relationship and were allegedly spotted fighting on set.

The Daily Star refers to ” his ‘excessive drinking’ and ‘constant lateness on set’ [which] cost filmmakers, Disney, a fortune. An insider even noted that things were so unsettled that a crew member had to be stationed outside Depp’s mansion to keep and eye on him and to notify the film crew when Johnny Depp was finally up and getting ready for the day’s filming.

“When he got up, they’d call the line producer, who would then call the directors,” the source relayed.

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