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Amber Portwood Apologizes For Saying Women Should Shut Up And Take Domestic Abuse, Denies ‘Marriage Bootcamp’

Since allegedly ending things with Matt Baier, Amber Portwood has done several live sessions on Instagram where she has interacted with her fans and let them in on her daily life. She even let fans in on her net worth, saying that one of her cars is worth $280,000.

The reality TV star, however, found herself in hot water after she told fans that a real woman doesn’t speak out about domestic abuse. She alleged that she had been beaten previously and didn’t speak out about it. Amber Portwood has also been arrested for instigating domestic abuse against her ex and father to her daughter, Leah, 8. She spent 24 hours in jail and was released on a $5,000 bond after the incident occurred.

After Amber Portwood’s co-star, and nemesis, Simon Saran, spoke out against her statement, tweeting that real women speak out about domestic abuse. Amber declined to comment on Simon’s statement.

Instead, Amber Portwood has apologized for saying that women shouldn’t speak out against domestic abuse in a new Instagram Live video, saying that she didn’t exactly mean what she said. Some fans feels she is back pedalling to save her reputation or didn’t realize that amount of blowback she would receive for making such a claim.

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Amber Portwood tried to clarify to fans that she meant that in her situation it was best not to speak out, but not in all instances. She didn’t state who it was who allegedly abused her either, as she has only been known thus far to have been in relationships with Matt Baier and Gary Shirley.

There was also a rumor that the Teen Mom OG star would be going on the series Marriage Bootcamp with Matt Baier to try and fix their trust issues. When Amber Portwood told fans she would be going to Los Angeles for 18 days, many assumed this was what it was for. However, she has stated that she is simply going on vacation with her mom to spend quality time together.

Although it is unclear if she and Matt Baier have finally ended things for good, he has stopped appearing in her social media and Snapchat posts, leading fans to believe he is finally out of the picture.

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