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Kim Kardashian’s Cat Mercy Dies

kim kardashian

It’s going to be a sad day at the Kardashian household. Kim Kardashian’s teacup Persian kitten, Mercy, passed away last night.

According to E! News, Mercy died due to a “cancer-like” virus.

The Huffington Post reports that Mercy was a gift from Kanye West. Kim soon found out that she was allergic to kittens and gave the cat away to her sister Khloe’s assistant, Sydney Hitchcock, who had recently lost her 12-year-old cat.

Kim wrote on her blog: “It is with deep sadness that I have to tell you all that my kitten, Mercy, has passed away. My heart is completely broken.”

Kim writes that Sydney gave Mercy a great home and that they were both devastated that the kitten passed away at only four months old.

Kim writes:

“Sydney gave Mercy a loving home, but after a couple of weeks Mercy got really sick and Sydney had to rush her to the vet. They discovered she had a stomach problem that we weren’t aware of. Her stomach had filled with fluid and the doctor said she had a rare stomach cancer and that there was nothing we could do for her. Poor little Mercy died the very next day. It broke not only my heart that little Mercy died at only four months old, but Sydney’s too.”

Kim posted the small obit on her blog as well as several pictures of the little kitten.

kim kardashian kim kardashian

Kim writes: “Mercy was a gentle and loving kitten and we are all going to miss her so much. Thanks to Sydney for making Mercy’s short life one filled with love. RIP Mercy Xo”

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438 Responses to “Kim Kardashian’s Cat Mercy Dies”

  1. Joan Piere

    kim sat on the couch and crushed it with her thighs, which reach so far from center that she cant gage the space they occupy.

  2. Anonymous

    What the hell is this doing on the internet? (ok, I know, I looked. sigh.)

  3. Anonymous

    kim also had to skip her 2 mile jog the other morning and loves pimento loaf.

  4. Darlene Gay-Allen

    R U serious? All of the things the important things going on in the world with some value and substance and the media is wasting there time reporting this! Really?

  5. Chanda Diaz

    OMG she gave the cat away. So its not even hers anymore. She wants to claim it after it dies.

  6. Melody Hawley Young

    Are you kidding me? I'll be sure to send a donation. Sheesh!

  7. Anonymous

    Aww she was a beautiful baby. I'm so sorry your baby died Kim. I miss my babies. I know how it is.

  8. Natalie Yeh

    Darlene, right on, we have a financial crisis, war, poverty, unemployment, etc, not to mention other people's cats that die too, and hers makes the fucking news…..WTF? Our priorities in society are completely skewed….

  9. Linda Lee

    Where are all the dogs that they have bought in the last 6 years? The dog she had de-nutted and had to put in plastic balls and the tiny puppies the two younger girls bought.WHERE ARE THEY?

  10. Hank Britton

    So what? This is not news. Someone tried to skin a neighbors dog alive in Texas, leaving it in the yard to die slowly and painfully. That and finding the culprit responsible is real news. Just because this happened to someone who made a name for themselves leaking their own porno tape, that just ludicris. Anyone who thinks this is anything newsworthy is a sad, sad individual.

  11. Gayle Schmidt Doyer

    Oh good God, yet another Kartrashian story that somehow makes headlines. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  12. Gayle Schmidt Doyer

    It wasn't her BABY! She gave the damn thing away! And now that it dies she claims it! What a SKANK!

  13. Gayle Schmidt Doyer

    Dave Daniels-
    I'm electing you President! I so agree with you! :-)

  14. Punk Cats

    if you gve a cat away it is no longer yours! Not the bi*^h's cat…but we all know she will do anything for free press…even whore out a poor little dead kitty….

  15. Sandy Wright Holt

    First of all. She goes and BUYS a kitten when millions are killed each day in shelters. Secondly, did she kill it so she could wear it's fur? She has no problem wearing the skins and furs of other innocent animals!

  16. Margie Kekko

    A fly died at my house today. Surely that is just as important as this news item. I am equally devastated.

  17. Marlys Delaney

    "Teacup" Persian? So, a kitten poorly bred to be undersized and to bring in major $$ from stupid people like the Kardashians. Great. These people are so stupid it makes the whole human race seem less intelligent.

  18. Purr-Fect Petsitters

    1. a large percentage of people have pet allergies. (My self included, my 1st cat sent me to the emregency rm, with asthma, but in time built up a tolerance, & now have a petsitting service, where I'm w/animals every day) with a little time, patience (& perhaps temporary allergy medication) Kim could have built up a tolerance & kept her cat, however, patience is obviously not part of the "instant gratification reward" that her life is built around. 2. It's been stated over & over again, that purchasing designer, pure-breds, comes with a alot of inbreeding & medical problems. Statistically, mixbreeds, & purebreds (that are perhaps not the exact breed standard for "show", but who cares) have fewer genetic health problems, & longer lives. My condulences to Sydney, I'm sorry your new friend has passed away.

  19. Kathy Johnson

    I understand the pain of losing an animal is part of the family. They give so much love and warmth to the family. You have to be a cat owner to understand what a cat contributes to people's lives. I lost JohnJohn of 17 years old in August of this year and was devastated. He was such a big part of my life. I rescued Tixie, a one year old cat, who has given me back so much in such a short time. Her loving ways and sweet disposition can't make up for the loss of JohnJohn but it certainly helps to have her.

  20. Emile Clément

    It a very sad news that the cat passed away last night.Another sad news :British police say that a nurse who was found dead days after she took a hoax call about the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was originally from India.
    Scotland Yard said Saturday that 46-year-old Jacintha Saldanha, who was found dead on Friday, had lived in Bristol in southwestern England for nine years.

  21. Anonymous

    I'm sorry she lost her pussy. She seemed to get more mileage out of it than most. I mean the rest of us have to work for a living, no?

  22. Donna Carmichael

    It is sad for any pet to die… I just cannot understand why this person is important enough to have their name splashed all over the internet because the loss of her kittie! I lost a beautiful Ragdoll named Sherbert and nobody reported that! Hmmmm? Unfortunately many people lose pets because they have such short lives… Why are we not thinking of the many soldiers fighting for our country who have given their lives for us? Come on, people!

  23. Wendy Maddy

    the kitten's tragedy may be due to failure to vaccinate the kitten. I was given a kitten about that age, unbeknownst to me afflicted with the same type of fatal disease. I had falsely been told it had had its kitten shots, and was devastated when it died a natural death after I took it to the vet, who told me why it was sick. I am truly sorry for the darling kitten. Now can you please STOP REPORTING EVERYTHING THE KARDASHIANS DO AND EXPERIENCE? THEY ARE NOT INTERESTING OR TALENTED PEOPLE. THEY ARE NOT ENTERTAINERS. THEY ARE NOT INTELLECTUALS. THEY ARE NOT HUMANITARIANS. THEY ARE NOT SOCIALITES. PLEASE SPARE US!

  24. Joyce Holcomb

    My Grandson's little dog (after 14 yrs) died in his arms. He burried her in the woods in Huntsville TX, with her little bed and blanket wrapped around her. She was like family. We all cried. How come that wasn't in the FN news! Give me a fn break!

  25. Brent Guillory

    The most idiotic thing on Yahoo right is this patheitc article over a goddamn cat.. Yahoo are you desperate? This is fucking hilarious! So will you do an article on my dog when it dies? How fuckin' lame is this lolol Oh ya.. It's a Whoredashian article.. No need to say more..

  26. Nim Ranshi

    Why is this news?
    1) It's not even hers. So now she wants to claim the kitten after Mercy's death.
    2) Everybody loses a pet every single day.

    Is this really the shit that is trending on my yahoo top news feed? Seriously?

  27. Anonymous

    She did'nt BUY the kitten. It was a gift.A lot of people don't know they have an allergy until they have constant exposure. She found it a loving home,where she could always know how the kitten was doing, and nobody wears domestic cat fur!!Furs and pelts are the original clothes humans wore, so get a life!!

  28. Lisa McGuire

    why is this news? does anyone really care>? she gets enuff unecessary press as it is.

  29. Mary Della Valle

    Mercy should have been given to Karl Lagerfeld – he does a MUCH better job of taking care of cats than Kartushian ever will. That poor kitten – as a lifelong cat owner and lover I cannot put into words how much this upsets me!

  30. Brent Guillory

    Ok Kim Whoredashians cat died who cares.. Not me.. On the other hand.. UFC FIGHTS ARE ON TONIGHT LIVE ON FOX 5PM CALI TIME! LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE ON THE LINE!

  31. Anonymous

    Last week my husbnad had cancer surgery. I spent the day at the hospital. I drove home and was slowly driving up the driveway when my 19 year old cat ran under the car and I killed her. I had to get a flashlight and see if she was dead or not. It was really terrible.

  32. Travis Ward

    wtf really is there nothing more important to be trending than some dumbass hookers cat dying. I'm sure our solders overseas will be glad to see the death of a hookers cat trumps thier plight.

  33. Eric Weaver

    lets see unemployment 18%, Middle East burning, Washington DC mess and top new item is a rich idiots cat, yep America is worse then I thought.

  34. Travis Ward

    I can see the conversation the troops in the fox holes are saying now " hey I know we are being shot at on a daily basis and the gear we have sucks we have to sleep in the sand and haven't taken a hot bath for 3 months but we have it good compared to the kardashians she just lost the cat she gave so lets take the time and stop protecting ourselves for a moment of silence for the luck cat that dosent have to put up with the lame ass articles about shit that dosent matter."

  35. Dave Daniels

    According to E! News, Mercy died due to a “cancer-like” virus What a coincidence? Kim is a "Cancer like virus".

  36. Jami Morris

    Wow I feel for the poor kitty.But just because kim once owned it means nothing to me.I'm sure her bf buy her a new bet or fur coat.NO ONE CARES WTF ANY KARDASIANS DOING.

  37. Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly…there are starving people all over this world, unemployment, our government can't agree on much and the media is reporting on a cat that died. Makes me sick to think that is even news worthy. My cat died a few months ago, but I don't see that being reported in the news.

  38. Jack-Jack Reid

    This Is BS that this even made news, it truly is NOT noteworthy, however since the kitty was no longer Kims cat, but the assistant Sydney's kitty, I do feel for the loss of SYDNEY's cat.
    Also I saw this headline right above a story that said " Seven year old boy dies from gun", that is a story, albeit a sad one.

  39. Larry Rosner

    You retards who vote for socialists and statists don't see the writing on the wall about how they are destroying your freedom and you bank account, but this B.S. is considered important news. You are sad, pathetic citizens.

  40. Jack-Jack Reid

    what makes me dislike any Kardashians even more is that KIM is now saying her kitty is dead,She gave the cat away. ackkk. Can't stand those Kardashians.

  41. Kellie Arrowood

    I am deeply saddened that the media has to report every tidbit of information just because the name Kardashian is mentioned.

  42. Mioshe Dickinson

    who cares people are absolutely retarted really a cat Lord have MERCY.

  43. Nancy Swartout

    OMG! Now there will be a whole espisode – if not two! – on the death of this poor kitten. Anyone with any brains at all would know not to get anyone in that family a pet. They don't have the time – or the inclination – to take care of one. Stop buying animals for that shelfish girl.

  44. Sandy Sawatzky

    My son's dog is serious;ly ill and will die, my friends dog just died, and it was so sad, but I don't see those stories on here, good grief people who cares if her cat died, she was not even taking care of it.

  45. Nancy Swartout

    And where did Kayne get this kitten from her? Did he find it on the street and didn't even bother to have it checked out with a vet?

  46. Tim Howard

    Who the Frack cares? I did not even read this so I could get to to the comments! Donate the time spent on this to poor people and keep this out of my sight. What a waste of time.

  47. Susan Joy Clymer

    I agree! Who on earth really cares about what goes on with the Kardashians anyway? I love animals but really? This just shows how sad our country has become and how the media has nothing of import to say anymore! Give me a break!

  48. Lan Le

    are you f out of your mind, is there nothing else to report beside this stupid news, who f…. care about her, who ever report this is an idiot!

  49. Kelly Pryor

    Just the sight of her name makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

  50. Alexandra Smet

    she didn't have the kitty when the death happened because she discovered that she's allergic so she gave the kat to a friend. and the kat was ok during 2 month and had a instant estomac disease. it seems like a cancer. So that's not her fault, that's the life, it could happen to anyone and any animals 😉

  51. Anonymous

    Just read the headlines and although I am a cat person. Who really cares if Kim cat died? had to have my Pom put to sleep 5 months ago, where was the media then? Move on to "real news" WTH!

  52. Anonymous

    Just read the headlines and although I am a cat person. Who really cares if Kim cat died? had to have my Pom put to sleep 5 months ago, where was the media then? Move on to "real news" WTH!

  53. Kimberly Caron-Lohman

    Really? This was #2 on my yahoo trending now list. You've got to be kidding. I could not care any less than I already do about this family. This idiot didn't even own the kitten, she gave it away to her assistant. Our world just keeps getting dumber and dumber, doesn't it?

  54. Bryan Honeycutt

    MOST STUPIDEST THING IVE SEEN IN AWHILE, Children are dying ever day of cancer an yet yall choose to post about some dumb b@#$%es cat dying, what the f@#$ is wrong with you people!

  55. Anonymous

    Are you fucking retarded? Check the news. Deaths, abuse, rape, etc. It's on the news E V E R Y day. Quit fucking moaning about something that is of no relevance to you. It's of no relevance to me either but I'm not whining about how there is other news out there. Why? BECAUSE I KNOW THERE IS OTHER NEWS OUT THERE. Jesus you dumbasses find anything and everything to complain about. Next you'll go respond to a story where a toddler dies, blasting the article because it was talking about that instead of a happy story. Douchebag passive aggressive people in this world.

  56. Anonymous

    Alex Vican derp…. thousands of people die every day and it *IS* all over the news. Quit being an idiot.

  57. Jeanne R Scholl

    OMG! when I saw this "headline" I had to say WHY IS THIS NEWS?

  58. Anonymous

    No.. there is other news out there. You just chose to respond to this article, like some passive aggressive douchebag.

  59. Anonymous

    You just chose to respond to this article, like some passive aggressive douchebag.

  60. Anonymous

    quit whining cunt. We BOUGHT our cats from a rescue. Really, who kills their cat and wears it as fur? No one. Quit whining out of your PETA hole.

  61. Anonymous

    No.. there is other news out there. You just chose to respond to this article, like some passive aggressive douchebag.

  62. Anonymous

    No.. there is other news out there. You just chose to respond to this article, like some passive aggressive douchebag.

  63. Anonymous

    No.. there is other news out there. You just chose to respond to this article, like some passive aggressive douchebag.

  64. Anonymous

    No.. there is other news out there. You just chose to respond to this article, like some passive aggressive douchebag.

  65. Anonymous

    Gayle Schmidt Doyer No.. there is other news out there. You just chose to respond to this article, like some passive aggressive douchebag.

  66. David Glading

    i agree, who cares about her cat, my dog died 2 weeks ago but it wasn't on here! where is the news? there are babies being aborted every hour, let's care about them,

  67. Joseph A. Cappachione

    Are you people for real? People are dying in wars and dying of starvation and dying by genocide and this is what you call news? Because some famewhore slut lost her pet? It reallyu is the end of civilization.

  68. Zoe Zanzabar

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..I hope this skanky whore's 15 minutes of undeserved fame will finally die with that cat.

  69. Eileen Rafferty Parr

    What did shse do sit on it with that fat booty. Oh wait it really was not her pussy she had given it away. Surprise imagine that.

  70. Cheryl Brown

    How much does the Kardashian's pay you? Isn't there any other TALENTLESS person to write about? Really your a nut job! Yahoo needs to stop!

  71. Pali Highway

    1. This is how kim get's so may hits aka fake searches. Yahoo runs a story then redirects you to a search engine.
    2. kim used the poor kitty for a photo op (of course) and threw it away like they do all their animals.

  72. Fiona Raiders

    This passes for BIG news now.. Really it does! Ok first off, shes carrying around a purebred cat. Second if shes soooo allgeric then why is she pictures kissing the cat and carrying him around like a purse.. Seems pretty odd that she gives this poor kitten away at 4 months old and it dies..
    Seems funny.. but then the person probably killed it for Kim for publicity stunt… Sick! There are thousands of animals dying every day in shelters because of people like this bitch! And you don't see shit about it on TV or the News online! GET OVER IT!

  73. Pali Highway

    If kim would have taken "Mercy" to the vet and cared for it as a living, beautiful thing instead of a prop and way to bring attention to kw's song, the baby probably would still be in good health.
    We already know kim was going to reject a long hair cat due to the fur on her clothes and her selfish nature.

  74. Debbie Doran

    she loved the kitten so much she gave it away,,, i guess she treats her animals like her husbands,, love em and leave em.

  75. Patty Heitzman

    I know what it's like to lose a cat or a kitten.This past Feburuary, my husband and I had to put our 17 year old cat Tiger down.She hadn't been eating for a few days.My husband took her to the vet.There were all kind s of thinggs wrong with her including an enlarged heart, a hernia, and a little anemia.It was heartbreaking. We both crried. Anybody who don't like that Kardashian cat, tough! They don't know what it's likke to lose a pet.

  76. Pali Highway

    Yahoo puts links like this story on the trending list then counts it as actual searches for kim k. so they get paid. This family has had so many new pets but they all die or dissapear & never heard from again. SICK!

  77. Alicia Flies Hammett

    OMG! Has journalism sink that low? The whole Kardashian tribe, without anyt redeerming social or moral value gets prime place and time in the news, and now their cat :-( Bad taste has become the average norm… For shame!

  78. Diane Funk

    first and foremost I am NOT a kardashian anything but when a beloved pet dies and so young, makes no difference to me who owns the late but great wee one, a loss of such hurts. a few years ago my best pup ever contracted a similar virus and it took him real quick. I had him to the vets, he was not really himself but the vet put him on a 'watch and call' routine along with some meds. alas, too little and too late. he died within a week of seeing his doctor and I really felt bad at his passing. it might not seem important to most, but until you own then lose a furry friend to sickness, then you'll never understand.

  79. Jeff Schaefer

    I wish the media would quit following these douchebags…..I had a dog die last year did I get any media attention? No. I wish the Kardashions would just fucking go away… sick of hearing about them.

  80. Martha Andriolo Javellana

    Are you kidding me? with all the death and destruction in this world, another kardashian headline is all that comes up? nothing related to that batch of bimbos is newsworthy…..

  81. Peter Gunn

    these hating comments, it was a kitten that died show some sort of respect…good lord you people are mean….

  82. Susan Clifford-Kagels

    I care more about the cat than the "previous" owner. I feel bad for SYDNEY, the one who took the kitten in after losing her long-time pet/family member. That's a double whammy, especially for an animal lover.

  83. Paul Holland

    and 1000 people in african starved to death. do some real reporting and kim get out see the world and do something real before you get some virus (ie threesomes).

  84. Anonymous

    To lower the stench, did they put the right kind of lime on Kim's pussy?

  85. Cindy Nielsen

    Are you kidding me? Our country is struggling, people out of work, Our military fighting for our country and some not making it home, I could not believe this one when I saw it.

  86. Herb McClain

    Who cares! Has America lost its mind that the news of the day is if some obscure cat Died? After all they have nine, count them nine lives, why did Kim Kardashian let this happen. I think if they want news then Kim Kardashian should be jailed for cat endangerment. Now you have a story!

  87. Deborah Stinson

    I was sad for the cat and it seems it wasn't really Kim's anyway-she gave it to her sister's assistant; so we should be feeling bad for her, not for Kim. I love cats, but have to agree-this is not big news.

  88. Christine Carriero

    Granted this is a non-story. But I would like to point out that "teacup" animals often have health problems due to their small size and improper breeding.

  89. Linda Smith Henning


  90. Losillë Rosalita Lamb

    lol I was stupid enough to click on the link. As long as idiots like us click they will keep on reporting.

  91. Al Molinelli

    Who gives a flying FUCK about her stupid cat. People are dying everyday, poverty, wars, hunger. That family makes me sick…lol.

  92. Barbara Burke

    Are you freakin' kidding me? WHY is this news? Hear heart's broken? She gave it away… Make her go away!

  93. Anonymous

    It's sad the kitten died. but what's sadder is that it made the news , and that people are wishing Kim would die too. who's more ignorant?

  94. Dorcas Lamneck

    Who Cares. My husband had open heart surgery on Tuesday and his step father just passed away today with mu husband still in the hospital and it did not make the news on Yahoo. So really cares. I have more important things to worry about than her cat.

  95. Karen Randall

    C'mon. Really. Who cares. We have all had cats that died or mysteriously disappeared. Is this a reason for a comment on the Internet? Get real. Actually, who cares? And, if you do, what's wrong with you?

  96. Anonymous

    this is such a sad day for the american media! They have NOTHING else to write about that intelligent people want to read. IE: the raging wars in the middle east, homelessness, poverty, people who l have NOTHING during Christmas etc. Instead they rather dwell on a Psudo celebrity who gave the damn cat away. Come on people I love cats and have 2 but lets get real now!

  97. James Sikac

    Hey Al there's more important things going on in this world instead of this fat ass bitches cat what a waste of space

  98. Elaine Cristina Larau

    It wasn't even the hobags cat! She really needs to get attention even on a poor animal gee. Tomorrows headline! Kim Kartrashian gets an ingrown nail! Oh wait her fat sister gets an ingrown nail!

  99. Mark N Jillian

    Really, her cat dying makes Yahoo trends. There are so many more important things in the world besides some rich bimbos cat dying.

  100. Peggy Chaney

    Is this what our news media has come to: Reporting when someone's cat dies? Lord help us all.

  101. Anonymous

    My dog died… WWWWAAAAAAAA! It's funny, she's holding it like she hates the poor little thing!

  102. Anonymous

    In other words, She just lost her Pussy OMG with Obama taking another 4 Million vacation on us–this is Wot shows up for us to be concerned with? My designer dog is 16 and a half and going down hill, but I don't think anyone cares enough to post it when she goes. The media is REALLY in a HURT on their reporting wot the REAL happenings are — Total effort in the wrong direction. SAD

  103. Katie Mullins

    They don't have Romney to pick on anymore. They are getting really desperate for news.

  104. Denise Langevin

    Who cares, I am sorry I lost animals before, but this is not news! Soldiers are dying, children being abused. Oh and by the way I did not get on this site to read the story, I only did to write this disgust of one!

  105. Aurelia Blish

    And "Why is this news"! She is upset that HER kitten passed away…..when did it become HER kitten again after she gave it away…..or is this just her way to have people feel sorry for her……hoo…hoo…..NOT!

  106. Staz Liontas

    I bet ya the mother took out a million dollar insurence policy on the cat before it died! lol….. its sad how the mother sells her daughters to make money…..

  107. Ryan M Voss

    Good lord, who gives a damn! How about you find something that's actually worth writing about. Like perhaps, instead of writing about someone's cat dying because they're famous for their ass and being a stuck up b****, write about all the innocent animals being abused, abandoned, or killed every day. Or more importantly the millions of innocent children in America being abused and dying every day.

  108. Maureen Donner

    This has got to be a joke. I am so sick of the Kardashian's, Snookie, Real Housewives, Basketball Wives….all of the "reality"shows……OMG! Who really gives a shit.

  109. Gary Middleton

    oh good there's animal haters here on here.. she lost a pet I know how she feels I put my mini schnauzer down.
    it still bothers me.

  110. Anonymous

    Actually it committed suicide to avoid the embarrassment of living with the kardashians.

  111. Maureen Donner

    Really trying not to curse . I curse way too much lately :) LOL. Ok…..can't stop…shit!

  112. Anonymous

    What has America come to! Number 1 news is that Kardashians cat dies! A nurse was killed couple of days ago, and it doesn't make the top search. But this B00ch cat dies and everyone seems to care… No wonder this country is going down hill, it is because of all the stupid people that are searching for white girls loving blk d…

  113. Anonymous

    Bitch with a sex tape is famous, while all the scientists that are working around the clock to find cure for cancer among other things are going unnoticeable. It will only get worse from here on…..

  114. Reta Lane

    It is sad that the kitten died but it is certainly not newsworthy. They could use the time and space doing a story on the hundreds of thousands of animal killed brutally in animal shelters around the US yearly.

  115. Steve Cochrane

    Its not about the cat per se, or the Kardashians. This family lives in this type of world because we allow it. Finaly we are starting to question our values as to what is truly important here. I used to despise the Kardashians. I now feel sorry for them. Look at Kims face at the beginning at the top of this piece. Tryin too hard baby, as are all of them. This type of wealth I would never want! Our society is full of this bullshit! From sportstars to actors to anyone who gives us a moment of? Tell me what meaningful lesson will you bring with you, teach your children and each other by continuing to watch this plastic bullshit flood our society. Playing Baseball does NOT entitle you to umpteen millions a year! It is a gift from our society. Very few of them use it well. Little tokens given by them here and there. Mostly spent on lavish bullshit when really that money could be used for far greater things. Am I pushing a guilt trip? You bet. We MUST check ourselves. Look around you. I mean really look. Then tell me I am not headed in the right direction.

  116. Brenda Fadden-Montgomery

    Are you kidding right now a cat dies sorry about cat but really put this up as a major story, How about posting what is going on with our men fighting this war, now there is news not stroking some famous girl ego about a dead cat. Come on people.

  117. Anonymous

    And why is important? Who gives a SH_T! Come on! There are so many things in this world that is important than some caddy woman's Cat! Come on!

  118. Beata Usc.

    poor cat…must have been unhappy with Kardashian(look at the pics) and later was sent away to another home.Btw, who gives an animal as a gift not knowing if the person likes/and/or is allergic to it? Irresponsible! Sometimes diseases are caused by stress, lack of love etc. The whole body responds to 'signals from the psyche'…RIP.

  119. Carolyn Hoyt

    Not a Kardashian fan, but the vicious stupid remarks about the poor kitten's death make me sick. When one of your pets dies do you hold a victory party? Yes people die in horrible circumstances every day and don't act like any of you are rushing off to whatever hell hole here or abroad to save them. Next time a pet you love dies make sure you laugh until you choke. Kardashian needs to tour the sadist paradise where animals are skinned alive and so do you heartless jerks. I will state now I don't not give a shit about your crocodile tears for the "poor" helpless children. You are all so full of crap.

  120. Laura Ereth

    When my kitten died last May it didn't make any headline give us a break..really.

  121. Kristen Wheeler

    Allergic? Please. She just couldn't handle the responsibility of caring for a cat.

  122. Gayle Brown

    I can't believe that the Huffington Post would take the time to print an article about the Kardashian cat. As it is, we see more than enough about the family. I agree with Alex. There are thousands of children dying everyday. We don't hear anything about that.

  123. Anna Gump

    No wonder it died. TEACUP ANIMALS DO NOT EXIST. They are just runts, and people who breed them on purpose are selling diseased animals, not healthy ones! Yes it is sad that her cat died, but it's her fault for buying a poorly bred "teacup" cat, and the media should be focusing on more important things.

  124. Carolynn Countie

    hahaha..Kevin…the fact that the put this in print, goes to show us all how fucked… the media has become!!!!!

  125. Marianne Zoricak

    FU Kim, you piece of trash. And FU to people who BREED animals like that when so many are being killed in shelters.

  126. Beverly Ripperger

    YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Who gives a flying F**K about her cat! YAHOO wake up and get some really important news like how can we can rid of that asshole in the WHITE HOUSE!

  127. Will Trent

    Who gives a shit! Why is this even news? There are WAY more important issues that need to be reported on.

  128. Joyce Marie

    I only click on this trash to make the comment… THIS IS NEWS? Who cares.. OMG… the more cra p ola you write about these pieces of trash… Make it STOP!

  129. Anonymous

    Enough with these people. It's bad enough we have to see the headlines everytime one of these skanks start dating another black guy, but now headlines because their cat dies. STOP! I wouldn't care if one of THEM died.

  130. Clydeine Oglesby

    My guess she didn't have time to have it vaccinated for feline leukemia! pathetic!

  131. Anonymous

    I don't know about anyone else but I am sick to death about hearing about the Kardashian's.

  132. Amy Blon

    Losing a fur baby is devastating. My cats are like my children, I've rescued many and found them forever homes. I had one of my rescue girls die in my arms, and I was so upset over it. That being said, I'm sure her owner (mommy) is devastated over the loss of her sweet baby, Kim I'm sure is being her attention whore self and trying to get herself some free publicity over this. There are thousands of cats and dogs that are sitting in shelters waiting on their forever homes. ALL of my cats were rescues that were found off the street. They are the best cats anyone could ask or hope for, and it didn't take a bunch of money to get them! People need to stop paying money for animals, and adopt instead! It breaks my heart to see hundreds of animals euthanized or abandoned due to irresponsible pet owners. Getting a cat or dog from a breeder is no better than adopting one from a shelter! They all need homes, and all they ask for is love. It's not fair to these poor babies that people out there would rather pay top dollar for a special breed of cat/dog than to give a shelter animal a chance. I will NEVER pay for an animal, and I will keep rescuing as many as I can and finding them homes. I've found over 20 homes now, and it's a great feeling! I wish more people would adopt not buy!

  133. Red Soranuslycan

    and this is relevant how as being newsworthy? The psycho family is already over exposed due to kim's sex video and now they are supposeddly important icons in society that they are now news worthy. In whose opinion I know everyone I know hates this crew and yet they keep giving them more crappy shows that is staged reality tv. Get to the real news. How about the 18 yr oldhonor student/athlete that got killed last night by a hit and run driver. That is more important than the Kardashian's family trash anyday.

  134. Joe Smith

    Poor kitten probably looked at his owner, pretty weird and ugly. Anyway my cat recenty died and I didn't get any press coverage, what's the differece?

  135. Anonymous

    the world has sunk to a new low when headlines read kardashians cat dies.

  136. Gina Sipley

    wow people are dying and starving and homeless and cant find jobs but wait……….lets feel sorry for a rich snobby brat because her kitten died….REALLY this is what they think we are interested in hearing.

  137. Anonymous

    who gives a fuck, most people wouldn't care if it were her let alone the cat.

  138. Kathryn Jones-Mitchell

    I don't like Kim Kardashian, but I do feel sorry for the kitten that passed…

  139. Ruthie Gensel Skotek

    7 year old boy gets shot and killed in PA and you run this story ahead of it! INSANE!

  140. Claudia J Bouffard

    There are simply no words to describe how utterly absurd this "news item" is. Really! You do realize how many people loose their pets in the course of a 24 hour/7 day a week period right?

  141. Kelvin Ngo

    WHO THE FUCK CARES THAT HER CAT DIES? swear there's more important news or disasterse fuck the whole entire kardashian family.

  142. Mavis Littlejohn


  143. Ginger Rapien

    it will prob come back to life after 72 days- anything to get in the news. and no i am not making light of the kittens passing Iam however i am having a little bit of fun at Kims expense. its ok we dont know each other

  144. Michelle Lerchenfeld LaRocque

    What do you expect? No one gives a Sh*t about the Kardashians. We're all sick of hearing about them so let's try the sympathy card. Everyone loves animals right? NOT! Sorry, I don't fall for that ploy. The only reason I'm posting at all is because this was trending as #1 and #3 was a 7 year old boy dies in a shooting. Who the F cares about those fat asses and their pets besides them and a few pathetic people that have to follow their every move! I only hope friends and relatives of the little boys family doesn't log in to see that a poor child doesn't rate the "popularity" of a celebrity's pet that she gave away!

  145. Linda Hunter

    I didn't even bother to read this silly story, how in the world did the writer think this was newsworthy and that anyone would actually read it?

  146. David Matthews

    A lot of people are talking shiznit but I will be hurting when my cat passes, he is family. The media makes jokes out of everything, even the bankruptcy of America. They want ratings and they don't give a shiznit about anyone.

  147. Anonymous

    Common, cancer? Really? We all know that the kitten committed suicide!

  148. Darcy Miller

    WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANYONE FEEL BAD FOR KIM.1ST OFF ONCE SHE GAVE THE KITTEN AWAY IT NO LONGER BELONGED TO HER.As an animal advocate who fights day in day out for animals it is people like her tha do not need to own an animal.there are millions of people allergic to animals and they don't give them away they get shots and that includes me sowith all the damn money she has she could have gotten shots to prevent what ever her allergies were causing.she just didn't want the responsibility of taking care.

  149. Linda Bolander

    I might believe her grief if she didn't promote garment fur!

  150. Marinella Lorigo Jauregui

    Damn our collie pass away few month ago he was almost 18 years old, and we did not get to be on the news, Who do I have to go to BED with to have people see his picture? Really If it was the pussy cat between her legs than that might be new worthy, to her trashy family , Your cat wanted out of your house and prayed to the cat god to help her get away from you……. smart cat more than you kim.

  151. Thomas DeFeo

    The undoing of this country will not be by the Democrats or the Republicans, BUT by insane stories such as this, about people no one cares about, yet alone their pets. Civilizations, as we know it, has ended.

  152. Melissa Inman Byrd

    sham·bles (sh m b lz) pl.n. (used with a sing. verb) 1. a. A scene or condition of complete disorder or ruin…..ex. my life must be in shambles to have click on this article.

  153. Anonymous

    that's so sad.. I lost a cat, and it was absolutely devastating, feelings go out to the real owners.

  154. Steve Smith

    O.K. Journalism just stepped over the line. Yes, I feel sorry for the cat and the fact that it had to be raised a Kardashian but, I have had several of my children's animals pass and I have seen not one newshound commenting on the tragedy.

  155. David Harrison

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! What a catastrophe! Stop all other news coverage we must all immediately rush to her aid & comfort! What devastation!

  156. Anonymous

    Don't worry, she's having the pelt made into a cozy for Paris Hilton's Miniature Chihuahua, having the head mounted, and donating the meat to a homeless shelter.

  157. Story Join

    By allergic reaction she means having to take care of the cat. And she wants to stay relevant in the news by crying over a cat she gave away, how sad.

  158. Soozee Sooz

    I live in South Africa, you know how many Children die here everyday not to mention the poaching of animals that's going on (Rhino's to date for 2012 = 588 dead). Let's have some real news. I'm sorry that poor kitten died, however…people lose their pets everyday, pets they have had for 10+ years…com'on journalist why is this even making news?

  159. Dave Ellis

    what is wrong with these people? nothing better to report? how about the service men and women that are dying to protect this country…….kardashes need to go away for good…

  160. Jim Amsler

    Seriously?, if that's what makes the top ten in news then there needs to be retraining in how someone makes a living! What's next? Are we going to have to read about how she went through her cupboards and looked for expiration dates on the food in them? Or better yet how about what color casket is the cat to be buried in? C'mon this is not news at all!

  161. Mike Moyer Jr.

    The stupid ass Kardashians can't even fart without it making headlines. It's still hard for me to grasp the concept that people can find anything newsworthy about this rich skank.

  162. Julie Tanner

    very cute kitten. for a woman that has everything she wants the pain of losing a kitten is still grief and loss that if you are a person with a heart, would feel sadness for this poor kitten.

  163. Anonymous

    People in Syria are being threatend by chemical warfare, wake-up and don't write articles about cats dying… Mercy INDEED!

  164. Anonymous

    Lol this is really news? Reporter must have had a slow day to stoop to calling this news.

  165. Don Mc Kee

    This too stupid and ignorant of the Kardashians to put this in the news , don't they have enough of their life spread eagle on the table and in the headlines, Karfdashians get a life.

  166. Donna Edwards

    And in other earth-shattering news, I just went number 2 for the first time since Friday.

  167. K-Man Eastburn

    Ya, I guess this is SOOOO much more important than all of our sevrice Men & Women that Die for US EVERY DAY to keep this Nation safe.
    I think the people in the media that reports on this crap should die!

  168. Anonymous

    Awfull.. A new LOW in reporting.. You should resign in discrace.

  169. Michael Gerace

    Sorry for the cat passing – But who the Hell care's! They gave as why the cat passed is just a cover story. Kim sat on the cat with her BIG Butt.

  170. Laurie Boden

    This 'headline' appeared directly below "Seven year old boy shot to death in Pa gun store parking lot". You tell me which article was more important – or important at all. I know people love their pets and I still grieve for mine, but to put that headline next to a Kardashian tid bit? bad taste

  171. Josh DeSotel

    I really hope that when people first saw this they misunderstood thinking Kim K's pussy had actually died….Really, I mean really. A cat died and not even her cat? This making national news is surely a true sign the will end on December 21st.

  172. Josh DeSotel

    I really hope that when people first saw this they misunderstood thinking Kim K's pussy had actually died….Really, I mean really. A cat died and not even her cat? This making national news is surely a true sign the world will end on December 21st.

  173. Dusty LeBaron

    Well Merry Christmas everybody! Soldiers dying across seas, People losing everything due to murder, theft, explosions, earthquakes, tsunamis, or financial trouble…but let's make sure that we put a trending topic as front page news that a MF'N Cat that belonged to the kardashians died! I'm sorry for the cat and I do have a passion for animals but this isn't front page, trending news….it just can't be come on America!'

  174. Anonymous

    There is no such thing as a *teacup* Persian (just like there is no such thing as any breed of *teacup* dog). They are just unhealthy runts that bad breeders sell for mega bucks to stupid people like celebrities. If the kitten had *fluid in her stomach*, she more than likely had FIP – which runs rampant through bad catteries and is highly contagious and can be given to the kitten through it's mother's milk.

  175. Anonymous

    Why is there a picture of kim? The huff and puff Post is right on top of current events…Meanwhile 752 illegal aliens (or should we call them VOTERS), just crossed over the southern border into the USA.

  176. John Nicoletti

    Pleaseeeee, give America a break with this freak. who the hell cares. I feel more pain for the cat dying. My dog had a lot of gas this morning, he stole my beer. Now that is news. Let's move on.

  177. Janis Grant

    The kitten getting sick and dying is very sad, but come on, first we have to put up with the Kardashians life and now feel sad for a kitten because it was Kim Kardashian. Stop all of reallity bull shit.

  178. Steve Haas

    More than half a million people gave up looking for work and Yahoo puts this in their news worthy sourse. What has happened to this country? What has happened to the once great Democrat party of JFK that asked, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Instead, welfare has now passed the median income in the work force. In order to remain in control of the politics in this country, the Democrats have decided to enslave them to the Government. Just wait until you have to get permission to go see the Doctor or your mother or father dies because they were denied care.

  179. Joan Louise

    Stop what your doing and say a prayer for poor Kim..and of course the family..Oh my God they be in a religion that calls for covered mirrors..This is Just tragic..F— you Kardashians are yoe serios Yahoo News..We really give a f—..God help me for saying this but…………why not a real Kardashian..

  180. Keith Strockbine

    I don't care if her dog, cat or whatever she owns dieds, my daughters dog died this week where is all her news headlines it was one of the best dogs I have known..let start putting news out that really matters and not stupid ass shit like this..these people are n better then anyone else they just make more money then we do..but were all the same and have the same feelings..

  181. Rick Wagner

    Are they trying to add on to the "15 minutes" of fame that has long passed? OMG get a Life!

  182. James Bunker

    What a useless piece of dribble that flaunts the cyberworld…Please please please enough about these worthless human beings known as the Kardashians.. Lets start 2013 a little less Kardashian…

  183. Terri Donato

    seriously? I am an animal lover, but no one cares about the Kardashians. Start giving us some real news… something that we actually care about.

  184. Rick Wagner

    I have nothing against Animals and people who know me-know that.But why does an assistant to a talentless sister get so much coverage concerning a sad passing of a kitten?Sure the passing was sad but why do the Kardashian’s get full credit for the cat "Once Belonging to them"?

  185. Rick Wagner

    I have nothing against Animals and people who know me-know that.But why does an assistant to a talentless sister get so much coverage concerning a sad passing of a kitten?Sure the passing was sad but why do the Kardashian’s get full credit for the cat "Once Belonging to them"?

  186. Terry Miles

    This is actually kinda funny because I was over at their place once, Kimmie and I were bumpin' nasties in her bedroom, and that stupid cat jumped on her when I had her bent over doggy-style, and she freaked and threw the cat against the wall. Funniest sh*t Id seen in awhile.

  187. Terry Miles

    This is actually kinda funny because I was over at their place once, Kimmie and I were bumpin' nasties in her bedroom, and that stupid cat jumped on her when I had her bent over doggy-style, and she freaked and threw the cat against the wall. Funniest sh*t Id seen in awhile.

  188. Grady Nelson

    Who cares about this hookers cat. Come on Yahoo? "Come on man".

  189. Tim Martin

    ARE YOU F**KING KIDDING ME? Is this what makes news in this sad world? I don't care if all the Kardashians die. Yahoo you have once again stooped to a new low in news reporting.

  190. Tim Martin

    How about name those who are dying everyday in the hell hole in the war? Would that be too honorable for yahoo? Let us all think about who has given more to our society, a soldier or the Kardashians?

  191. Calvin Taylor

    This is a slap in the face to not only the good, kind, decent people that die daily with little or no recognition, but their grieving loved ones who are dealing with their loss..

  192. Vivian Marie Millan

    Wow. The media has hit a new low…how the F&*% is this news? Apparently it wasnt even her cat either..she gave it away! Aww, not to worry, as we've all seen Ms Kim is very resilient. I'm sure little Mercy will be conveniently replaced like other so called "important" people, things, etc in her life. And, I'm sure, we'll all get to hear about it…(sigh).

  193. Anonymous

    Dumb stupid story! Who cares about this piece of trash.A cat died that she couldn't be bothered to care for and gave away. She makes sure she gets the photo op of her face buried in the cat even though she is supposed to be allergic! Just another photo op for her and some publicity again!

  194. Anonymous

    Nobody gives a rat's azz about her fockin' cat dying! This is news? Gimme a fockin' break about this Kardashian biatchhhh!

  195. Joe Doyle

    Would be a better story if Mercy was mourning KK. A total non-person.

  196. Geoff Kuhn

    You have to be kidding me, right? With all the problems going on in this world and this paper chooses to report on a celeb's DEAD CAT? I guess journalism now does not have the integrity it used to, if you call posting a story about a dead feline journalism.

  197. Bigsam Scola Kazo

    I thought her pussy is already dead. ray jay carried it, reggie bush killed it, kris smashed it, and kanye west sleeps with it. this is not news, her pussy has been all over the place.

  198. Eugene Burton

    This is a sad and pathetic place when this makes the news….It wouldn't be news if all those sluts died.

  199. Georgia Lolis

    Thi is the stupidest thing I think I have ever seen on the news…OMG her cat died…the world is coming to an end. How stupid are people nowadays.

  200. Vonnie Phillips

    Really, who gives a fuck! I am with Darlene, there are so many issues in the world; people are suffering all over, unemployment, natural disasters, people with no health insurance, etc., and this is news—please.

  201. Zee Rav

    I bett she poisoned the kitten just for publicity! She would do anything for it!

  202. Anonymous

    I'm glad Kim shared her story, all stories do not have to be so serious, there's room for everything! I own seven cats myself. My heart goes out to Kim! RIP Mercy!

  203. Eleanor Dorst

    looks like part of the some cat is hangin' from her eyelashes… isn't " news "like an absolute waste of time.

  204. Magdalena Karkowska

    Seriously, hundreds kids die every day of hunger and we are supposed to mourn some h#$%^'s cat? and by the way, I didn't get as low as reading the stupid artile. The title says enough.

  205. Vera Firefly

    NO SUCH THING as a TEACUP cat of any kind! kanye probably paid a small fortune for this kitten at a pet store where they come from mills and usually come with underlying illnesses anyway.
    poor little kitty.

  206. Anonymous

    Fuck the forced child soldiers under Kony in Uganda, The Middle East, the economy, our soldiers overseas and worldwide war and famine. THIS IS WHERE THE REAL TRAGEDY IS!

  207. Sandi Thibeault

    omg… Darlene.. I agree with u.. this is completely dumb.. does anyone report how us normal people feel when we lose our beloved animals.. NOT.. ridiculous

  208. Denizia Gomes

    what the f*ck? see this is the shit that pisses me off, too many pointless articles, like rly! who g*ves a f**k! there's so much going on in this world, people killing innocent ppl, hungry poor children, all these affects from hurricanes etc, and this is what I see, bc they are kardashians? execuse all my swearing but now I'm irrated. next we will probably see the cats funeral posted all over the web. shame on these idiots that write this sh*t.

  209. Jennie Grzybowski

    I don't mean to get technical, but the cat did not die. it was sick, and they put it down. There is a difference. And it is sad, animals become family members.. BUT there are much more important issues they can write about,,,, like iraq, afganistan, our own problems right here in the states.

  210. Obi Wan Knobi

    All I got out of that post is, " Like OMG, A kitten died and I am upset. Come on people look at me cry! I need some publicity here, hello!

  211. Luicee Ann Smithson

    1st Paris Hilton's dogs run away and die- then this- when will they learn to stop giving these idiots live animals- they will either escape or kill themselves every time!!!

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