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Toni Braxton In Hospital With Lupus Complications

Toni Braxton Hospitalized For Lupus Complications

Toni Braxton is in the hospital in Los Angeles dealing with “health issues” related to Lupus. The Grammy winner announced her hospitalization on Twitter.

Braxton told her fans that she should be able to go home soon, reports The Washington Post. The R&B singer initially revealed she had Lupus in 2010 and has been open with her fans about a heart problem she also suffers from.

This is the second time the singer has been hospitalized for issues related to the potentially life-threatening auto-immune disease this year. Yahoo! notes that she revealed how much of a struggle it can be day-to-day in an interview. Braxton stated:

“I have good days and bad days. But today is a great day, if you ever see me a little chunky, it’s because of all the steroids, all the shots and things and my medications. But today’s a great day, I’m a little thinner today, I fit into this fabulous dress, so I feel really good.”

Toni Braxton seemed optimistic about her latest hospital visit, telling fans, “But no worries! I will be out any day now.” Lupus is the same disease that killed her uncle.

The singer recently revealed that the Lupus diagnosis is a major reason for her recent bankruptcy, which resulted in the foreclosure of her house. Braxton also revealed that doctors told her her performing career would likely be diminished because of the disease.

Toni Braxton tweeted to her followers about her hospitalization:

[Image from burningkarma (Toni Braxton) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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21 Responses to “Toni Braxton In Hospital With Lupus Complications”

  1. Jene' Martins Richards

    I have lupus erythromatosis too. It runs on both sides of my family. My mom had lupus. My dads sister died secondary to kidney complications from lupus. I was dx in 1993.

  2. Delores G. Wright

    Wish her well. Her struggle is difficult, from what I understand those of you who have this disease its no joke and can be quite painful. I wish you Many Blessings Toni.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for helping raise awareness of Lupus by being open about your illness.. feel better soon!

  4. Robbie Felix

    I have had lupus for 16 years, I appreciate Toni being candid about the disease. It is a weird disease and hard to explain to people, so anyone who makes the effort helps people to understand. Prayers and good energy to Toni!

  5. Berlynn Sparks

    my neice has this terrible disease which stops' her from haveing a very promiseing basketball career I whish I had the money so they could find a cure for everyone that has it.

  6. Nancy Hyra Nicolaou

    Toni braxten-please have a igenex labs the best in the country to rule out lyme disease! palo Alto, calif! many people me included had lyme tests that MOST OF THE TIME R INACCURATE.

  7. Nancy Hyra Nicolaou

    Steriods SPREADS LYME DISEASE! ITS LIKE POURING BLEACH ON CANCER! steriods lowers your immune system and allows all the bacteria to invade your body! I was misdiagnosed for ms when it was lyme disease since the iv steriods I'm full time in a wheelchair! the only lab in the country to test for lyme is Igenex labs!

  8. Rebecca Viera- Hutchason

    With lupus we need our immune systems to be shut down! It gives our bodies rest… Lupus makes our bodies constantly attack itself …

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