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Whiskey Cures Blindness For Man Who Drank Too Much Vodka, Doctors Explain Why

Whiskey Cures Blindness For Man Who Drank Poisoned Vodka, Doctors Explain Why

After whiskey cures blindness for a man poisoned by a drinking too much vodka, doctors have explained why the unlikely medicine worked so well.

The story of the man who was blinded by his vodka broke last week from New Zealand. After the man drank loads of vodka while on diabetes medication, doctors found that whiskey cures his blindness thanks to its ability to stop the body from metabolizing methanol.

Doctors who found 65-year-old Denis Duthie reeking of alcohol realized that he had formaldehyde poisoning, which occurs when the body ingests too much methanol. It can be treated with ethanol, which is found in whiskey.

It was a scary ordeal for the man, the NZ Herald reported.

“I thought it had got dark and I’d missed out on a bit of time but it was only about half-past-three in the afternoon,” Duthie said. “I was fumbling around the bedroom for the light switch but … I’d just gone completely blind. I don’t remember much after I arrived in hospital. I know the doctor told my wife to say goodbye because they didn’t think I’d be coming out again.”

The idea that whiskey cures blindness may seem far-fetched, but Slate noted that it’s a real thing. Really.

Write Forrest Wickam noted:

“If you drink yourself blind, can you really be cured by drinking whiskey? Yes. Methanol poisoning occurs when your body metabolizes dangerous quantities of methanol, resulting in too much acid in the blood. This acid can then damage or kill cells in the optic nerve. However, the body prefers ethanol (regular drinking alcohol) to methanol, so drinking whiskey or other unadulterated liquor can help prevent the body from metabolizing more methanol. No one who suffers from methanol poisoning should self-medicate with whiskey. If you suspect you’ve consumed methanol, you should call poison control immediately. But if you go to the hospital, don’t be surprised if the doctor tries to cure you with a few shots of the hard stuff.”

So thanks to that information, you now know that if you find yourself without sight after drinking too much, whiskey cures blindness.

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52 Responses to “Whiskey Cures Blindness For Man Who Drank Too Much Vodka, Doctors Explain Why”

  1. Zach Thoroman

    Ha, and they say you shouldn't self medicate. I'll drink on that.

  2. Anonymous

    This article is inaccurate. First of all methanol is NOT found in Vodka or any other alcoholic beverage for consumption. The alcohol that we drink is ETHANOL in all it's many forms. METHANOL is the chemical name for rubbing alcohol. If you drink methanol, rubbing alcohol yes it can poison the optic nerve. Since the body can detoxify ethanol much easier it does make since that it would replace the breakdown of methanol to formaldehyde. Bottom line: If there is methanol in your Vodka someone is trying to blind or kill you.

  3. Hannah Booth

    It seems like such a cruel thing to post this article online….

  4. Kay G Clark

    Real vodka should not contain methanol. Sounds like he was drinking sime homemade hooch and called it vodka.. It may have been Sternodka.

  5. Matt Walton

    which it did…vodka made him blind and whiskey countered the effects of vodka blindness…did you read?

  6. Giovanni Montana

    Not true! That guy drink industrial alcohol that poisoned him. If you drink too much votka that can kill you too, but blindness come from industrial alcohol, period.

  7. Lisa Masters

    Ok, the main part on this should also be pointed out for all those arguing about vodka vs methanol…. QUOTE: After the man drank loads of vodka while on diabetes medication QUOTE…… Maybe it was the combination of the 2 that caused the Methanol poisoning…..

  8. Debbie Komjenovich

    Was methanol the type of alcohol called "bathtub gin" that Americans drank during Prohibition in the 1920's? I seem to remember similar effects mentioned in history books.

  9. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    That explains why alcoholic eyes are always, redish/yellow, dilated blood vessels, and their skin pale and yellowish in color.(Cirrhosis of the liver) Drink up! ( and suffer the consequences of your choices).

  10. Dan Wolfe

    Actually thats not true. Methanol is an impurity that is removed during the distillation process. If he was drinking bottom shelve, low grade, or homemade Vodka there is a good chance he was consuming Methanol. I'm not going to say that doctors know everything, and are always right, but there is a good chance they know what they are talking about here.

  11. David Raphael

    methanol is organic alcohol just like ethanol, and it is made right alongside it in the fermentation process. It is distillation and fractioning that removes it

  12. Brent Gillham

    Now watch as a bunch of idiots with poor eyesight go out and drink a lot of whiskey to try to improve it.

  13. Anonymous

    If your hair is falling away, it does no good to kneel and pray. But if you simply drink some whiskey, your hair will grow back and you'll feel frisky.

  14. Michael Gange

    Dan is correct. During the distillation process, unless everything is perfect, you will end up with methanol, or at least some methanol. This is why making your own moonshine is dangerous, because people don't have the best equipment for the process.

    To put it simple, ethanol is a two carbon molecule. Methanol is a one carbon molecule. When you understand that, you can realize why you'd get methanol in some instances, because most chemical reactions do have some impurity or minor product.

  15. Elmer Ragweed

    Interesting……………Now alkies can have hope and more BS will come out………
    Keep on drinking cheers to everyone………

  16. Phillip Grimes

    Hannah, How is it CRUEL? people drink Dr. Tiscners, Vitalis, and other substances to get drunk, and it harms them greatly. Bringing this to the forefront may just save 1 person from poisoning themselves. You ever find any cups full of bread, sugar, and water hidden in the Jail, there?

  17. Phillip Grimes

    YES, it could well be. Wish a Doctor of Toxicology would weigh in on this……

  18. Phillip Grimes

    You are correct. Also elements such as Paint Thinner, and Formaldehyde were added to "cut" the bathtub brew and increase profits.

  19. Joe ThePimpernel

    Whiskey has the same ethanol in it that Vodka has. It's why people drink them.

    If the formaldehyde is a byproduct of ethanol poisoning, drinking more Vodka would work just as well as drinking more Whiskey.

  20. Anonymous

    This would explain why I sleep with ugly women after drinking vodka.

  21. Ed Menuis

    got a 5th. going to start saving my eyesight right now! knew this stuff was good for something other than getting buzzed.

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