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Ed Asner Asks Fox News Reporter, ‘Can I P**s On You?’ [Video]

Ed Asner Asks Fox News Reporter, 'Can I Urinate On You'

Ed Asner has provoked the ire of Fox News after asking a reporter from the network, “Can I p**s on you?”

The conflict between Ed Asner and Fox News began when it was revealed the 83-year-old actor had narrated an animated short by the California Federation of Teachers that showed wealthy people urinating on the poor.

The video sparked an immediate response from Fox, with network personality Sean Hannity labeling it a “disgusting hit piece” and “propaganda.” On Wednesday, Hannity played a clip from the short on his show, including the “urinating” segment.

Hannity then cut to footage of Asner being interviewed by a Fox News producer outside the New York City theater. The dialogue between the pair ran something like this:

FOX: You remember the video? You know what I’m talking about?
ASNER: I don’t remember a thing I said on it or a word I said on it, but I agreed to do it for California schoolteachers. I approve this message.
FOX: Okay. I think the most controversial part that people are talking about, there’s a part of it where it’s talking about things trickling down, and they have rich people peeing on poor people.
ASNER: How disgusting. Should be reversed.
FOX: So you don’t remember –
ASNER: Do you have any money?
FOX: Yeah.
ASNER: Can I p**s on you?

With Asner’s question left tantalizingly in the air, the show cut back to a disapproving Hannity. “Pretty classy, Mr. Asner,” tut-tutted the Fox News host. “I guess it’s true there’s really no business like showbusiness.”

Hannity then invited Fox favorite Michelle Malkin to shriek uninterrupted for almost four minutes straight, with the author reasoning:

“The [California Federation of Teachers] has to make up this urination business. Well, you got [Occupy demonstrators] pooping on police cars. Show that to schoolkids.”

You can watch the original California Federation of Teachers short below, as well as Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin’s response.

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524 Responses to “Ed Asner Asks Fox News Reporter, ‘Can I P**s On You?’ [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Good for Ed Asner! I've love to piss on all of Faux News myself!

  2. Derek Dreizen

    I saw Asner on O'Reilly's show and he was all smiles! Strange turn of events. In a related story, Simon gave it to Britney up her bum, which attracted far more viewers, including ME!

  3. Ant Ace

    First Fox is not news, can we start there, Ed was crude and uncalled for BUT so is Fox News every week…

  4. James Hyler

    no I don't think so, I think Hannity is a flim flam man who laughs on the way to the bank at good folks like yourselves, Norma.

  5. David Long

    Hannity is an idiot and Malkin is a bitch. Pure and simple. They just can't see past their own lunacy to get the humor or the symbolism of that cartoon. Calling Asner a democratic socialist, a thug… give me a break. the only thug here is hannity. What a dumb ass.

  6. David Long

    Hannity is an idiot and Malkin is a bitch. Pure and simple. They just can't see past their own lunacy to get the humor or the symbolism of that cartoon. Calling Asner a democratic socialist, a thug… give me a break. the only thug here is hannity. What a dumb ass.

  7. Martha Adkisson

    This is the mentality of the liberal/socialist loonies whose moral standards are below gutter level.

  8. Bobby Dale Harris

    Looks pretty accurate to me! I guess some people just have a problem hearing the truth! In other words "Don't piss down my back and tell me that it's raining!" I'm definitely smart enough to know what's going on and what your true motive is!

  9. Joseph M. Mcgrath

    let's throw a 20% excize tax on those talentless hoolywood perverts. like in the eisenhower day's to pay down the deficit. how would that piss u off eddie.

  10. David Walterscheid

    I agree with Ed Asner. I would give anything to piss on anyone from Fox News.

  11. David Hanson

    Bill O'rielly, Shawn Hannity, Gretta, Glen Beck and all the rest of the Zionist Toadies are bought and paid for by Israel, and cannot say anything not in total agreement with the Zionist line. Beck tryed it, and got his fat ass handed to him by Israel. He and all the rest have been disgracing themselves just to salvage their big pay. "The spin stops here", What a bunch of garbage.

  12. Vern Wheatley

    Asner has been a sicko for years. How does he even get noticed by the media unless they just want a crazy ole Koot to make sick news for them.

  13. Joseph M. Mcgrath

    hey dave. i can see ur concerned about the future. let's throw a 20% excize tax on those hollywood white liberals,and help pay down the deficit.

  14. Anonymous

    Just another example of Fox trying to act like a news show.they have never been or will be legitimate news. L9ok at the studies, those who watch Fox are the LEAST INFORMED AND THINK THEY Are THE MOST INFORMED. Sad set of facts, truth is, they are pathetic, get everything wrong and think they are so correct.

  15. Joseph M. Mcgrath

    ya know what u mean lenny. kind of like watching mika,joe, barnacles, always agitated,and depressed maddows,and matthews. put them all in a paper sack. shake them up,and u wouldn't be able to tell the difference. especially. when they all ride away in same limosine.

  16. Ted Griffin

    I didn't notice the urinating part until it was shown a second time on the Hannity segment. It just wasn't graphic enough to get upset about. The cartoon was fine. Exaggerated, but true. Fox likes to dish it out but they can't take it.

  17. Tj Irish

    I have absolutely no problem with this video. WHAT is false about this video? ANSWER NOTHING!! That video is pretty much accurate what has been going on in this country for the last 2o years. GOOD FOR YOU ED!!!

  18. Bill Anthony

    Why are teachers always crying? They chose the proffesion. If they think they are underpaid, then go find a real job.
    I was once told by a very smart man, "Those who can do do and those that can't teach". Why does it seem that most teachers are liberal? They are not smarter than everyone else.

  19. Marla Annette

    Rock-ON, EDDIE BABY……Rock-on! All of Fox needs to be drowned in WHATEVER liquid works quickest! Happy Holidays….lol……lol……

  20. Gerry Wright

    The reporter was just asking a civil question, Asner should have had the camera shoved up his ass. Old is no excuse for bad manners.

  21. Brad Drotts

    Obama is worth over 12 milliion and he has not even started on the big book and speach tour, he will have a net worth of over 100 million with in 10 years lets see how much he puts into your pockets compared to what he takes out of them.

  22. Al Hart

    Hey gulfcoastgal49 & David Walterscheid, so you're part of the 1% whizzing on Fox News & the rest of us just like in the video?

  23. Anonymous

    Yeah, that's the answer, JoJo. Blame it on liberal Hollywood. That's what all uninformed Tea Partiers spout when they can't think of a more intelligent, witty retort. Open a publication
    dated this this decade, JoJo. It's the new and coming thing.

  24. Ronald Roy Wallace

    David Walterscheid; My question to you is why would you want to piss on anyone? My second question how is it you can't see the truth, especially when it it's you in the face? Third question why do you hate?

  25. Anonymous

    Joseph M. Mcgrath Hey bud, don't look now but there are negroes on your face book page. Better
    do sometime about that before some one thinks you're an evil liberal!

  26. Brian Mullins

    you people who write about fox news in a bad light are low life idiots and old ed can believe me when I say that someone will piss on him or at least his grave and from the looks of the old bastard it won't be long.

  27. Francis Jorgensen

    Ant Fox news has been the most watched news for a while now. Their news programs are much better than just about all. Now their editorial programs are ok but that being said they are still much better than the other news editorials. There must be some reason they are the most watched News network so just get over it!!!

  28. Anonymous

    Military service apparently once again trumps intelligence AND originality.

  29. Faraji Benson

    not quite as funny as Fox News anchors reactions when they got THUMPED in the election but it made me smile none the less.

  30. Anonymous

    you repubs can't handle the fact that this is a realistic view of what llife is really like, hannity and the rest of you repubs need to slither under a rock and not come out.

  31. Anonymous

    Teachers cry because they spend hours working with little billies like you AND you still can't spell
    OR put two coherent thoughts together in one sentence!

  32. Linda Conner

    Ed Asner is a Socialist, just like Obama! Look at other Countries that are Socialists. How are they doing? I can't believe the stupid people that put Obama back into office to spend all of our taxpayers money. He already spent more than all the President's combined. Next is more money for amnesty. We will pay for their families to come over too! I would have rathered seen Mitt Romney in the White House to creat jobs.

  33. Anonymous

    I really resent Michelle Malkin impersonating a human being. Thank God it's the only place she can be seen beside under the rock where she lives.

  34. Anonymous

    Hey Janelle, check out the photo of the guy calling Ed an "old coot". Let's send him a mirror.
    Wait…I think I see a little something yellow on his tie.

  35. Tom Betts

    I agree Linda. Two years ago I worked the day after Thanksgiving to fill boxes for soldiers in Afghanistan. We worked eight hours and filled over 6000 boxes. Asner showed up 30 minutes before we finished with a press crew and pretended to be working filling the boxes. After a few pictures were taken he left the building and never said a word to anyone, just a photo shoot to make himself look like a patriot.

  36. Jill Grayson

    Chuck L Miller – I'd rather be a socialist, then a dumbass brainless Republican. Socialism is not a dirty word, or an insult to people who care about helping those less fortunate. Funny how the Republicans do best in the most ignorant, uneducated areas of the country. How is being a socialist immoral? Being a complete selfish capitalist is less moral. It's like all of the hateful people who hate in the name of the bible, when all that they say is against the basic big picture of what the bible stands for. Republicans are overall dumber and more arrogant than Democrats; they just repeat the Fox news propaganda that they hear like "obama hates people who are successful". Mitt Romney was born on third base and acts like he hit a triple; Obama has hit his own home run – a middle class mixed race guy who was elected POTUS twice! He is the bigger success if you judge success by something other than how much money someone has helped a bunch of rich people, including himself, make.

  37. Jill Grayson

    Why do you think liberal morals are bad. Liberals actually have morals. Ignorant racist redneck Republicans are the ones who wouldn't know what morality was if it bit them on their ass!

  38. Chris Greenhough

    "Look at other Countries that are Socialists. How are they doing?"

    With all due respect, Linda, quite a few Scandinavian countries might be what you term "socialist" – big welfare states, nationalised healthcare systems and so forth. These places consistently appear top of life quality indexes, have dramatically lower levels of violent crime and mental illness, and boast educational institutions that perform way above global averages.

    So, er, I'd say some of them doing pretty well.

  39. John Smith

    Ed Asner looks like hes been pissed on by one too many boyfriends.

  40. Anonymous

    Fox loves drama. It's the only truth they have to offer. Truth requires higher level thought processing…not something FOX is familiar with!

  41. Gary K. Gookins

    so sad when I hear people talk politics and keep saying the same republican lies. you are not running as a republican, you don't have to lie. you just have to be stupid and vote republican. obama did more for american then the last 5 republican pres put together. Whats the use, you are all to stupid to breath air

  42. Gary K. Gookins

    so sad when I hear people talk politics and keep saying the same republican lies. you are not running as a republican, you don't have to lie. you just have to be stupid and vote republican. obama did more for american then the last 5 republican pres put together. Whats the use, you are all to stupid to breath air

  43. Jill Grayson

    Can see why you would not be impressed with teachers BIll Anthony, as, by the way that you write and spell, you probably never had a good one. But a good teacher can change a person's life. Teach them to question things – not just take everything that another person says as gospel, like the zombies who watch and let their minds be controlled by the talking heads on the FOx news channel…

  44. Jill Grayson

    Can see why you would not be impressed with teachers BIll Anthony, as, by the way that you write and spell, you probably never had a good one. But a good teacher can change a person's life. Teach them to question things – not just take everything that another person says as gospel, like the zombies who watch and let their minds be controlled by the talking heads on the FOx news channel…

  45. Don Muller

    Ed attacked rich people hmm gee, how many Democrats are rich? Movie stars? Ed also attacked government as part of the problem, again, how many Dems are in government? I think it is clear that the Dems are at least 1/2 the problem here. So when he attacks "Rich People" he is attacking Dems and Republicans. When he attacks government he is attacking Dems and Republicans, so I guess whatever you are, you think of the other party as the one at fault.

  46. Anonymous

    The NEA tells its members, be a good teacher or a bad teacher, it doesn't matter. Just pay your dues and everything is hunky dorry!

  47. Shawn Wolken

    why is it when people don't toe the fox line, others instantly turn into sen. mccarthy and attack them for not thinking what thier told.

  48. Jill Grayson

    Why is Obama having money such a problem for you? He has worked hard his whole life and always had a job. Then there is Mitt "born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a gold stick up his ass" Romney. His money going to all Mormon causes – that is ok with you? But not Obama doing well and spending as he pleases. That's not ok because he is a N@$%$ and should not be allowed to do well – he migh get uppity or something. Is that the problem?

  49. Anonymous

    I think Ed made a great statement, directed to Fox Media in general.

  50. Ray Savellano

    Linda Conner Canada is a socialist Country and are now wealthier on average than US.

  51. Cam Mega

    I love the little cartoon, If the fox baffoon didn't start there would have been no "p" at all :)
    When are folks going to realize these fools are no reporters and no very good actor either.

  52. Cam Mega

    I love the little cartoon, If the fox baffoon didn't start there would have been no "p" at all :)
    When are folks going to realize these fools are no reporters and not very good actors either.

  53. Ray Savellano

    Tom Betts Kind of like Paul Ryan washing pots at a soup kitchen.

  54. Eugene Hill

    If I ever go to France I plan on using pigeons as catfish bait I just hope they are as good as ours ( Catfish that is HA HA).

  55. Chris Coleson

    not big welfare states and most of the scandanavian countries have less diversity than the US — less diversity yields a higher educated public

  56. Anonymous

    Fox pisses on people every night with their foolish nonsense passed off as news. They make real journalists disgusted. Fox exploits the stupid and then insults the intelligence of those who know better.

  57. Jill Grayson

    And Vern, what exactly is your accomplishment in life that entitles you to judge someone that I bet you don't know, as a "sicko" and "a crazy ole Koot" Do you have a degree in mental health that qualifies you t o diagnose "crazy" and "sickos" – two terms that are generally not thrown about willy-nilly by people with the education and experience to make these kinds of calls. You are really just a judgmental ass, right? Arrogance generally does not coexist with intelligence and true understanding and analysis. So, don't think that you impress intelligent people when you act arrogantly. You are generally giving off the complete opposite impression! I bet your IQ is not even in the triple digits, cocky ass!

  58. Keith Johnson

    It's about time someone put that clown Hannity in his place.

  59. Ray Savellano

    Norma You wouldn't know a socialist if it bit you on your bolshevik.

  60. Jill Grayson

    Hope your information is more credible than your spelling. I don't know why, but I have a hard time putting a lot of stock in a claim made by someone who spells at a 3rd grade level

  61. Anonymous

    Sean Hannity accusing another entity of spreading "propaganda" is akin to a smoker telling obese people they're killing themselves.

  62. Anonymous

    Funny how Republicans and Fox pose themselves as if they are Christians, but the Bible says that serving the poor is the same as serving God. It promotes doing good for the poor and equates the outcome as pleasing God. Yet we have conservatives who care nothing for people. Nothing for their health care, benefits, lives or needs. We have the Republicans who work for the corporate rich and do "piss" on the poor. The Bible also says "it is harder to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than for the rich man to make it to the kingdom of God". Fox and conservatives love to rewrite the meaning of the Bible, the Constitution and history. And lets not forget how Fox rewrites facts every night. Americans are not as stupid as they hope for. The election proves it.

  63. Jill Grayson

    JOn Stewart scares these FOX guys because he is so much better informed, and his brain is in a whole other league. It would be like sending a 4 year old pee-wee tee ball player to try to get a hit in a major league game. Hannity – way out of his league with Jon Stewart!

  64. Bill Carter

    Chris Greenhough -Most ppl that use the term ''Socialist'' really have no idea what their talking about, they have been force fed the word from right wing news organizations.

  65. Scott Johnson

    linda C..Again I laugh..Ed Asner is a socialist.just like Obama..lions and tigers and bears.Oh my..such bullsh…..The media is strong.The power of suggestion is strong..Many Americans that are republicans are not stupid..they are tired of bullsh…Many Americans which are Republican are not rich..They are not doing so well..Know this if you are not a Democrat.its ok..If you don't like OBama.its ok..But please please help me out on this one..Republican have more money than the democrates wil ever..Behind closed doors Republicans run this country.Always have..Always will..You attend the best Universitys..That's cool.Please when you make a least give it some thought..Real thought..a socialist…Really! Serious! Lmao…muhahahahah….F fox news…..People reads books..people are able to deduce what is real vs what we are told..can we change anything.maybe..maybe not..but on the floor cracking up..

  66. Jill Grayson

    Nice talk from a "minister" seriously. Do not say you are a man of GOD. If there is a god, he does not support calling anyone scum, or pissing on them because they don't share your selfish, what's mine is mine values…Most people of god actually should lean more socialist…

  67. John Meehleder

    This is exactly how the left thinks. Piss on anyone who doesn't agree with their Marxist ideology. But don't forget..They are the tolerant ones!

  68. Peter Notarianni

    you really have to admit all the hate and threats come form liberals and what is funny I'm not a republican , i don't watch fox news I don't like hannity and ed asner is a fake jerk off liberal.
    i do think ed had a right to say what he said , I think he is a moron , but I also have a right to say what ever I want to say and I think the liberals and communist morons can f off.

  69. Angie Kalob

    and you all keep arguing over who/what is P.C. or not. Meanwhile Fox only makes these strides of so-called journalism in order to garner a higher viewership ratings share. Just show me a segment on Ann Coulter as she nakedly exposes parts of her hot body…then let Sean Hannity finally get his hands on some REAL news. I know I;d be riveted to the TV….with my friend Buzzer Bob!

  70. Brad Drotts

    Jill Grayson I never said it was a problem! He can make all he wants, Just saying with the 6 trillion he has tacked on and the 6 trillion + he will add over his next term that is 125,000.00 more each tax payer owes to get us flush and that does not even count the 10 Trillion before him. Jill you are in debt to the tune of over 200,000.00 dollars. When Obama took office the debt was 10 trillion from all the previous presidents and when he leaves office the debt will exceed 20 trillion, he will have put us in debt as far in 8 years as it took every president before him combined. Your hard working Prez will have about 100 million in the bank by 2022 and you will never see this country not in debt as long as you live.

  71. Anonymous

    Linda Conner – "He [Obama] already spent more than all the President's combined"

    Linda, I think you qualify as the prototypical "low-information voter"

    You "would have rathered [sic] seen Mitt Romney in the White House to creat [sic] jobs."

    Tell me, is ENGLISH your second language?

  72. Charles Sansing

    Ed Asner is an old liberal idiot with less brainn cells than SEAN PENN! Who really cares what he thinks? He will die and Hell will petition for him to be expelled as soon as he arrives!

  73. Kevin Plantz

    Out of the whole thing, I'm surprised Fox News reported this whole incident with actual facts.

  74. Scott Johnson

    I'm sorry but I must…Comment below..Obama worth 12 million..going on book tour 10years..How much will he give you poor folks..Ok now for facts:::Romney has Outsourced millions possible Billions of dollars and AMERICAN JOBS THAT REPUBLICAN MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN COULD BENEFIT FROM..KEYWORDS AMERICA OUTSOURCE AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST..FAVORITE WORD: FACTS BE YOTCH….

  75. Jill Grayson

    Yes, he only lost in the states that haven't quite realized that the Civil War ended 2 centuries ago, and they lost, and blacks are free and can be elected President. Most of the poor white rednecks in those states who voted for Romney were voting against their own interests, but thought having a white guy back in the white house was the only important to make then vote!

  76. Anita Henley Phillips

    Now THAT is a moralistic, un"gutter" reply! You sure told her! But proved what an ass you are!

  77. Ray Savellano

    Clarence White Ha, ad hominem response. So typical. Must be one of the IQ impaired cited by the link Josh posted. Soon you won't have the capacity to participate in these forums. You should stop watching Fox Lumpy.

  78. Mike Freas

    Please define Socialism. I see that term bantered about and I have yet to see ONE CONSERVATIVE
    define what it is. BTW, degrees of 'Socialism' are part of the political landscape of virtually every
    industrialised country in the world. If by 'Socialism' you mean the rights of workers to organize a bargain collectively. And, interestingly enough, the least 'Socialist' countries happen to be the ones that call themselves 'People's Republic's… China (which holds most of our T bills), and North Korea. How do you explain American Corporate investment in a 'Socialist' country like China? How do you explain that we let them hod so much of our debt and give their workers no rights? Explain that please. But first, define 'Socialism', because you seem to love to label people, but I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about.

  79. Woody Underwood

    Well, you know how it works…if you inherit all your money and rip off the middle class you're a right wing hero. But if you're a poor black man whose mother died of cancer and you were raised by your white grandparents, went to Harvard and then made some money writing books (Most conservatives don't know what books or writing are BTW) and got elected President TWICE…you're a turd.

  80. Anita Henley Phillips

    I thought rep's LOVED rich people. You all are willing to sell the rest of us to keep the status quo. What's your problem? Oh he's mixed race and didn't get his wealth by playing with some ball?

  81. Charles Sansing

    Don't know why people watch anything but FOX NEWS, They are the only REAL news channel on TV. The rest have their heads so far up Obama's —– that it would take 10 pounds of C4 to remove it! U 2?!!

  82. Jodi Michele Cooley

    anyone who creats jobs scares me! If you want to CREATE a job…..that's great. But creating a job gets us nowhere….thanks Linda.

  83. Jason B. Vincenzo

    Francis Jorgensen Whether you like FOX News or not, the undeniable reason they do well is because they have no competition. if you're a Republican or Conservative, FOX News is your ONLY option. If you're liberal or Democrat, you have a multitude of options … CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and even any of the networks. So the viewership will be split among the different channels.

  84. Mitchell E Mauthe

    Jill Grayson when has obama had a real job except community organizer senator, and then president? he has never worked in the private sector ever-unlike romney who has to depend on his own work for his money, not the taxpayers like obama.

  85. Anonymous

    Linda Conner The stupid people you are talking about are US tax payers. If there was a better person running I would have voted for Him/Her but there was not. Now get on his side and hope he can turn this Country around…What he does not need is people like you that say it will not work before you see what there is to offer.

  86. Bob Gath

    Ed Asner is a perfect example of an obama supporter Please stop in my classroom so I can make a fool of you in front of my students.

  87. Christy Newell Assenmacher

    Fox news pisses them off because they tell the truth.And socialism is a dirty word because people that love this country died to protect us from it.Go to venezuela and live with Chavez If you want to live in a socialist country.Jill Grayson commit please kill yourself and save the rest of the world your evil. Or go to a place where socialism is and get your lazy ass out of the US.

  88. Pollywog Diane

    Jill Grayson
    I agree, at least Obama is willing to put up his money like the rest of them should be doing. Wanting the rich to pay what they USED to pay before all the tax breaks, does not make us socialist (not that some socialism is a bad thing) Ed Asner is 84 years old, he remembers when people paid their fair share, before the trickle down redneck club got their hands on the country.

  89. Anonymous

    Are Hannity and Malkin for real? Malkin going on and on about Asner having to take responsibility for the cartoon when he didn't animate it or write the script. In fact, he never says anything about anyone urinating on anybody except for the "trickle down" theory which the Republicans have been espousing since Reagan's time and we know that we did get peed on by the 1% due to this. But when we are talking lacking in intellect or class, we can always point to Hannity and Malkin. If they were in the 50's, they wouldn't be allowed on television. Edward R. Murrow would clean their clocks and that goes for everybody on Fox Entertainment Fair and Unbalanced News Network.

  90. Mj Ferruzza

    Fox News baited Asner with the "trickle doiwn" comment. When you loft a softball.. expect it to be hit out of the park. They got their sound byte. The one they in fact set up. "Hey Ed! Are you staying abreast of the teacher's situation?" Ed: "Yes! It's tit for tat!" Ooooo Ed said Tit! Same difference!

  91. Michele Russell

    Jill Grayson …Obama is spending tax payer dollars, not his own money! thats what we have a problem with….don't care how much anyone makes and spends if its their own money. And you might want to check out Obama's and Romney's actually stories….your reality is a little scewed. Sounds like you are the one who has a problem with people having money! Unless its okay based on your political views or who will buy your vote by promising you stuff and acting like they care! Just remember you will never get ahead if you are waiting for someone else to make your life better.

  92. Jeff Boule

    Is it me, or would Michelle Malkin make more money as a pro-dominatrix than she does as a politico? Just sayin'…

  93. Howard Beck

    what a classy individual. just like gulfcoast. i can imagine the outrage if ted nugent said anything that disgusting.

  94. Rob J Kutch

    Fox News is the most biased unprofessional piece of garbage I have ever seen. You guys suck! Embarrassed for all of you. Make me sick. Asner should have taken off his underwear and dumped on you.

  95. Howard Beck

    Jill Grayson you mean like the hood?? so jilly you see nothing wrong with 100% of the vote in 59 wards in philly going for obama?? that is statistically impossible. i can imagine what you libs would be screaming if a block in a suburb voted 100 romney.

  96. Rob J Kutch

    Michelle and Sean you are not reporters, you are talking head idiots that are totally controlled by her writes your checks.

  97. Patrick Timothy

    Jill Grayson Our Bill of Rights provides legal precedence: All men are created equal and are endowed with certain rights given by our Creator, those being: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Why aren't we arguing about how these provisions are being swept away, instead of attacking one another? That goes for all of the commentary I've read thus far on these blogs. What ever happened to Civili Discourse? I meant to cite "The Declaration of Independence".

  98. Christy Newell Assenmacher

    Jill Grayson Baby killers have morals. right….

  99. MaryJo Pezzi

    I am proud to be a liberal with a little money! Rich Conservatives tend to vote pure self-interest, no matter what the negative effects on the majority or the country that helped them become rich… in fact they are quick to ship as much wealth off-shore as possible. Rich Liberals tend to vote for the good of the country that helped them become rich, and even propose giving half of their personal wealth away in their own lifetime to benefit others. I think Liberals are happier because they care about other people.

  100. Jay Moser

    Another no class Hollywood piece of crap! Great example for our kids! I suppose he wants them to grow up like the spoiled rotten kids in Europe that throw a temper tantrum when they don't get their way! And demand more Obama Money! Nlow if that isn't a recipe for a trip over the fiscal cliff I don't know what is!

  101. Terry Hurd

    David, The only dumb ass sir is you! You liberals are such a joke! If it wern't for the fact that you are all morons, some of crapola you spew would be funny!

  102. Richard Cushman

    Oh come on Faux Propaganda Network you are up in arms when it isn't your side ripping people apart , in the first part of your rant you are labeling Mr Asner as your foe the great socialist left wing radical be seious Mr Hannity and your so called expert Ms MAKLIN , I have to laugh at who is crying on reporting distorted facts Fox seems to be the leader in this especially you Mr Hannity , sorry some of us people can't be hypnotized to believe the mullarkey we happen to have brains that can't be played with. I enjoyed the video and I didn't see any distortion of the truth to it. Oh I am not a radical left wing nutjob , socialist , communist or whatever derrogatory you can come up with because I happen to have a different opinion than you This from a station that tried to railroad a guest that called Fox the arm of the GOP , I suppose the truth hurts and doesn't matter to you and your journalist wanabes LOL.

  103. MaryJo Pezzi

    The Republican Party has been passing all of this "right to work" — ALEC Corporate Lobby "model legislation" in states with Republican governors. And what comes of no unions, no collective bargaining? No voice when they cut your hours, cut your pay, take away your health care and vacation and pension… look at states like Florida that are long-time "right to work" states: Low wages, lots of those "part-time less than 30 hrs" no benefits — collect Food Stamps and Medicaid to live.

    We voted for Obama: The path forward that reverses the Bush-era tax cuts ($1.2 Trillion) to the richest taxpayers that has NOT created jobs as Bush said it would. President Obama's budget calls for $4 Trillion in deficit reduction, in part by recapturing this lost revenue and also by cutting defense spending that has tripled due to wars in the middle east. We voted AGAINST the Republican plan to "beef up the military" by $2 Trillion. We voted to KEEP social programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in place, and to make "affordable health care" available to everyone in the United States — so our parents and children can count on basic shelter, food and medical care. If we have to go over the "cliff" to get the Republicans to work with the president and the rest of Congress – so be it! #GOP

  104. MaryJo Pezzi

    The Republican Party has been passing all of this "right to work" — ALEC Corporate Lobby "model legislation" in states with Republican governors. And what comes of no unions, no collective bargaining? No voice when they cut your hours, cut your pay, take away your health care and vacation and pension… look at states like Florida that are long-time "right to work" states: Low wages, lots of those "part-time less than 30 hrs" no benefits — collect Food Stamps and Medicaid to live.

    We voted for Obama: The path forward that reverses the Bush-era tax cuts ($1.2 Trillion) to the richest taxpayers that has NOT created jobs as Bush said it would. President Obama's budget calls for $4 Trillion in deficit reduction, in part by recapturing this lost revenue and also by cutting defense spending that has tripled due to wars in the middle east. We voted AGAINST the Republican plan to "beef up the military" by $2 Trillion. We voted to KEEP social programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in place, and to make "affordable health care" available to everyone in the United States — so our parents and children can count on basic shelter, food and medical care. If we have to go over the "cliff" to get the Republicans to work with the president and the rest of Congress – so be it! #GOP

  105. Anne K Johnsonn

    Bobby Morrill, blowout election? Obama got 51% of the vote and you call that a blowout?
    So many fools. It only takes get one more popular vote than the opponent to win the electoral in a state. There was no blowout.

  106. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jill Grayson, thanks for informing us that all the black and hispanics are the best educated people in the country. You seem to be a serious hater. Mitt Romney has given more to charity than you could make in 10 lifetimes. Don't be so eager to be so ugly just because it's someone not of your preferred party, and Lord knows, and thankfully not someone of your ilk.

  107. Anne K Johnsonn

    Hannah Marie Davis , maybe be informed before having an opinion.

  108. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jill Grayson , you are a low life. Stay away until you have an education, ugly fool.

  109. Mary Margaret Swift

    Jill Grayson….sorry….Obama was a poor student at Occidental, a poor student at Colombia, we can't see his Harvard Grades and his only job was as a communit organizer…. that is, until Michelle took him under her wing. her has never done ANYTHING of significance. He stole the Chicago Senate seat from his former Mentor and elected pres after 2 terms. Get real. He is backed by powers you will never see… He is spending like a drunken sailor, not to mention Michelle's outrageous binges with money…. Why do people think dislike of BO is a racial issue…..that is a reflection of their own projections. He is disliked because he is incompetent and deceitful. No, I won't defend Romney because I have the good sense and education to be neither Republican nor Democrat.

  110. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jill Grayson , now having read a third post of yours, take your black a__ and fry it blacker, you racist fat ass.

  111. Rachel Grenadier

    So much for the "Universal Life Church". Clearly, he worships at the Church of Fox.

  112. Anne K Johnsonn

    Don't you need to get back in your cage and take your meds, racist one. Most of us are not racist and have no problem that President Obama is half white :-). Someday maybe you'll have one of your own as President.

  113. Josh DeSotel

    I like watching FOX news and eating popcorn, helps me keep my philosophical skills sharp by identifying logical fallacies. Hannity is the ad hominem King. Lately however FOX seems to be simplifying their arguments to just ad hominem, Appeal to fear, false dichotomy and transfer fallacies. In fact that is all they use any more. Example: Obama is a muslim black militant racist and if you elect him instead of Romney his Stalin socialist platform will kill jobs. *sigh* they need to mix it up a little…….

  114. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jill Grayson , never start a sentence with the word "but." "Teach them to question things" – you forgot to have a subject in this sentence. Why did you put a comma after "gospel?" Learn some grammar.

  115. Luke Woods

    Jill Grayson hey jill I wanna (f)uck you in the (a)ss with my big republican (c)ock

  116. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jill Grayson , anyone who promote John Stewart must be one of the ugliest people on the planet. But then, again, since you support the great divider, it makes sense that you would support another great divider.

  117. Don Brannan

    Jill..who the fuck are you anyway ? I'm from the South and college educated and don't hate anyone based on their ethnic background. I actually believe that the history of all people enriches us all. That said this country has preverted the role of government and is on an economic road to disaster! I'm not a Republican but an Independent who believes in our Constitutional principles. Actually..The Civil War as you call it ended in 1865(do the math). Don't talk shit about people you have never met and don't know. That is the essence of bigotry!!

  118. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jill Grayson , what's your excuse for your hateful attitude? Seriously.

  119. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jill Grayson , your grammar was addressed in another post.

  120. Anne K Johnsonn

    Jill Grayson , you have not posted one kind word in response to others' posts and you have the audacity to continue calling others out for their words. What a piece of work.

  121. Gus Botta

    Dearest Jill- I'm guessing you have an I.Q. in the double digits-maybe? Mitt was born in
    Mexico you idiot and his first desk was a piece of plywood. Everything he has, he earned.
    Republicans do best with people with brains, which you have none of. Obama got elected
    twice because he's a great campaigner- a master of spin ; not because he's done anything
    for the nation. Apparently, the divider in chief has succeeded in your household in convincing
    another brainless fool that making money and being a success is a crime. Thanks for not showing us your picture; wouldn't want to scare anybody. Your idiotic rant was enough.

  122. Don Brannan you know ANYTHING about the history of Europe during the 20th century up to the present? Obviously NOT!

  123. Mj Ferruzza

    I'd llike free health care from the richest nation in the world who serves the 1%. I have paid enough taxes in my life that would entitle me to that!

  124. Carroll D Hanks

    Linda Conner -Waaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaa – Oh you poor sad babies – your 2 clowns lost by a landslide (332-206) and you just can't get over it! Your hatred of the President is pitiful. Too bad, so sad, get used to it – 4 More Years – HA HA

  125. Anonymous

    Asner didn't pee on anyone, he's making the point that rich people who work people half to death and pay them peanuts with no medical insurance and no retirement are peeing on workers! Tell ya what, why don't you neocons prove him wrong by closing a few thousand more schools, firehouses, and police stations and shipping a few million more US industrial jobs to Bangalore and Saigon–and for good measure, lay off a few thousand more nurses and foreclosure a million more homes while you're at it. THAT will show that Asner's wrong!

  126. Anonymous

    Mark Goodrum Yup, a hard-worker who just wants to earn enough to put a roof over his family's head, feed them, and cover their medical bills is a socialist and a thug. A CEO paid $1 billion a year who doesn't want his workers to have even life's basics and pays ZERO taxes to the nation that made him rich, is a capitalist hero. I'm PROUD to be a liberal, a person who cares more about people than about accumulating more wealth than my descendants can spend in 10,000 years! But I'm wasting my breath, chasing the allmighty dollar is ALL that matters and people with a heart will always be thugs to you.

  127. Anonymous

    Chuck L Miller Yup, all liberals should shut up. Freedom of speech is not in the US Constitution, only conservatives have a right to speak their minds.

  128. Gus Botta

    Hi Hannah, Ever watched fox news? Try it some time. Almost every debated issue
    has opposing points of view. Alot of issues are never even covered on the networks for
    fear of putting who they favor in a bad light. While Obama was pontificating to Romney
    about his foreign policy experience and knowledge of the military, four Americans died
    in Bengazi. Did the networks cover that story in the days before the election? NO they
    did not. Would have hurt Obama! His appearance on Staten Island was no more than
    a photo op. So much for cutting the red tape for those good residents. We've since seen
    those poor folks interviewed who still don't have power and where is the president?
    In Hawaii as we approach the fiscal cliff. Dosen't that worry you just a little. I didn't
    vote for the president the first time but would have the second time if I saw any reason to.
    Facts don't lie. He's done a terrible job. I thought a successful businessman would be
    a better choice this time around. The Obama campaign did a masterful hatchet job
    on Mitt Romney, and in doing so steered many Americans away from his record. I
    think it's sad we will have to endure four more years of this politician when we needed
    a problem solver. I fear things may get really bad this time since our president
    can now do whatever he wants to. Try watching Fox News for a month and then see what
    you think! I really like your photo. You're lovely……….

  129. Tim Donovan

    I've enjoyed Ed Asner for years as both a comedian and serious actor, on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, to Lou Grant, to the short lived TV show The Bronx Zoo, and many other TV movies and appearances. I'm a former life-long Democrat, now a registered Independent, since neither party fully reflects my views. I'm fairly liberal on economic and social justice issues, but fairly conservative on moral issues. I respect Mr. Asner's right to make his opinions known, but I think it's offensive for him-or anyone else-either a conservative or liberal-to make such an advocacy piece which shows one group of people pissing on another. Apparently, civil discourse on political issues has become nearly impossible in our nation, which has become increasingly polarized by race, religion, and economic class. Too bad people have to resort to name calling such as "bitch" and "socialist" and "ignorant rednecks" or saying that a woman poster has "a lousy stinking c#nt" or "thugs" or that Asner is "a disgusting example of a human being", or that one would love to "piss" on a comentator from FOX News. As a former Special Education teacher who is now partly disabled myself, I find it especially offensive to mock people's intelligence. Journalist Nat Hentoff, a self-described Jewish atheist and former Board Member of the NY State Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, makes a good case for freedom of expression, within reasonable, civil bounds, in his book, "Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee." Another excellent book about the proper role of religion in politics is "The Right to Be Wrong: Ending the Culture War Over Religion in America", by Kevin Seamus Hasson, which has been praised by people from various points of views, such as Catholic Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon, and Rabbi Alan Mittleleman, Philosophy Professor at the Jewish Theologocal Seminary.

  130. Anonymous

    Jill Grayson Right on! I am an atheist and my wife and I adopted and raised two children nobody wanted, and raised them to be productive members of society–making our actions more "Christian" than 99% of people who CLAIM to be Christians.I do;t get paid much, but I give generously to several charities, including one for supporting grandparents raising grandchildren and another that helps pre-teenage burn victims. We have sponsored several children in Third World countries and one 8-yeart-old got his first bed EVER because of an extra contribution we made. Success should be measured in what you have done to make the world a less ugly place, not how many green pieces of paper you own in a safe in the Cayman Islands.

  131. Heather Havens

    Linda Conner Define socialist. It's okay if you need to use Wikipedia. I do.

  132. Donald Goss

    Just another liberal running his mouth and calling names. People like Dave arent interested in anyone else's freedoms but their own. No facts. Just derision and hate. Very typical. And if he works at the University of Akron, I guess he has spent his entire life in academia and never experienced the real world.

  133. Heather Havens

    Tom Betts Kind of like Mittens working a soup kitchen a week before the election after all the "undesirables" had left the building. Fraud!

  134. Donald Goss

    Just another liberal tirade without facts. Name calling, Obama is a turd of the highest order and you are a fly circling.

  135. Tim Braman

    Linda Conner Obama can't spend a dime. Congress does and always has. Read your damn constitution instead of aping the lines you hear on fox. And the spending in his administration isn't even as much as Reagan's or either Bush's yet you say ALL other president's combined? You're sickeningly misinformed.

  136. Donald Goss

    No dummy. It is in the posted ratings for television. try listening to something besides chris thrill up my leg matthews and Rachel Madcow and you might learn something,

  137. Anonymous

    Francis Jorgensen Ahh, yes, the old argument that popularity of an argument (or of Fox News) equals the truth of an argument. 200 years ago, everyone KNEW black skin made you good only for picking cotton at the point of a lash. 500 years ago everyone KNEW the earth is flat and the sun circles around the earth. 1,000 years ago everyone KNEW you get ill only if you are possessed by the devil. Just because a bunch of people support something doesn't give it truth. And if Fox News is so damned popular, why did Obama win by a margin of more than 2 million popular votes and capture 332 electoral votes? Why did NO Republican win in national, state, and local elections in California, a state which has the 8th largest economy in the world, and being prosperous you would THINK would lean Republican?

  138. Don Ingle

    I don't what's funnier: Hannity's reaction, his douche bag co anchor, Asner's cogent response, or the idiot Foxbots responding here that really think they have a clue! LOL!! Once again Hannity makes an issue out of nada. Whatsa matter Sean? Pissed off? Lol!,

  139. Don Ingle

    I don't what's funnier: Hannity's reaction, his douche bag co anchor, Asner's cogent response, or the idiot Foxbots responding here that really think they have a clue! LOL!! Once again Hannity makes an issue out of nada. Whatsa matter Sean? Pissed off? Lol!,

  140. Heather Havens

    Gerry Wright Rachel Maddow is hardly a moron, especially when compared with Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson. Remember them? Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin are next. Bullseye!

  141. Heather Havens

    Gerry Wright Rachel Maddow is hardly a moron, especially when compared with Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson. Remember them? Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin are next. Bullseye!

  142. Donald Goss

    oooh, the liberals favorite words. Ad hominem. Obama is all those things. He associates with communists, socialists, black panthers, terrorists, and child molesters. great guy you back there.

  143. Donald Goss

    Because he did not earn it. He didn't make it. Someone else wrote his books for him. He is a liar. And a fraud. Why does he need so much money? He said it himself. At some point you have enough money and don't need any more. I bet he won't check the box to pay more taxes. But I bet he spends your taxes like water.

  144. Chris Greenhough

    Rick, I already moved away from my native country (the UK) because I disapproved of the direction successive governments were taking. So now you've got that sophisticated "Don't like it? Then DON'T LIVE HERE" argument out of the way, how about answering some of my other points?

    Christy, France is socialist? Hollande has been in for all of two months after a decade of conservative rule. That's a terrible example. I can give you some better examples for you to use in countering my argument, if you'd prefer?

  145. Barry D. Page

    Terry Hurd You know, Terry, I don't see these Hollywood Rich Liberals putting their money where their mouth is.Asner donated less than 1% of what he made to charity last year. Most hollyweird types talk the talk but, when it comes to walking the walk, they go MIA.

  146. Anonymous

    Yup, it was so immoral of my wife ad me to adopt and raise two children who had no place else to go.But SO moral of Romney to tour a Chinese appliance factory, see that they hire children and pay them $3 a week and house them 18 to a bedroom –and THEN decided to invest in that human exploitation. And BOASTED that he paid no taxes on these inhumane profits off of human misery. You turn the definition of morality on its head. The book 1984 has come true: war is peace, freedom is slavery, and now greedy immorality is the highest virtue and true virtue is immoral "bleeding heart liberalism" what does that even mean? Yes my heart is open to other suffering human beings, so that's IMMORAL? I'll take that immorality over Romney's morals any day!

  147. Brian Finley

    I went to school with Asner's son and met him personally and he's a douche bag. Mean and nasty to the core. A few year's later my dad was walking his new puppy and Asner allowed his two German Shepherds to attack the puppy. Never even said he was sorry. Just a mean nasty guy. Not surprising he would say something like this.

  148. James R Kane

    Can you identify the individual on FOX news that said "Obama is a muslim black militant racist and if you elect him instead of Romney his Stalin socialist platform will kill jobs."…….before you answer, let me say….I didn't think so.

  149. Kim LaCapria

    Gus Botta Er… no? It's not even remotely disputable Mitt Romney was born into wealth, and his FATHER was born in Mexico and a self-made man. George Romney was responsible CEO and eventual governor and probably would not have been too proud of the way his son viewed and treated common folk. Before you call people idiots you should check your own facts.

    There is nothing wrong with being born into privilege, but it also isn't something that can be denied.

  150. Anonymous

    Typical liberal hate speech? Move to China? Hey Mark, do you think a loy of Liberals live in China? Typical neocon, uniformed and mistaken. I'm suprised you didn't use libtard or socialist Mark. You guys on the right been beating a dead horse on those.

  151. Bill Stein

    Poor Ed. Loved him on Mary Tyler Moore. He has gone off his nut in his old age.

  152. Dennis Gutowsky

    Linda i'am one of those old conservative men and i truly agreed with you.With all due respect Chris if you want to be a socialist like one of these old actors like Asner from fantasyland-Hollywood and some other country you say is a better life why don't you move their with you other socialists but please don't come back.America would be better off without people like Asner and others like him.Quit making excuses for Un-Americans like this.

  153. William Chetwood

    @Jill: Here's why I have a problem with President Obama having millions of dollars: he's never really had a job outside of government; nor has he ever had to produce a product or answer to anyone. Imagine, a Chicago politician worth millions, all earned while "Serving" the "people".

  154. Mj Ferruzza

    He's an 83 year old liberal actor! You get what you get. Loon or not. Do not blindside an old school actor whose been around the block a few times…and who happens to be very liberal. (This from a VERY INDEPENDENT perspective)

  155. Ed Weaver

    David, your ignorance is breathtaking. If Asner loves socialism so much — and hates Republicans so much — he should move to a socialist country. And whether or not you know it, Asner isn't fit to clean Malkin's toilet. How about I piss on you? Where do you live?

  156. Robin Thomas

    Oh this socialist cr@p is killing me— There is nothing wrong with being a socialist– Please get some education. Stop thinking South Korea( a communist authoritarian, Totalitarian regime) and start thinking Canada( our good neighbors to the north). Everyone uses the word socialist as if its exchangeable with liberal or humanitarian. It makes Americans look stupid to keep spouting this socialist ranting and defaming.

  157. James R Kane

    Where did you get your stats Jill? And what are the most ignorant, uneducated parts of the country? I know that the republicans fail to carry the bigger cities….which is coincidently where most of the folks that benefit from government social programs live. And if you are so smart and educated, identify who on FOX said "obama hates people who are successful". You quoted it so I am assuming that you are not putting words in any one persons mouth but have actually heard this….right? And is being socialism immoral? No, not to some but this is America and socialism is the very thing that Americans have fought against so that you can sit on your computer and hurl hateful comments, like ("I'd rather be a socialist, then a dumbass brainless Republican.") and not have someone knock on your door to have a discussion with you about it. Ain't America great?

  158. David Neaves

    No contradiction. Asner spews lies. He really IS a douchebag. You can't call facts hate.

  159. Robin Thomas

    Oh this socialist cr@p is killing me— There is nothing wrong with being a socialist– Please get some education. Stop thinking North Korea( a communist authoritarian, Totalitarian regime) and start thinking Canada( our good neighbors to the north). Everyone uses the word socialist as if its exchangeable with liberal or humanitarian. It makes Americans look stupid to keep spouting this socialist ranting and defaming.

  160. Larry West

    fox news is listed as an entertainment corporation. abc, cbs, nbc,cnn, ect, all list theirs as a news organization.

  161. Anonymous

    Ed "Vladimir" Asner. When was the last big role he had? Rich Man, Poor Man? He shows up on Leno doing his "Grumpy Old Man" skit. He should be the Grumpy Old Incontinent Man, because he loves to urinate on people who are not Marxist. Good thing he has such a big belly–and bladder–because there are a lot of non-Marxists still out there. Maybe he can mark a few trees, too.

  162. David Neaves

    Yeah, Chris Greenhough, except, they get money from us, defense from us, and have many benefits from the larger countries that they don't have to pay for. We give all of those countries money every year. Let's see them do that without our money, or our trade.

  163. Josh Watkins

    thats what theyre asking us to do joseph. in fact even a lot of rich people are saying they should themselves pay more in taxes. on a side note, to point fingers at the guy because he works in hollywood, really? what was reagan? oh yea but star worship is fine when the right does it

  164. David Neaves

    Tim Braman He's increased our debt by more than everyone who was in office before him totaled, in over two hundred years. Stop passing on the lies, go read for yourself. And Chris, don't like it, don't live here, AGAIN. Go to one of those socialist countries you think are so great. Stop trying to screw up everyone else's country just because it didn't work the first one hundred and forty seven times.

  165. David Neaves

    Obama has never done ANYTHING for himself. NOT ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT. Romney wasn't born on third base, he made millions at WORK. And you call Republicans brainless. You can't make any case for your guy without lying. That should tell you everything you need to know.

  166. Anonymous

    Jill Grayson – I have two degree's, 4 boys and have been married 10 years. My wife and I put ourselves through school while raising kids. I am the executive director of a private company. I sit on two boards and I am a county commissoner. I have written three books and my wife has written five books. She put her career on hold to raise our boys. We volunteer at our church, we teach sunday school, we tithe out 10 percent and we donate to alot of causes. I take offense to that you say that republicans are brainless and dumb. There is nothing wrong with being rich and striving to work harder. Everyone has the same opportunities as I have had. All it takes is hard work and effort. Socialism does not work….

  167. Kim Wise Bryan

    lol – unreal – asner probably never saw the so called cartoon and probably was doing a job that he got paid for – he does have a great voice – attack the writer if u must – this is an opinion and aren't we all entitiled to that – lol the reporters seemed to think they were entitled to theirs lol – this does not mean I agree or disagree – I think most rich people help alot because they want to share and this comes from the heart – but then there are some – well that will destroy for their own gain – I had to watch the cartoon twice to even notice the so called 'urination' scene – I just thought it was a over flow of gold – lol – I love ed asner as actor – I don't know about him personally but who are these people wanting him called to 'task' geezzzzzzz u said more bad about him then he personally said in this cartoon – lol – did u reporters get your 15 mins of fame – I thought the reporters were blowing smoke roflol.

  168. Kelita Kelly

    Hey brad this one for you…..The POTUS WILL DO more then your evil @ss repuking party who waves the Bible in people face and don't know whats in it. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD, Feed the poor, love one other, that would mean all races and people who mit love the same sex. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD HATE THE SIN LOVE THE SINNER…THE FIRST ONE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE STONE…and JESUS save the whore life with those words…… YOU IDOTS

  169. Robert Tout

    My estimation of Ed Asner has just gone through the roof. He is now on my list of people to emulate and admire. And if you don't like it, pshawf!

  170. Ken Babbitt

    wow thanks Jill for clearing that up for me, here I thought I was a pretty smart person, but lumping me in with the majority realy showed me the light, with out brains like you, I don't know how I could have made it this far in life on my own? I could also throw in some facts too but coming from me, they would just be stupid brainless rantings of a dumb republican. thanks for showing me the (hate) I mean light..

  171. Jeff Becker

    I just watched and listened to the Asner narrated clip from California Teachers Union and the absurdly simple and distorted analysis of what has gone on in this country is scary. These people teach our children? If the teachers of California believe this cartoon to be reality then we as a nation must collectively get rid of these teachers and their unions. Only the most uneducated and ignorant person could believe the ridiculousness of this cartoon video. Blaming Fox News for objecting this is like blaming FDR for condeming the attack on Pearl Harbor. Teachers are part of the foundation of our children's development and preaching this non-sense is detrimental to our future.

  172. Katrina Edwards

    Mr. Asner, I have lost all the respect I had for you as actor and a person. Let me say this sir, you may be almost twice my age, but if you ever asked me if you could piss on me, I would bitch slap you! –Kat's lesser half.

  173. Sam Spencer

    I saw this video, it is puerile and beyond uncouth, I like Mr. Asner, but he should know better. Saying he doesn't pass the smell test either. All this being said, I think the Conservatives getting their nose bent out joint is equally childish.

  174. Edna Stadler

    we all respect and believe you now Jim Anderson with a comment like that. You are the one that is rotten

  175. Chris Maston

    I think socialism is a very dirty word. That system takes away all initiative to try and better oneself. Why work hard when everyone, hard workers or bums, get the same benefits? I live in a very educated area of the country and most people are conservative. How dare you insult my intelligence by saying fiscally conservatives are ignorant? That was a very ignorant comment! And who voted for Obama? Not many intelligent people but movie stars and low income minorities and young people who are memorized by someone who likes to hang out with Beyonce and famous golfers. His coalition won him the election, but the popular vote was very close. If the Republicans had had a more popular candidate, Obama probably would have lost the election.

  176. Edna Stadler

    Uh, Brad, do you actually know why that happened to Obama? The stimulus pkg and 2 wars under Bush wasn't on the budget – they withheld it from the debt, on purpose. When Obama became President the Republicans put it in the debt pkg, it went public then and the Republicans blamed Obama and the Democrats. And don't even tell me I don't know what I am talking about because I DO!

  177. Edna Stadler

    Do any of you actually know why the debt was so large after Obama was elected? The stimulus pkg and the 2 wars under Bush wasn't in the debt referendum yet and it was set aside on purpose. When Obama became President it was put on the table for the public to see and the Republicans blamed Obama and the Democrats. And don't even tell me I don't know what I am talking about because I DO!

  178. Bill Fraze

    I wish we could just go ahead and start the Civil War soon, us Conservatives against you ignorant Godless tree fucking liberals. Better start loading your guns Lib… oh tsss you all don't have any guns, that's going to suck for you all isn't it.

  179. James West

    @Long, Hey Moron, the cartoon was not made for you, supposedly an adult. It was made for children. Do you remember what they are and what they can comprehend. Your an ignorant fool!

  180. Anonymous

    Jill Grayson really you would rather be a socialist then a republican then move out ot the USA only reason Obama won is because he is giving people everything foodstamps, free internet, free phones, free health care, 99 week plus of unemployment, I can go on Hopefully good keeps and eye on tho country as we are going down a very dangerous path.

  181. Richard Ray

    Reading comments like David Long's makes you truly realize that the pussyfication of the male in America is now complete. The humor, the symbolism, what hogwash. I've never seen so many that can justify so much in the name of their precious liberal bull****. Yet they as usual are the first to tell you how dumb you are if you don't agree with their perverse rhetoric.

  182. Macaroni Jones

    F*cking liberal morons are ruining this country – they should be deported to Cuba.

  183. Shirley Tardiff

    What is wrong with wanting to work and be able to keep your own money instead of giving it to people that want to sit on their butts and do nothing? Obama is an organizer. All politicians are out to get what they can, very selfish people and elitist, just like Asner, the self proclaimed communist. I give to charities and do what I can to help people, but I like to choose where my money goes, not give it to someone just cause they are someones buddy. Was he really elected?

  184. Anonymous

    Josh DeSotel when will Americans realize that America has the spirit of socialism running through her veins?

  185. Anonymous

    Brad Drotts what you say is false Obama has added the least to the debt since Eisenhower.

  186. Tony Britt

    I have a poll that Michele Malkin can take. It is quite in-depth and extensive. I am sure that she can scratch the tip of the surface, but to really get down to business, she would have to stretch her vocal reasoning. After that if should like for me to probe her interest, I am sure she would come to the right conclusion that she needs more hands on experience in the field.

  187. Ramblin Rose

    Did Michelle say she know plenty of hard working teachers out there? Please. FOX also pee on people with all their false news. The recent presidential election proves just how far removed from reality they are.

  188. Mark Brasher

    ASSCLOWNS like this always say "They lied" but none of them have watched Fox News (cause its bad and they lie) or heard Rush….BUT he lies and Faux News( as if that is clever) lied too. GIVE ME PASSAGE AND VERSE WHERE YOUR NOT THE LEAST BIT CLEVER FAUX NEWS LIED OR RUSH LIED. I WOULD BE HAPPY TO RUN THAT AGAINST THE NEWS ON (PMS) NBC OR NBC.

  189. Mark Brasher

    I dare u to actually come up with something the media always says "He said this" so he must be a racist or whatever u guys have made up this week. SHOW ME

  190. Mark Brasher

    I don't think u are qualified to know the true motive if u believe OBAMA….guess what U are wrong. Believe whatever u want when he raises your taxes maybe its pissing on yourself but your voted for it. But you're smart pay MORE and laugh at stupid Republicans.

  191. Mark Brasher

    LIST ALL THE LIES…..You can't……Kinda makes u a liar…sucks doesn't it. DON'T call someone a liar unless u can back it up. Otherwise it makes u a lying assclown that posts.

  192. Mark Brasher

    Jill Grayson that is all awesome But don't let the facts get in the way of a good story….It's a load of horseshit….If u want to debate it I will be happy to explain….I will type slowly so u and Paul can keep up.

  193. Mark Brasher

    No Critical thought in that if u blame a channel on your stupidity….REALLY……REALLLY that is BIG GUNS u are bringing to the table. Ever heard of Shakespeare or anyone that could teach u about literature or do we still think Obama is the greatest figure…..See horseshit doesn't sell her sell it on the corners where they sell the NYT maybe they will buy it. The real prob with liberalism is your religion is Political Correctness religion has to do with a REAL DIETY…GOD.

  194. Darrell Pilkington

    look what she works with ,,,now do you uderstand ,his remarks ? about jill grayson,,

  195. Sandra Stevenson

    I TOTALLY agree with the comment just below this one by David Long. Don't know him, but agree with him. Lighten up people. Ed Asner is an old senile man. Leave him alone, already. Fox news and everyone connected to it are IDIOTS! Ease up you bunch of hillbillies at Fox News. Stop all the garbage that you spew everyday….

  196. Jacquelyn Loftin Odom

    Ed Asner is a lunatic, and no Congress can't take a vote preventing me from saying it. Our country at least would have a balanced budget if someone like Hannity were running it.

  197. Carey Gockel Graffam

    I love how celebrities view "rich people"as villains, because it goes against their political views. I'm confused over this. They (celebrities) live in multi-million dollar homes, drive $100,000 cars, and wear outfits that cost more than my house. And usually evade paying taxes. Seems like Hollywood might have a self loathing issue.

  198. Diane Funk

    I have noticed, to great concern, that many news people on news stations think they are bigger than the news they are hired to impart to us – the american viewer. too big for thy britches? methinks so. I often would like to scream at the tv and at those overblown, overpriced, overexposed morons that it's the product (i.e., the news) that is more important and servers of such are NOT indepensible, but then I realize glass and many miles separate us so my vocal outburst is for naught. here today? gone tomorrow? does that mean anything to anyone up there in news lala land? so many of these news people have come and gone and most do not remember them today. anyone remember roger grimsby? he, too, thought he was way above the common fray until… and so many others…

  199. Lin Frank

    Noone is more self absorbed or arrogant than Little Sean. What an aXX. Anything to drum it up Sean. If you put any value in what this clown says, you've really got problems and most of the world is "pissing on" you.

  200. Anonymous

    Funny, scary, sad but true. What makes it even scarier is that this type of economy where we blame the middle was born about the same time Murdoch was allowed to buy into our media. He has polluted our thinking to the point where we think we are not entitled to anything. Like its a dirty word. I realize he has earned his citizenship now but he has a 20 year head start in helping dismantle our media and tilt it to the right. I don't think he loves this country, just became a citizen to deflect attention.

    Think about this before you discredit what I am saying. Murdoch media empire either does not permit or uses his beliefs to influence every one on his programs, they are like clones. They can't all be right wingers can they? It would be too remarkable. They just get paid to be. That is why his programming for the most part is like bad news from Jububwick. They are mostly unskilled journalist who spew his venom. His news paper only shows the drunken actors with a DWI on the front page most of the time and people in NY tell me they buy it for entertainment value not news worthiness. Outside of the USA they tape and hack into peoples phones to get and make the news (that was as low as it gets, murder victims parents thought she was still alive, awful).

    Bottom line. That teachers video is where we are really today. We fantasize about being rich so we put up with it. The leash and license the 1% has been given is too long. They set the trap, paid the politicians, networks, and we all fell for it. Shame on us. But hey anyone want to buy a lotto ticket!

  201. Sonny Liston

    David Long, et al…..It takes one to think he knows one. You need help. You have one half of the knowledge to make the decision but are too lazy to get the rest of the story. Now that's lunacy. Please move to a real sociaist country and stay there even after you've figured out it's not so great. Once all of the sloths have nothing but more sloths surrounding them, there's nothing left. Please take your socialist ignorant views elsewhere. Moreover, your language is telling tale of your uneducated self.

  202. Tyrone Williams

    The wealthy control AM radio (Clear Channel) and Fox "News." The CEO of Fox, Roger Ailes, used to be the CEO for the Rush Limbaugh Show. They're all in it together… for the rich. Of course this cartoon bothers Fox. It's the TRUTH about them!

  203. Kim Masterson-Leaderbrand

    Hollywood, Liberals, Socialists are not to blame for the destruction of American, it's the STUPID PEOPLE that voted these Socialists Politicians in, YEAR AFTER YEAR!

  204. Anonymous

    I would love to see Ed Asner try to survive in any other country. This country has made him a millionaire and all he does is bitch and moan about it. I wonder if he would be willing to donate all of his money to charity and live on the streets since he is such a caring individual? The simple answer is no…he is a typical Michael Moore leftist idiot who talks about how bad the country is and then in reality does the opposite of what he preaches. I wish him all the luck of a man crossing the road and getting hit by a truck. Asner is a piece of shit and that is insulting the shit.

  205. Anonymous

    my roomate's mother-in-law makes $68 every hour on the computer. She has been out of work for.
    six months but last month her pay check was $13627 just working on the computer for a few hours.
    Go to this web site and read more on ==>

  206. Sonny Liston

    Ever notice how people of lower stature; crude, trashy, foul and disgusting are more times than not, liberals who weakly try to promote socialism? It must be the self loathing and disappointment for being pathetic losers in life. How sad. The truth is that they will always be insignificant in life.

  207. Doug Fussell

    Democrats are very mean angry people, with very little to offer a civilized society.

  208. Doug Parham

    Wow. Ive never seen such stupidity and ignorance in all my life. All we want to talk about is why the liberals are such good people and how they want to take care of the "less fortunate". Is it not better to give the less fortunate a way to be able to take care of theselves? You know the old saying, give the person some fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Wow, we woulld rather take care of some one that can't and won't take care of himself and call it caring than to give this same person a way to get out and be self suffiecient and contribute back to society. Typical liberalism. What's going to happen when all the money is gone and we cant take care of orselves much less the less fortunate. Oh yeah, there's always there government to turn too. But oh wait the government get their money from who? That's right the taxpayer that's making the money and having it taken from us to take care of the less fortunat. But it won't be here since there won't be any jobs. You see the merry go round here. You can't keep up the pace and survive as a country. Those recieving food stamps have almost doubled since your president took office. Gas has almost doubled in the same time frame. And who is that hurting, yep you got it the less fortunte you speak of wanting to take care of. And whose fault s that? Well when a republican is in its his fault but whose fault is it now? Well heaven forbid we tell the truth and say its Obama and his policies. That would make us racist. Oh well I've had my say here. As the old saying goes you wrestle wit a pig long enought eventually you figure out he loves it. Enough wrestling.

  209. Bruce Rains

    Lot of comments bashing Hannity and Michele Malkin. So in other words you are OK with Ed Asner and this "educational" piece? God, what is wrong with our country!

  210. Kim Masterson-Leaderbrand

    Asner like other liberals, also enjoys pissing on our Troops, American Flag, Constitution, and pictures of JESUS!

  211. Corey Nufer

    I love how everyone at fox gets all uppity and screams about how the left is making propaganda when they are the 24 hour propaganda channel. Hey, fox viewers, they sued in the Florida supreme court for the right to lie to you, wake up.

  212. Carlos Trevino

    I'd like to do more than p#ss on Hannity a**hole. I'm sure he's a job creator cause he needs body guards with his lying attitude, I'd be happy to give him an attitude adjustment.

  213. Dan Doggett

    Mark Brasher you seem to have a problem distinguishing fact from fiction. faux news makes up stories and has no journalistic credentials-none at all. in fact, they have the lowest ratings in accuracy of any network-including al-jazzera. msnbc, on the other hand, is staffed by journalist who actually report news…idiot.

  214. Sandra Cook-Aschoff

    Ed Asner is getting so old….his excuse is he can't remember what he said. BAH HUMBUG! But he can remember how to use ugly words and be insulting….Early dementia I think.

  215. Ralph P. Testa

    Asner, as many "famous" left wing folks, is a class-less washed up performer who did not know when to gracefully leave the "stage". whatever happened to Randolph Scott has happened to the industry.

  216. Mark Roberts

    Does Mr. Asner have money? Then he could be a camel and pee on himself. He needs to cool down as do a lot of people who post here. Civil discourse is needed on both the right and the left. Being liberal doesn't mean you can be liberal with hate speech. Being conservative doesn't mean you can be conservative with manners. And being 'famous' doesn't give you the right to be rude and crude.

  217. Ralph P. Testa

    David Long must be a brilliant savant to diagnose two of the most successful TV/radio personalities from so far from Realityville.

  218. Tom Rawling

    The reporter should have let him try to pee. His prostate is the size of delaware and nothing would have happened. Limosine liberal:hes lived his whole life with tons of money and now at 83 he wants to reverse the system.Id call him a classic hypocrite.

  219. Anonymous

    So the cartoon is so correct the media spoken about in the cartoon built by the rich for the rich attacks just like the cartoon has said that they would. This was nothing until FOX NEWS made something out of it. Now that FOX has come out to attack an 83 year old respected actor it makes one question. Why? Why would Fox do this why not just let it die down and push it under the rug? To me nothing will get attacked more than the truth. FOX has opened it's media mouth to speak but in dong so has only made the Teachers Union even more right than they were before FOX opened it's mouth. Besides the urnating part has been removed, I'm sure it was first put in for the SHOCK value that has bated the hook that FOX now dangles from!

  220. Dan Doggett

    "one way christian school"? i have discounted any points you try to make because all christians are foolish idiots.

  221. Anonymous

    It is sad that some of you want Socialism. I grew up in a socialist country, and we did not have personal and economic growth. I moved to the US and more than 20 years ago. My old country abondend the old system while US is paving the way for socialism.

  222. Anonymous

    Must be nice to have all that money THAN say you're a socialist in the country where you made all that money…I'm having a hard time putting BOTH of these together.

  223. Jim Genereux

    This is what is wrong with this country, the story is about the example "Teachers" are sending, of the rich pissing on the poor. You blind fools, both sides here attacking Fox, Reps/Dems, all are missing the point. What message are we sending to the KIDS, if you become rich you to can piss on everyone, so do not strive to be successful? People need to wake up, the greatest generation must look at us in shame. Get over yourselves and look deep into where this nation is going, it is not about YOU. Listen sheep until you realize your 15 seconds of fame ran out long ago and come to common ground your HATE for everything that does not agree with YOU only makes you all look petty and small. Wake up.

  224. Anonymous

    Old and wealthy good combination. Say and do whatever, LOL gotta love Ed Asner.

  225. Anonymous

    I almost peed when I got my free Obama phone and some government cheese.

  226. Robert Ringenberg

    I couldn't even watch the video until the pissing part because of how badly it warps the truth. The video blames everything on the rich – who do bear some blame, but ignores things like the lowering of standards in schools and the government forcing banks to give home loans to people who could not afford them. I love how all these liberals blame the rich when they are RICH THEMSELVES! Every last one of these liberal politicians who denounce the rich ARE RICH! Maybe not to the degree of the corporate fat cats they preach against but definitely a hell of a lot more than the people they claim they represent. As for the actors like Ed Assner who denounce the rich, at least the rich you denounce made their money by doing something more than playing pretend and reading lines someone more intelligent wrote for you.

  227. Brad Drotts

    Jill Grayson Check out these people and tell me who they are. William J. Jefferson, Jim Traficant, Frank Ballance, Mel Reynolds, Walter R. Tucker III, Barbara-Rose Collins, Austin Murphy, Carl C. Perkins, Carroll Hubbard, Mary Rose Oakar, Walter Fauntroy, Dan Rostenkowski, Joe Kolter, Nicholas Mavroules, Albert Bustamante, Mario Biaggi, Robert Garcia, Here let me save you the trouble this is just a small l.
    list of Democrats that where convicted of felonies while in office and the list goes on and on and on so don't give me any democratic goodie two shoe crap both parties suck and they all take for there personal gain.

  228. Thomas P Byrne

    Like either Asner or California teachers care about us, the working class. Excuse me why I split a gut laughing. They are phonies using us for their own purposes. And yes I know, Romney and the GOP don't care either for those of you who aren't especially deep thinkers.

  229. Anonymous

    I too would like to P on FOX News….all of them….think we should have a peeing party…..

  230. Roman Almeida

    Is there any difference between the word "socialism" and the phrase "goverment of the people, for the people, and by the people"?

  231. Anonymous

    The fear-mongering of "socialism"by Repooplickins is hypocritical. Socialism is the basis of Christianity. "Feed the hungry, heal the sick, shelter the homeless…"

  232. David Blackiston

    Funny. FOX complaining about Ed Asners solcialist propagand and they enterupt their 24/7 propaganda to attack and slur an 83 year old man with propaganda. "liberal democrat socialist… not one of us right thinking Americans…" This station calls itself a news channel and that responce was nothing but a pure propaganda smear. The reportor confronted Mr. Asner and they are indignant because he tells the biggest liars in the nation "piss on You". Good for Ed.

  233. Richard A Williford

    I watched the 'cartoon' without prejudice and was mildly amused by the 'message' that they were trying to convey. There is some truth in it, but like all extremist messages it was actually non factual and misleading in its content. If you listen closely you can hear the change of pitch in Ed Asner's voice when 'he' doesn't believe what he is saying. The man is no dummy, but he is a paid actor.

  234. Harry Shapiro

    I'd expect nothing less from Ed "Free Mumia" Asner. The man is a pompous tool.

  235. Susan Lowe

    I think the ad is brilliant. The cartooning is good, Asner's voiceover is entertaining and, most of all, the story is true. I do think that one of the white politicians should have been drawn as brown since Obama has proven to be such a tool of the ultra-wealthy, despite his pre-election demand that the wealthy pay more taxes. In actuality, he had hired Wall Street to run his Treasury and determine his economic policy, ignoring the one person, Christina Romer, who recommended concentrating on the stimulus and effectively addressing the mortgage crisis. To date, not a single Wall Street gambler has been charged for his part in the economic crash and I'm not sure that any are even under investigation. IF they are, the Justice Department is being very quiet about it. The head of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae still has his job despite being unwilling to modify loans and Obama claims that he can't fire him because the Senate won't approve any successor. I'm fairly certain that Obama knows that he can appoint an interim director to run the agency but he has not done that and people holding underwater mortgages have had almost no assistance from the banks who got all the money or from the government who gave the banks all the money with no strings attached. Then, Obama signed the ironically named JOBS bill which allows Wall Street types to solicit investments from small investors without fully supplying those investors with the information that they should have to invest wisely. So, Wall Street won't just be ripping us off through our pension plans, they can get us for our non-pension savings, too.

    That said, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin are two of the most irritating, hyperbolic and untrustworthy individuals on television. I bet they both make a fortune screaming about how they've been victimized.

  236. Anonymous

    All I know is that I want to bang the shit outta Michelle Malkin.

  237. Dwight Olmstead

    Hanaity and Fox. these are the rich and are the problem. Get hanity off the air. He has nothing to offer. they are raising this issur because it is true and the rich are causing the problem. they should pay their fair share. fox is owned by Republoicans and is biased. Don't watch Fox. Get the network off the air.

  238. Shari Keels Lusk

    Whatever your politics and no matter which station asked the questions, Ed Asner's answer was a low-class, crude, vulgar response.

  239. Anonymous

    How can we expect members of congress to get along when we can't. even in a blog like this. Look at all the name calling and hate going back and forth. Piss on you, No wait, piss on you. I guess people think that calling someone else a hateful name is ok, but noboby dares call you anything.

  240. Guet Athian Guet

    Sean Hannity is having an affair with Michelle Malkin? In humble opinion they are. That Little/midget bitch love to rant like hell. Michelle Malkin is an anchor baby from Philippines and she is poor — rich not! Her parent were allowed to stay in the United States because of here. As for bishop Willard Romney of the fake Mormon religion and the world's tax cheats, oh, his parents were on foot stamps…. hehehe.

  241. Anna Reznik

    Labor Unions are thugs and teachers who go out on strike, and leave children, for months without an education DO NOT CARE about children. And who printed out the money and gave it to banks, OBAMA.

  242. Bob Fitzpatrick

    You people in the media talked for months about Lorena Bobbitt cutting her husband's penis off, and you can't even print the word piss without asterisks? Do we live in that much of a politically correct puss society? Just asking…

  243. Scott Cox

    It is amazing to me how many people appear to want a socailist country. Look at socialist countries……don't ruin America please. Your stupidity got Obama back in office. You cannot see numbers apparently. We are doing worse, and there is no logic in the debt ceiling or logic from Obama in reducing debt. The country is heading for disaster, and you are arguing this is good…..without seeing or understanding the decisions made getting us there. You are focused on one percent of people thinking they will take care of 99 percent of the population. The 99 percent need to continue working, but to really start using our brains to make decisions, instead of thinking MSNBC has the answer.

  244. Anonymous

    I'd consider it an honor to piss on all you liberal dufuses. Then make smack you in your brainless heads and tell you to clean it up.

  245. Jerry Rogers

    Check and see if He still goes to the communist of America meetings?

  246. Julie Moskal

    Ed Asner is FABULOUS! He's also smart and SPEAKS HIS MIND-which is an American RIGHT! Republicans like defending American rights, so why all the crying?

  247. Anthony Kaitis

    @Mark Goodrum debating(very well) Hannity and Malkins (absurdly)empty talking points doesn't make him a douchebag, YOUR idiotic demand to cling to the unbalanced/unfair/sickening past makes you an unneeded relic from an embarrasing past. OH and its your miserable, treasonous party talking secession , so take your dumb ass to China.

  248. Curt da Silva

    Truth hurts huh? I would piss on all you fox NOOSE pundits. This cartton is one of the most factual representations ever produced. Watch it again Hannity you might learn something.

  249. Gary Homan

    Try to keep up David, Asner is a self professed communist. The message is truly the way he and obviously millions of others in the Golden State believe. Probably why the state is BANKRUPT. Now who's the dumb ass?

  250. Michael Hughes

    Well the majority of the people spoke this past election! So all I can say is…..OBAMA WON!

  251. Kevin Browning

    Y'all need to look up Socialism.Because Faux News calls it socialism, doesn't mean it's socialism.
    Health care law? That was a Republican, Heritage Foundation idea.Was it called Socialism then? Nope.
    I don't think anyone wants a complete capitalistic society either. A blend is what we have and what we will have.
    Capitalism without limits means 1 winner and the rest losers.

  252. Anonymous

    hey fox , you had it coming, you;re are alway's provoking some one! asner is a man's man and won't be bullied by the likes of you.God bless you, Mr. asner.

  253. Janet Garee Drapalski

    Free Speech….that thing that most people misconsture and throw around the right to have! This is America, you have the right to your opinion and to voice it…you have the right to follow whom you choose, you have the right to debate – sadly our "civilization" has reverted to neanderthal and forgotten how.

  254. Rusty Bennett

    Hannity then invited Fox favorite Michelle Malkin to shriek uninterrupted for almost four minutes straight- I listened and she did not 'shriek' -this leads me to believe the article was written with a bias. I get the humor of the commercial. I do think we should pay teachers and soldiers more than we do, I do think we should pay politicians less. I wonder if the wealthy who advocate these taxes are willing to give up the portion of the income retroactively. It seems that they have already made their money but don't see them offering to give 30 or 40% of their already made money up.

  255. Anonymous

    Asner…the old man has finally rolled off the edge…time to put him out to irrelevant old thespians pasture. right next to the completely useless teachers union pasture, next to the total failure of a california school system pasture..where they can all roll around in hate and envy together.

  256. Anonymous

    I don't see the problem with the video. FOX is getting bent out of shape because somebody told the truth? I vote for sanity over Hannity & his uptight, frigid little reporter witch on any day.

  257. Rusty Bennett

    It would be easy for me to say 'tax the rich more!' if I had more money that I would ever need already and it wasnt to me taxed. Are these people donating the portion that would be taxed now? Or do they pay what they only have to pay?

  258. Dave Lenckus

    What I find intriguiging about this board is the number of people claiming that President Obama is a socialist who is bemt on moving the United States toward that priniciple. This raises the question: Doesn't anyboady know what socialism is? The one area–health care insurance–where the president significantly could have turned the country toward socialism, he didn't. While there was support from some economists and others for nationalizaed health care, the president kept it in the hands of the private sector. This is not the handiwork of a socialist. Where else has he demonstrated socialist tendencies? By asking the wealthy to pay a tax rate that was in force during the heady economic days of the 1990s? No one screamed about socialism then. By the way, those tax rates were lower than they were during the Reagan presidency. Does that mean Reagan was an even more flaming socialist? The point is, if you want to criticize the president, which is your Constitutional right, why can't you be intellectually honest about it? Right now, all of this jabbering about socialism just makes you all look silly, uninformed and the foolish mouthpieces of those who are using the silly and uninformed to advance an economically dangerous agenda.

  259. Tammy Hengst

    At 83 years old are we SURE he has all his facilties? He has done so many Hallmark family movies I used to think he was possibly a Christian? Also thought that of Andy Griffith, years ago he even did at least one Gospel album BUT a movie he did in just the past few years before he died had me questioning his mental status as well? Who knows for sure, I just hope they know Jesus in the end……. Prayers………..

  260. William Jackson

    This is what is wrong with our country today; nobody sits down and tries to compromise or understand another's point of view. Mr. Asner, what you did is shameful and did nothing to further the teachers cause. I have been an educator and now a consultant for 40 years in California and I am ashamed if the CFT would run a commercial like that. What Mr. Asner said to the reporter is disrespectful and if I ever had a student act like that, he would have been disciplined.
    William Jackson, Ph.D.

  261. Jeffrey Harrell

    the only way libTARDS can get anywhere in life is to use thuggery, hatred, envy, class warfare, divide the nation, and collapse the economy. That is the only way libTARDS are happy. I guess it is true, misery LOVES company, and the libTARDS are a bunch of miserable, envious LOSERS And yeah I am directing this message to every oscumma voter out there.

  262. Rich Pulin

    First of all, that Chinese bitch should not hide behind a nice Jewish name like Malkin,
    even though the Malkin in this case is probably a pitiful pussy-whipped putz!
    Next, if people listen to what Ed is REALLY saying, they will correctly hear him trying.
    to 'put-on' the reporter!
    He should have said something a little funnier, like: "Listen, I have a few bucks, may.
    I pee on you?"
    Hannity is a well-documented thug, along with his 'cell-mate' O'Riley!
    Wanna get even? Don't watch this network!
    Boycott Fox!

  263. William Masker

    I used to be an Ed Asner Fan, but nit anymore. I didn't know that he was a Socialist. If the liberals don't like America and the freedoms we have, then move to Egypt and don't try to change the lifestyle that we have enjoyed all of our lives. Sean Hannity is right.

  264. Anonymous

    Hey Hannity thanks for pointing out this obscure video. Loved it, this should be a teaching lesson in every school. Oh by the way, piss-on Fox News. Ha Ha

  265. Robert J Sofranko

    Asssssner is an old has been. who cares what he says or does? Anyone from the broke state of California teachers union need not be listened to anyway. They can all take turns buttering obama's ass for the next four years. Michael "the douchebag" Moron can give them lessons.

  266. Anonymous

    Wow, I'm a union member and I'm would be embarrassed to lay claim to this!

  267. Lizzy Elmer

    So the fact a Fox News Reporter said single mothers are to blame for crime and poverty is ok but this is a travisty?

  268. Anonymous

    Asner, as a person who uses a half package of Depends every day, brings experience and expert credentials to a discussion on urination.

  269. Anonymous

    MSNBC is going to have on an upcoming show (not sure if it is a Rachel Madcow or Chris Mathews show) Asner's visiting nurse, who changes his Depends three times every day. She should be able to give us some insight on Asner and urinaton.

  270. Don Jones

    "There's another old saying Senator: 'Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.'" Fletcher-The Outlaw Josey Wales.

  271. Richard Sieger

    @Mike Freas…Socialism, much like all other "ism"s has many offshoots that take a specific part and twist it…it happen in politics, religion, and (from my experience) marital arguments…TO define it simply, socialism as an economic system is characterized by removing the paradigm of profit from business. Production and ownership is held and controlled by a collective, a co-op, or centralized governing body – as opposed to proprietors or investors. In this system, production is not based on market wants, but rather what is determined to be "social needs". Socialism can be successful in small community format, however what tends to happen is the sacrifice and hard work of a few, supplies the rewards for many. As more and more people realize that they do not have to work hard (because really what is the point of putting forth the effort is the person next to you gets the same result for minimal if any effort, the struct of the socialist community breaks down, and the centralized governing body is forced to broader extremes (delving into fascism) to keep the system from collapsing. If you would like a highly decorated economist opinion on the subject , I refer to to the following link. It is not FoxNews, CNN or MSNBC, as you only get certain parts of the truth from any of those networks…I hope I have fulfilled your request to your satisfaction. Thank you and God Bless…

  272. Jeff Spitler

    That is a good start on Hollywood white liberals but I suggest 90% tax rate on any entertainment field…to include athletes which are millionaires anyway and see how the Left reacts to that!

  273. Cynthia Cincoski

    I remember one of the billionaires, it was a woman, who said that poor people just have to decide to work harder, instead of resenting all the money that they have. Funny because when I was working over 80 hours a week, and for over a month with over time, I was still not making $40,000 a year. I was giving people medications, doing occupational and physical therapy, so yes this was a job that needed skills too. I did feel that was how the "The Trickle Down Theory" really did work but I just didn't know how to put it so well. Thank you Ed Asner for being so succinct! From ONE OF THOSE LAZY POOR PERSONS.

  274. Kenneth Gottlieb

    Fox News is not news. They are the spokespersons for the far right wing of the Republican party. Sean Insaniity does nothing more than read the talking points for the extremists in the Republican party. It's okay to do that but just admit to the truth that that's what Fox News does. I have never heard Hannity or any of the other clowns on that network ever say anything complimentary about any democrat at any time. When W and Cheney were committing war crimes and violating citizens right under the FISA Act with warrantless searches and running up the deficit with impunity no one on Fox News ever criticized them. Michelle Malkin never ranted about the torture policies of the Bush Administration or the economic depression that was caused by Bush. Therefore anything that is said by Fox is not credible.

  275. George Mandel

    What a bunchs scmucks, David — as usual around here!

    And what a heart0warming face on that hippest guy after my father and Curly Klein!

    I haven’t enjoyed Asner so much since he replied to Mary Tyler Moore’s, “Oh, everybody’s afraid of you, Ed?”.
    Asner, “Thank you.”.

    I’m first in line after him, and Hannity knows it.”.

  276. Ronald Alan Cordy

    Ok, I hate to do this, but after reading this someone has got to do it. Pissing on someone is the equivalent of trickle down. Get it, trickle down economics is like pissing down my back and telling me its raining. The people receiving it only get what the pisser doesn't want. Fox news "reporter" ( I use that word for lack of a better one) trying to make you look stupid, piss on her, she sure is trying to piss on you.

  277. Tom Butt

    I thought the cartoon very right-on……..The arrogance of Fox news is beyond the boundries of common sence.

  278. Ed Wall

    Ed Asner is in good company: Jesus also hated the rich and was a socialist. Acts 2:44-45 "and distribution was made to every man according as he had need." It is only in fascists nations and the USA of ignorance that the word socialist is a dirty word. Obama a socialist? Not only are you ignorant you are delusional.

  279. Anonymous

    The Hannity profanity and all of his insanity, No Go Kudnlow of CNBC, CNN , Rush Limbaugh, and all the fat cats, tea party yahoos, Republicans and red neck bumpkins need to be added to the list of those being pissed on. Hooray for Ed Asner.

  280. Anonymous

    I'll admit I'm a Socialist if the Republicans admit they are Satanists.

  281. Anonymous

    Ed Asner is a "truther". He believes GW Bush blew uo the world trade center. That tells you all you need to know about him and his crackpot ideas. I have seen polls that 30% of dems are truthers. I hope it isn't that crazy!

  282. Brenda Gore

    So, this is where we are, in America? REALLY? We have an ACTOR expressing a DESIRE to physically excrete Human Waste on another Human Being and the response is PRAISE, laughter and applause because of a perceived political stand?
    WELL, here’s MY stand: I AM AN AMERICAN! Expressing the desire to denigrate and diminish ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING IN THAT fashion IS UNACCEPTABLE, PERIOD! Far Too many men and women have sacrificed their LIVES for YOUR freedom of speech and this is how you display, Thanks? I genuinely DO NOT care WHAT your political stance is, it doesn’t TAKE a Mental Wizard to recognize that THIS ‘conversation’ IS ABOUT desecrating and violating ANOTHER Human Being! Are you going to cheer and applaud the next RICH FIVE year old when she is RAPED?
    I find it both deplorably SICK and SAD that Americans are endorsing, sanctioning this kind of INHUMANITY to another Human Being. As a people we went after Hitler and others who wanted this kind of SICK, SHAMEFUL, SHOCKING and DREADFUL behavior. For probably the first time in my more than 55 years living in the U.S.A. , I am seriously questioning those in America, in show business, those involved in this ‘conversation’. It reminds me of a time when as an RN I worked in Behavioral Health and I actually walked into a group of male alcoholics discussing the merits of Wife-Beating. The difference between them and you appears ONLY the fact that they KNEW they were sick.

  283. Anonymous

    Flat tax rate is the only answer! That is fair to everyone, it's true that wall street is greedy but honest success should not be punished.

  284. Anonymous

    Is hannity a Satanist? He seems to stand against everything God stands for such as tax cuts for the rich, waterboarding and the rest of the Republican agenda.

  285. Anonymous

    News flash, Mark Goodrum, God is a Liberal , without him you don't breathe or exist.

  286. Anonymous

    Good for Ed, it is about time Fox news and the Tea (Pee) party, and their republican buddies, are pissed on, they have been pissing on American working class for years.

  287. Anonymous

    "Sure you can Ed, if you let me s**t on you first". The man is an idiot AND he's senile…what a joke.

  288. Mitzi Sharbono

    Welcome to Obama's America. Classless, vulgar and disrespectful, just like him.

  289. Norman Brian Whipple

    Morons I love Ed and have his back 24/7 he has always been the peoples advocate! I think fox need a esophic adjustment. In other words I would like to choke the livin shit out of them for messin with a true champion for the people!

  290. Norman Brian Whipple

    Morons I love Ed and have his back 24/7 he has always been the peoples advocate! I think fox need a esophic adjustment. In other words I would like to choke the livin shit out of them for messin with a true champion for the people!

  291. Anonymous

    If fox un-news has a problem with this, you know it an accurate description of reaganism.

  292. Anonymous

    I wouldn't waste my p*** on Faux Noise. My p*** is better than that!

  293. Zack Dänekas

    "held responsible"? what a bunch of bullshit. this is america, and last I checked you can say whatever the fuck you want, and believe whatever the heck you want.

  294. John G Woods

    Ed Asner is a small hateful little man at the end of a misable life. When you live a life of hating you can only imagine what the after life will bring.

  295. Ralph Price

    As usual, using the Alinsky playbook, the liberals make it look like anyone who disagrees with them are sexists, racists, homophobic, wide-eyed fanatics. It has been my observation that if you want to know the real character of a liberal, all you have to do is listen to how they respond to anything that veers from their hard-line left wing agenda. You will notice that they precisely describe their own personal feelings as the fling their over-the-top vitriol.
    My sainted mother taught me, "Consider the source and let the water run" This applies in every case.

  296. Richard Pastor

    yeah for Ed Asner… these two and fox are a bunch of lying idiots who think the American people are so stupid they would believe any thing they regurgitate…. I feel people are fed up with this fake news station and there foreign owner and dumb ass news people that hate the US Government and the hard working people! That we the people just want them to go away or tell the real news please… not every American is a dumb racist hillbilly!

  297. Anonymous

    Funny how the peopel who call anyone and everyone who disagrees with them a socialist don't really know what a socialist is.

    A lot of moderate and center right people don't like being called socialists any more than you far right wingers like being called Uber-Nazis.

    Learn some manners, I won't cal you uber Nazis, but I will call you spoiled little brats who can't have discussion wiothout name calling.

  298. Anonymous

    Asner is an admitted Socialist.
    That said, he isn't a hypocrite like most lefties. He actually pretty much walks the walk (unlike people like Pelosi who has become filthy rich off of insider trading).

  299. Vick Staple

    Hannity is a pure Racist. And Michele Malkin hates her own people. She thinks she is this white blonde, only she hasn't dyed her hair yet……Nuff said.

  300. Anonymous

    The funny part is that everything Ed Asner is saying is true and everything that bullet-head says is not true. Go figure. Fox (Faux News) is a cancer that needs to be cut from the media and thrown into the gutter.

  301. Lib Sangria

    David Long, do you know these two? You are portraying yourself as though you do.
    As for Ed Ashner, I used to really like his work and thought he was a decent person.
    I have since changed my mind. He is not someone I would want my children to watch.
    I for one am sooooo tired of this kind of trash. And certainly it is not ALL put out by the left,
    but the majority is.
    And then you have the likes of this David Long thinking it is all good.
    What is happening to this great country……

  302. Anonymous

    I read these comments and I see hundred of people calling Asner and Obama a socialist or a communist. But clearly none of them have the first inkling of what those words mean. It's very depressing that so many Americans are so uneducated. Most are just regurgitating what has been fed to them by right wing interest groups, like Fox, Ralph Reed and Bush's Brain, Karl Rove. We are all going down the toilet and it's because of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Bill Oh. It's so sad that these people diminished political discourse to a point where it's just stupid people screaming. The people elected a true liberal (Clinton) and the right hasn't stopped squealing since. Mr. Obama is a moderate, by the way. The facts support it.

  303. Penny Anne

    I watched the animation from start to finish and there is no overt depiction of urination. At the point where "trickle down" is mentioned, the rich man is standing on the elevated side of the scales with his back to the screen and it looks like he's getting ready to urinate down on the poor people looking up at him but that's totally a matter of interpretation. At no point in the video is actual urination of rich on poor depicted. This video is totally safe for even the youngest children. Faux News has to foment fear of this video because it's truth makes it dangerous.

  304. Anonymous

    And david you are a s__k a$$ sack of s$%t. I beatch slap your kind on a daily basis…

  305. Anonymous

    I see the hypocrisy michael, you are also a d bag. now do you feel better?

  306. Jeffrey Parker

    Ed Asner is an old socialist filth monger from way back in the day when we stopped paying people like this by making sure they didn't work in a public forum so they could poison our kids with hate spewing rhetoric that produces nothing but emotional backlash that bring attention to the socialist filth but offers nothing in the way of real results that bring a positive ending to the situation. Ed Asner and the other filth who call themselves intellectual and liberals are nothing more than disgruntled humans who got picked on in school or cannot work a real job and need to shock and awe the people with over the top comments because they offer nothing of any substance just like their commie masters. When the last of the china credit is gone and all the whites are broke I wonder what the libbytard commiecrat is going to use to keep making their appeasement payments to their minority voting block and illegal house workers who raise their kids and cook their food? I hope the filth learns to like manual labor, when the country does finally break and people go their seperate ways in the New American Europe I seriously doubt the libbytard commiecrat is going to be the place anyone with half a brain would want to live in. A bunch of over indulged children who never had to work a day in their life tend not to work much or offer much in the way of productive ideas for the masses. Ed could be your new Czar, you can piss on each others backs as a new libbytard greeting in New Russia, or California or whatever you call it.

  307. John Mullins

    Ya know what I see looking over these comments? A bunch of old white guys saying "socialist." followed up by a bunch of more old white guys saying/whining "why didn't romney win!" Not to worry though… every year, the Republican base gets smaller and smaller… mainly as these old white racist douchebags die off lonely and forgotten in a hole someplace.

  308. Anonymous

    Hey Josh, if Fox is dumbing down, in your opinion, it is because they are trying to attract all of you obamaroid low information voters. Coming soon a dumb down app for all you lemmings and your obamaroid phones too!

  309. Matt L'Hommedieu

    I thought we defined ourselves as a nation as to how we treat our "poor and huddled masses" rather than what news network we watched.
    And many people talk about "entitlements", what about the corporate "entitlements" that are out there. Getting a direct tax credit for leasing and oil rig at about 500k a day, then burning it up in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, then writing off the damages on your taxes. And many people are worried about welfare recipients receiving 700 bucks a month. Don't we need to rethink what entitlements "we" are getting?

  310. Anonymous

    Who is Ed Assner, is he one of those old worn out moviestars that will say and do anything to hang on to their 15 minutes of fame? Oh I remember him he played a boss on TV a million years ago, That's about the extent of HollyWoods contribution is a bunch of losers PLAYING to be real people.

  311. John F. Lynch

    Ed Asner admitted to Fox News previously on Fox News that he was a socialist…almost agreed to be a Communist. So how much has he done with his money to help the poor. I think he's just a show business type trying to relive the past…when he was popular…maybe can barely remember his name. The liberals think they can get away with anything….voting for the socialist agendy…crying….help me as I'm hopeless. We need jobs to raise people up…not handouts…sorry now we only have handouts and that's why Obamanism won! You know that!

  312. Earl Brown

    I used to like Ed Azner. Now I realize he's no different than 99% of the champagne socialists from Hollywood. They're the most phony, hypocritical bunch of bastards on the planet.

  313. Rob R Martin

    OOH BOY! I smell a Nursing Home in the future for Asner! MORON!

  314. Steve Haas

    Why does the left hate Fox News? Because they won't fall in line with every other network and report what the State run media wants them to report like good little communists. Therefore, like in any other leftest country they need to be destroyed. Fox News is the only Network that reports on stories the other Networks won't to protect the racist lefties. Look at all the hate the left can spew on a nightly basis on every major Network with out any reprecussions. This is why the American people do not trust the media and most people get there news from the internet, except the left who get's there news from Comedy Central.

  315. Gail Elaine Rose

    And the liberals say that the conservatives are intolerant. By looking at the comments, I would say that the liberals are the most racist, derrogatory, hate filled group ever. Go back to MSNBC and your little socialist entitlement world.

  316. Darlene Gay-Allen

    How did Ed and Hannity fight turn into President Obama as President? What are you all going to do whine the next 4 years as you did in the past? Where were all of this concern 2000-2008? Suck it up and deal with it! We had to and just because no one agrees with your hatred they do not need to leave to go anywhere. Its not your country, it is our and it has been proven! This is the UNITED STATES! Ya'll weak a– statements is a bit redundant and tired!

  317. Heidi Gleize


  318. Kurisu Norlund

    Fox news is so mad at teachers…. Which was one of the points of the video "Hey, look over there!"

  319. Heidi Gleize

    isn't that the way it is….rich pissing on the poor….I see nothing wrong with it…that is what they you to fight about the message instead of listening to it…I don't care who puts out the message it is true…WHY DID THE BANKS GET BAILED OUT AND THE PEOPLE OF SSI GOT A 1 1/2 % RAISE WHICH WAS KNOCKED OUT BY MEDICARE? WHY IS IT THE PEOPLE THAT PAYED THEIR TAXES ON THERE HOUSE GOT EVICTED? MEAN WHILE TIMMY BOY GOT THE HEAD OF THE FED WITHOUT PAYING HIS TAXES. NOW I THOUGHT THE PROPERTY TAX WAS SUPPOSE TO TAKE CARE OF SCHOOLS OR WAS IT TOLL ROADS OR GAS TAX OR RETAIL TAX OR LOTTO TAX…YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF…ALL YOU BONES HEADS CARE ABOUT IS WHO THE SPEECH IS COMING FROM OR WHICH SIDE YOU ARE ON…..may somebody help you to realize to read and learn. let not even talk about your money you put into the fund for SSI. They have raided that lots of times…Now we have to raise taxes why?

  320. Anonymous

    How does trash talk help anybody? Posters here sound like 13 yr olds calling each other nasty names Can't we communicate without being so hateful? On Fox Malkin shrieks while Hannity only shows others screw ups.
    but never Fox 's many smears , 1/2 truths and hyperbole.

  321. Eric Belden

    I never saw anyone piss on anyone in the video. Fox news has lied again. I don't even know why intelligent people watch this garbage.

  322. Anonymous

    I'd like to piss on all the niggers and other idiots who voted for Obama and want us rich republicans to pay for their mortgages, free Obamaphones, wetback babies, etc…

  323. Jennifer McKinney

    Asner is a slug…always has been. He is truly a hasbeen. Typiclal lib.

  324. Christopher Stansell

    Ed's an old commie from way back. He's the kinda guy Joe McCarthy was pointing at.

  325. Susan Moon

    True and I add that Presidents from both parties have made sure Social Security and other so called entitlements are in place. It's just been a real issue since Romney had to dance to the teapartiers that this has even become an issue. During this election the Republican tea party has managed to divid the nation and it is painful to see they have accomplished it.

  326. Michael Trickey

    Assner is a typical Hollywood pervert. Deranged and stupid, a loser who thinks he can lie there way to the truth. Just like all the other socialists on NBC/MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR and PBS. Teachers unions are doing a grave injustice to the students, when they hide behind collective barging for lower test and zero accountability. Anyone who sticks up for them are communists and deserves to be deported Cuba.

  327. Gerry Turner

    The person who wrote this article is probably rich, Ed Asner is rich, the union punks who made the video are rich these "rich" people I just named should be pissed on first and then have their money taking from them and sent to Cuba, Russia, and China! Hypocrites of the first fucking order! Two faced sorry commie bastards!

  328. Bryant Crawford

    Ed Asner is useless garbage, Time for old Ed to Die and go away Hell no doubt is where he's going.

    Same goes for all you knee scraping, knuckle scraping, lib jerks. You don't like our country go move to Russia.

  329. Jonny Vee

    I'd love to piss in Michelle Malkin's Mouth. She probly dates Rush Limbergerbaugh anyway, and you can imagine what he would do.

  330. Lee Raatz

    the poor are already pissing on the middle class , they think anybody who goes to work or builds a business is a sucker to be robbed so the "poor" can have a free ride , Obbama thinks we should only exist to work and be his and the liberal socialists private ATM , where they can piss away our future and give the "poor" our wealth so they don't have to suffer the hardship of having a job.

  331. Kathleen Strausbaugh

    The man is 83 yrs old. He deserves to say whatever the hell he wants to say.

  332. Radioman KansaSitty

    Hannity and his straight-man….running a long editorial…but not mentioning Romney's look down 47 percent. More of a case where the right accuses the left of doing what the right does to (unsuccessfully) hijack a vote. What a rant over an off the cuff joke! Asner nailed it. Will it keep the tea partiers in line? Well, the low IQ voters are, if nothing else, blindly loyal.

  333. June Maisel

    I hate hate hate Fox News and I don't even know what this story is about! Even if I tried I could not watch Fox News. Not even on a dare. They're lying and evil. Do I make myself clear enough?

  334. Bobby Wilson

    yea norm, he's a real class act. let me see, how much did he get for doing that cartoon vid 4 CA. school district?? and he's not my advocate. he's the liberals advocate.

  335. Norman Brian Whipple

    Well he is my advocate we have gone to lunch many times, his treat, and he didn't ask for one dime when he was my special guest at my arm-wrestling tournament at Venice Beach, or for his part in my Charmin commercial. Salt of the Earth. He lives modestly in his home in Ventura.

  336. John Smith

    Lets all pee on Asner, one too many liver spots anyway, drink much, lol.

  337. Rob Robinson

    First off, for everyone who defends one 'fictions' news agency over another, you're all idiots, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, ZNN, whatever stupid letter combination you want to put together, are ALL assholes. They ALL use a script that is designed to favor whatever subject favors the top 1% (read, THEIR OWNERS) and brainwash the simpletons who believe their bullshit into siding with them, so that the lower 99% (part of whom work above the rest, and think that they matter to the top 1%, when they don't) into believing that the top 1% (who don't work for a living, and never go to any board meetings or any bullshit like that) are being persecuted.

    Wake the fuck up people, the ad/cartoon/video, called it 100% on the money, literally. I don't care if they pranced Malkin out buck naked and playing with herself on national TV, the fact of the matter is, the top 1% are upset by this message, because it exposes their behavior to everyone, in terms even a 6 yr old could understand.

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