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Deaths At Alleged Pot Center After Day Of Legalized Marijuana

Deaths At Alleged Pot Center After Day Of Legalized Marijuana

Seattle, WA – Deaths at alleged pots center after one day of legal marijuana. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, marijuana became legal this past week in Washington State and Colorado. , According to, 48 percent of Americans express support for legalizing marijuana. Unfortunately, any celebrations are marred by an attempted robbery ending with two deaths at an alleged pot growing facility just south of Seattle.

The possession of marijuana became legal in Washington State Thursday after voters decided to decriminalize the recreational drug. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, celebrations in Seattle were held underneath the Space Needle Tower. Unfortunately, celebration has turned into mourning as a homeowner was forced to shoot two burglars in front of his nine year old son. But this home might also be an alleged pot center.

The deaths at the alleged pot center showcase one side of the new law. While the law passed in November made it legal to carry and consume marijuana, cultivating and selling the drug outside of medical dispensaries is still a crime. Along with the two masked man found dead on the floor police also found marijuana plants in the attic.

“When you’re engaged in that type of criminal activity, there is an element of risk,” said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department.

As an example of the murkiness of the new laws if you were to go buy marijuana from a street vendor the marijuana itself is legal but the act of selling it is not. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Seattle sent out a statement Wednesday reminding residents that pot is still illegal under federal law and cannot be brought onto federal property.

“Regardless of any changes in state law, including the change that will go into effect on December 6th in Washington State, growing, selling or possessing any amount of marijuana remains illegal under federal law,” the memo from U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan said.

The deaths at the alleged pot center may give further incentive to Obama and the Justice Department for starting to take legal action in Washington State. What do you think about the legal usage of recreational marijuana?

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30 Responses to “Deaths At Alleged Pot Center After Day Of Legalized Marijuana”

  1. Rick Mason

    Don't equate this calamity with the norm of medical marijuana. Most(99.9%) of activities surrounding the medical marijuana culture are safe and non-violent. It is only when someone decides to make money off what is intended to be a non-profit enterprise. The people who lost their lives did so because they were there to steal someone else's property…period. There is no scientific evidense that cannabis causes any psychotic or criminal behavior, or harms people in any way. It is sad that far too many people who can't, or won't think for themselves will equate this tragedy with the rhetoric of the anti-medical marijuana efforts and try to use it as proof that "pot" is dangerous. Pot is not dangerous…..people are, especially ignorant people.

  2. Aaron Rodriguez

    Pft the thefts were centered specifically because of the pot? I smell sensationalized journalism.

  3. Brian Smith


  4. Brian Donaty

    A very bad start to the legalizing process of marijuana for other states!

  5. Robert Gamble

    The only thing this has to do with cannabis is the house had some hidden in the attic. Nothing about anybody else knew about it, just dead thieves and thieves also steal things from people that do not even use cannabis. Just more government invasion of the privacy of a home and not doing their job.

  6. Tyler Beisch

    are you serious? the fact that you or anyone else thinks that this is a bad start for the legalization process for any other state are wrong. ill put it this way we the voters decide and if you are under the impression that this incident is a bad start have no brain to think for themselves. 1. if it was grown in someones house in an attic hidden that does not make it a dispensary. it could simply be that guys personal use. 2. Most likely the criminal's who burglarized this poor mans home probably have no clue there was weed in the attic. 3. Even if they knew it was up there raiding that house would require more than two people. A. someone whose hiding those plants is going to excersize his or her right to bear arms. B. it was in his attic which you most likely would have had to walk by homeowners bedroom to get to it. C. If the criminals were there and knew it was up there they would have made better plans. This article is pure socialistic journalism. how many drunk drivers kill people on a daily basis? even with all these drunk drivers killing people you dont see journalist writing about making the federal government crack down on it. I would be willing to bet my entire life savings that alcohol kills more people than weed.

  7. Brian Donaty

    Look here cuz, I am a pothead period, I don't drink alcohol, and feel like alcohol should be illegal, this happening is ammo for these fuckhead government officials to make an excuse for why it should not be legalized, you can keep your alphabet list to yourself, I see another reason why politicians are going to make an excuse not to legalize it, thats all I am saying, and according to recent studies its a proven fact alcohol kills more than weed. Get your facts straight with anything that is on here, at most your in your early 20's and don't, nor have had any real life experiences to base this on, I have been through the shit and am still going through it. Try looking at all aspects of this and not just so you can smoke weed leagally. Either way, if the feds want to, they will go in and arrest anyone of them for doing/ selling something that is illegal under federal laws!!!

  8. Chase Bowen

    This is what I do not understand. Even though it is now legal, there are still people out there who feel the need to cause mayhem and take what they want. This should NOT reflect the new law or the medical marijuana community as a whole.

  9. Anonymous

    This start is nothing to get your panties in a twist over.We the people want pot to be legal! There are going to be people who don not agree, that`s ok, just keep going and smile…

  10. Jack Dunn

    if medical pot was free then it would be a good thing..crime and drugs go hand and hand..face the reality of more violence…

  11. Tony Haradon

    Washington has not approved of ANY home growing operations so this was definately NOT an alleged geow center. It was an ILLEGAL grow operation in someones attic. It was probably broke into by a "customer" who knew the "grower" had the plants after they had made a few transactions. This is usually the case in drug deals gone bad. Again the anti- legalization groups and media are painting a very BIASED opinion of the story, in order to make a system and idea in its infancy look bad. The facts of the story are this: Man grows pot illegally, man has son around said illegal pot, another man breaks in to steal the pot and gets killed doing so. The thief (if he was an imminent danger to the man or boy) got what he deserved, but the father should still be arrested for possession, illegal growing AND child endangerment.

  12. Anonymous

    Should we blame the banks when their robbed or shut down school because of school shooting. Unfortunately their are criminals out their but blaming the victim just shows ignorance!

  13. Eric Bogenschneider

    Sensationalist article and headline. It should say, "Two burglars shot trying to rob man's home."

  14. Codie Fortune

    Here we go with false information trying to scare people. I once heard a guy broke into a house for beer and cig money he raped the home owner and killed her when it made the news no one was quick to pull beer and cigs. What about bank robbers or people who rob liquar stores for lottery tickets beer or cigs. THEFT IS EVERYWHERE WHERE THERE IS MONEY THERE WELL BE A PERSON WHO IS TRYING TO GET IT.

  15. Ryan Cunningham

    “When you’re engaged in that type of criminal activity, there is an element of risk,” said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department. No sir, you're wrong. They did not try to rob the store because it was selling marijuana. They weren't trying to kill the man because he was a drug dealer they. They tried to rob the store because they wanted money.

  16. Barbara Richards

    I don't support it. Whatever excuses people make to smoke it is just that, excuses. How can you function after you've smoked it? I tired it and I wanted to curl up into a fetal position until the feeling passed. Pot makes you HIGH. So does drinking but we've been drinking since the beginning of time. We haven't been smoking pot since the beginning of time. Getting high makes you stupid and slow. Cheech and Chong man. Those two were so stupid when they were high that they were idiots. Nothing is important when you're stoned. I'd fire an employee of mine if I found out they smoked pot before work and during work. Just like I would if they came to work drunk because that sums up a pot head. They can go from zero to 60 in 2 seconds after smoking a few hits. With drinking you can pace yourself and actually function. Pot is an escape for those that either don't want to deal with the present or their futures.

  17. Ben Cross

    This is not a calamity. If the homeowner had been shot, that is a calamity. This is a GOOD thing. 2 more criminals off the streets. Too bad the kid had to see it, but hey, Dads a hero.

  18. Barbara Richards

    That's awesome Codie. Let me be the first to say that you rock!

  19. Camron Romero Postiglione

    sometime I think people enjoy being stupid, they deserve to be dead.

  20. Barbara Richards

    Rick? Pot is dangerous. It makes people STUPID. Pot is an agenda compiled by the children of the 60's. I live in a town that is full of draft dodging hippies. They went to college for teaching to avoid war. Then they became successful while others fought for our rights in our country and they began farming pot. Whatever. Stupid is as stupid DOES.

  21. Anonymous

    Barbara Truax-Richards? What dark room have you been living in and who has been feeding you that liar's B.S.? I am a 100% Disabled American Veteran from that very generation of which you speak and I saw more people who were in the military that smoked weed than I ever saw before I joined up while having a lottery number of 350 by the way (I had no worries of being drafted). Weed allows me to treat my pains without all those addictive drugs the Veterans Hospital prescribed me for pain for so many decades. I am healthier to day because of weed and not in spite of it.

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