Amber Portwood and Matt Baier at the MTV Movie Awards 2015

Amber Portwood Says, ‘I Will Not Marry Matt Baier!’ And Admits He Stole $30,000 From Her

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier’s relationship has been nothing if not tumultuous, and the Teen Mom OG star recently hinted that the pair were never getting married.

The reality star has had second thoughts about marrying Baier since the day he proposed to her. They have already put their wedding on hold once, and it seems like the pair have put their wedding on hold, or called it off entirely.

Last month, it was reported that Matt and Amber finally split after rumors surfaced that he had several side chicks while they were in a relationship together. Amber Portwood has admitted several times over that she doesn’t trust her man, which is obviously a big red flag for a marriage, and made him take a lie detector test to see if he had cheated or thought about cheating her since he was caught with his last cheating incident.

Media outlets reported that Matt had failed the lie detector test, and since they pair were in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie and TV Awards when he failed the test, Amber sent him packing and told him to be out of their Indiana house by the time she returned from her vacation.

Amber Portwood, however, later insisted that Matt had really passed the lie detector test and posted the results online for everyone to see. But several people insisted that she had faked the results and purchased them from a company that sells lie detector test results.

On the newest episode of Teen Mom OG, the sneak peek reveals that Amber told Matt at one point that she would never marry him. She said that she would lie to the press about their relationship for now, but that the pair would not walk down the aisle nor live as man and wife.

In the clip, Amber Portwood tells Matt that he should probably watch what he says when he’s got his microphone on and accuses him of being ignorant. And although Matt seemed upset that Amber no longer wanted to be his wife, just a couple of episodes ago, he was calling her a psycho and saying he would never marry her either.

According to insiders who were at the recent Teen Mom OG reunion filming, Amber Portwood admitted to the audience that she and Matt were no longer engaged, and she wasn’t sporting her usual engagement sparkler. However, she did say that she thought they would be back on track soon enough.

This week, however, seems to have been a make or break one for Amber Portwood and her beau. Matt Baier and Amber were supposed to show up to a book signing and Matt was a no-show at the last minute. Amber Portwood claims she was told it was cancelled and was extremely angry at Matt for lying to her about it. In response, she has promised her fans that she will do a free event and even giveaway some of her books to make up for what happened.

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She recently did a live Q&A with her fans where she hinted that she and Matt were no longer seeing one another. Although she didn’t outright say anything to confirm or deny their status, she did say she wanted more children when she found the right guy, insinuating that Matt Baier wasn’t it.

Amber Portwood also revealed to her audience that at one point, Matt stole $30,000 from her and blew it all gambling, and that she forgave him for it. However, Amber Portwood may have run out of second chances now, and it is possible Matt is no longer in the picture at all.

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