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Gun Found Inside Frozen Meat By Supermarket Employee

Gun In Frozen Food

Roswell, NM – A supermarket employee recently discovered a handgun inside a package frozen food, according to NBC News.

An Albertsons employee was unwrapping a shipment of meat from a packing plant in Colorado when he discovered the firearm and seven rounds of ammunition. The man later brought the gun to the folks at the Roswell Police Department.

“The big cases of meat come in a box,” explained department spokesperson Sabrina Morales. “When he opened it, he saw the firearm. It wasn’t packaged inside with the meat, but it was in the same box.”

WCSH reports the supermarket employee cleaned the firearm before bringing it to the police department. Unfortunately for authorities, this will make tracing the gun much more difficult.

Morales remarked that, while finding a firearm in some frozen meat is disturbing enough, the date printed on the package was also cause for alarm. Reports indicate the food was originally packaged back in 2011.

“The other part that’s disturbing is the date on the package was June 8, 2011. I don’t know how long meat stays well-frozen, but that was the date of the package he was opening,” she said.

According KRQE, Sargeant Jim Preston of the Roswell Police Department said that he hasn’t heard of an incident quite like this in 13 years on the force. In fact, Preston revealed that firearms rarely make an appearane in his neck of the woods.

“We could speculate on a lot of things,” he said in regards to the gun’s origins. “It could have been someone just dropped it there, or it could have been something that someone put it there trying to hide it for 100 different reasons.”

Since no one in the area has reported a missing gun, Preston said the next step in the process is to enter the serial number into the National Crime Information Center database. However, it could take weeks before the department will receive the results.

For now, the gun found inside a package of frozen meat will remain a mystery.

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12 Responses to “Gun Found Inside Frozen Meat By Supermarket Employee”

  1. James Byrd

    Should have never cleaned it . More than likely the person did not know any better. Also any could have made the same mistake

  2. Mark A.Stoughton

    What is really scary is that a police officer said cleaning the gun would make it harder to trace. Not unless you cleaned off the serial number, which would take a lot, I mean a lot, of polishing, or cleaning with a grinder. Cleaning may have destroyed trace evidence but not the ability to trace the gun. And if this gun was packaged, most likely it was wiped clean.

  3. Don Juanto


  4. David Zanke

    …(meanwhile, back in 2011 in a meat packing house):
    "Look out! That cow has a gun!"
    "Grab her!"
    ( 5 meat packers wrestle w/ the cow, the gun goes off, the meat packers push the cow over a railing where it falls to it's death in an industrial meat grinder).
    (… in today's news, 5 heroic meat packers overpower mad cow brandishing weapon. One of the workers said 'The only thing more dangerous than a piece of meat is meat with a piece').

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