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Obama Adviser David Axelrod Shaves Mustache, Companion Of 40 Years [Video]

David Axelrod before and after mustache

President Obama adviser David Axelrod, who has worn one of the most famous mustaches in politics for nearly 40 years, shaved his legendary lip-warmer Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Axelrod, Obama’s senior strategist and the most visible architect of the president’s 2012 election campaign, placed a bet to raise more than $1 million for epilepsy research for a nonprofit run by his wife, Susan (the couple’s daughter suffers from epilepsy).

Axelrod shaved off his mustache live on Friday.

“There are people who have lost a lot more than to a mustache to epilepsy – 50,000 people a year lose their lives,” Axelrod said as his mustache was shaves. He appeared on Morning Joe with his wife, Susan, and hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

Axelrod originally placed a bet with Scarborough that he’d shave his mustache if President Obama lost Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania in the November election. The president ended up carrying those states, but Axelrod’s mustache went back on the chopping block for his wife’s organization, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy.

President Obama and Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner, contributed $200,000. George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and others donated to see Axelrod’s mustache shorn, and even Donald Trump donated $100,000.

“It took David’s mustache to bring Donald Trump and President Obama together,” Willie Geist noted.

“I’ve been staring at it for 40 years, Savannah. I’m very attached to it,” Axelrod told Today host Savannah Guthrie. “I was up all night, to be honest with you. It’s a little unsettling, but like I said, people have lost a lot more than a mustache.”

Now if only Trump would take Cuban’s offer to shave his head for a generous charity donation.

Here’s video of David Axelrod’s mustache being shaven off. How does he look?

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  1. Robert Tout

    And I was 'sposed to recognize him as whom, before he shaved his mousstache? Davidl Axlerod. Hmmm, ah, no. Is he Axl Rose's daddy or something?

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