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Lindsay Lohan Sells Designer Wardrobe To Second Hand Store

Lindsay Lohan Drama

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly selling her designer wardrobe to a second hand store in an effort to raise money for her numerous legal woes, according to the Daily Mail.

Since the Liz & Dick star has encountered a large number of costly problems as of late, the actress is rumored to be a little short on cash. In an effort to put some money back into her bank account, Lohan is allegedly selling her wardrobe to a second hand shop.

Radar Online explains the actress has been sending her 18-year-old sister to the popular Los Angeles store Wasteland to sell some of her unwanted clothes.

During a recent encounter with the staff at aforementioned second hand shop, Ali Lohan wasn’t exactly thrilled with the amount offered for Lohan’s goods. When all she was given was a few dollars for the designer articles, witnesses said Lindsay’s sister became enraged.

“Thirty dollars for these? They cost $700!” Ali reportedly exclaimed. “This is ridiculous! These have to be worth more, Lindsay was photographed wearing them, that has to add value.”

Apparently clothing once worn by the troubled actress doesn’t fetch very much money anymore. If that’s the case, Lindsay Lohan may not get very much money for the items remaining inside her closet.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the Mean Girls star has encountered her fair share of trouble over the past few weeks. In addition to getting into a brawl inside a New York City nightclub, Lohan recently had her bank account seized by the IRS.

To add insult to injury, Lohan’s comeback flick Liz & Dick wasn’t very well received by critics and celebrity Twitter users alike. The actress was rumored to be extremely upset about the picture’s reception.

Are you a fan of Lindsay Lohan? Do you believe the actress is selling her designer wardrobe to a second hand store to fund her legal defense?

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15 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Sells Designer Wardrobe To Second Hand Store”

  1. Tom Ferris

    Lohan should go away, she is a terrible actress. She had her 15 minites of fame, now, go away and don't come back. How anyone would pay her for anything is beyond me. She should room with the Kardashians.

  2. Anonymous

    This poor girl is in need of help but she will not seek it.I feel sorry for her.

  3. Jesse Baker

    Lousy Lindsay, bad actress, doesn't look good naked, and is a horrible role model of any sort…..

  4. Allen Brown

    for the benfit of mankind the lohan and kardashians familys should be sent to that city in what vevr state jerry gor all his tv stars from and lock the gate on them and never let them breed again.

  5. Anonymous

    Did she include a quart of Lysol and a fumigation team with her clothes?

  6. Anonymous

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    six months but last month her pay check was $13627 just working on the computer for a few hours.
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  7. Larinda Essary

    Lindsay Lohan is an amazing actress far more than 15 minutes a fame. She was a child when she started working. EVeryone is to hard on her. She has screwed up parents that want to live off her.

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