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Jessica Alba Pregnant? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

Jessica Alba Pregnant

Although recent rumors suggested that actress Jessica Alba was pregnant with her third child, this may not be the case. Hopefully this news won’t completely ruin your day.

According to E! Online, the Machete star has attempted to squash reports that she was expecting yet another tiny bundle of joy. Instead of issuing a lengthy statement, Alba simply told the celebrity news website that she wasn’t pregnant.

Apparently the rumor starting catching fire after the folks at the National Enquirer reported that Alba was pregnant with her third child. An anonymous source who claimed to be close to the actress decided to unofficially spread the good word.

“Jessica couldn’t be happier. She’s absolutely beaming,” the “close pal” explained. “She knows she’ll have her hands full chasing after three kids while balancing her acting career and running a new company, but she just can’t wait to be a mom again.”

The source also dished on what Alba’s husband Cash Warren had to say about the pregnancy. Apparently he feels his family won’t be “complete” until they’ve had a boy. Since the actress shot down the other rumor, I wouldn’t put too much faith in that statement either.

When Jessica Alba isn’t battling rumors and dodging questions about her alleged pregnancy, the actress still finds time to make a few movies. Alba is currently attached to the upcoming sequels Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Both films are tentatively scheduled for release next year.

Not content with conquering the world of film, the busy mother of two is also slated to release her first book next year. The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You, the actress’ own take on healthy living, will arrive in bookstores on March 12, 2013.

Were you hoping that Jessica Alba was pregnant with her third child?

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2 Responses to “Jessica Alba Pregnant? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet”

  1. Anonymous

    I have no problem with celebrity gossip and such, but sweet mother of God who sits around wishing & hoping that a celebrity they don't even know who already has two children will get pregnant again? It's one thing to follow the lives of famous people and/or live vicariously through them a bit, but unless one is doing the impregnating, one would have to pretty lonely & miserable to "get their hopes up" so high about this particular thing that they'd actually be disappointed if it didn't happen. I love babies. I love celebrities. I certainly have no problem with Jessica Alba. And if she wants another child, great. I wish her success in that endeavor. But honestly, I can't imagine becoming so emotionally invested in it that the news that it hasn't happen yet would somehow cause me despair.

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