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Ghostbusters 3 Update: Dan Aykroyd Interview Talks Sequels

Ghostbusters 3 Update: Dan Aykroyd Interview Talks Sequels

Ghostbusters 3 might still get the green light by Sony Pictures according to Dan Aykroyd. The third film is still following the long rumored plot that has our Ghostbusters heroes entering a Manhattan transformed into Hell. Aykroyd even mentions the possibility for Ghostbusters 4 plans, but of course Ghostbusters 3 still needs to get approved, funded and produced.

According to Esquire, Ghostbusters series co-creator Dan Aykroyd believes that despite all delays in trying to create a third film after 20 years has passed since the last sequel that there is still a large chance we’ll see it happen. He claims the franchise’s producers have agreed on a screenplay draft and are “closer than we’ve ever been” to making the film. And it would take everybody straight to Hell:

“Man-hell-ttan, and the Ghostbusters in hell, would be so solid, but we gotta get maybe one or two made before that. But, oh, wow… I wrote that with Tom Davis, my writing partner, recently deceased, who wrote Coneheads with me and stuff on Saturday Night Live. There’s classic Tom Davis lines and funny stuff in there, really it’s probably the most humorous of all the Ghostbusters scripts that have generated in that last little while. But we’ll put the humor into this next one. It’s gotta be funny, or it’s not worth doing. It can be scary, it can be Ghostbusters, it can be the new franchise, the new people, but if it’s not funny … Wait a minute, it started as a comedy. Let’s make sure there’s laughs and no laugh unturned and that we really make that our priority, to make it funny and exciting, but mainly funny.”

Sounds like Aykroyd wants a trilogy, not just Ghostbusters 3. Might as well shoot for the stars considering the jam they’re in. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the largest speed bump in getting this movie out the door is Sony’s financial woes and Bill Murray refusing to participate, meaning that the character Peter Venkman will likely not be in the script.

Aykroyd claims he no longer needs Bill Murray’s permission to make Ghostbusters 3:

“[Bill Murray] abrogated his rights by sort of, by saying, two years ago he said, ‘I don’t want to be involved,’ and the picture company I think had some clause in there that if he actually passed on the third of fourth offer, he no longer has a view of the franchise,” Aykroyd asserted. “Had Billy chosen to do the Eisenberg/Stupnitsky script of two years ago, it would be out this summer, and it would be a massive hit. If Billy had said yes, it would have satisfied his … performing skill and how he wanted to be depicted in the movie.”

The current draft for Ghostbusters 3 has Dan Aykroyd and co-star Harold Ramis handing over the ghost trap to the next generation of Ghostbusters. At this point, does anyone think Ghostbusters will ever be made into a final movie?

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15 Responses to “Ghostbusters 3 Update: Dan Aykroyd Interview Talks Sequels”

  1. Alan Juarez

    I am THE BIGGEST FAN of the Ghostbuster's franchise. When I was five years old I got accepted into this pretty prestigious private school by drawing Venkman and Egon equipped with their proton-packs and overalls. I got the highest score on that freaking entry exam too. Oh how I would love to be cast as one of the Ghostbuster's.

  2. Brian Bean Bates

    If bill murray wont do this movie then I say he is a DICK, do it for the fans, not your fucking pocketbook Murraystien! Both were great films, keep that tradition going Bill "DICK" Murray.

  3. Diane Stout

    Yes Scott, are you the spelling police? Who cares? And they spelled the word like that on purpose if you'd care to understand the whole article. If all you can do is bash everyones spelling maybe you best not comment on anything. Nobody likes the SPILLENG POOLIEEECE. HAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Kent Clark

    Im gonna go with he was being sarcastic. Way to jump to conclusions lady. You dont even know that guy. For all we know, he could be just a jokster in person, and sarcasm is usually all part of that. Have a sense of humor and relax, its friday!

  5. Kent Clark

    Also i dont know what is worse, someone being the spelling police, or those whining about someone being the spelling police.

  6. Michael Wright

    I want to see a new GB(3) movie be made. I will miss Bill Murray's character Peter V., and I don't know if the movie will.
    be as good without him, I wish Mr. Murray would change his mind. Bill if you read this please reconsider.

  7. Brendan Prebo

    No, actually the author did misspell Manhattan accidently as "Manhatten" in the first paragraph, not just as "Man-hell-ttan," in the third paragraph, which is obviously misspelled and mispronounced on purpose. But what do you expect from a site called "The Inquisitr?" What, are we running out of e's?

    But, I think the bigger point is that we need a Ghostbusters 3 without Bill Murray about as much as we needed a Blues Brother 2000 without John Belushi.

  8. Jonathan Anderson

    I first caught wind of GB3 in 1996, it is undoubtedly now the longest movie to ever be stuck in 'development hell' and probably has a record number of rewrites. In that time, Bill Murray's career has been: fake spy, American living in Japan, orange animated comic cat, and a father in a sleepy island town with a couple of mischievous kids. It's clear he wants his career to passively die, and a shame he didn't jump back on the Ghostbusters wagon years ago.

  9. Patrina Chamney

    Bill Murray's career is fine. And he's playing FDR (quite well, it appears from the trailer) in a new film, "Hyde Park on Hudson." It opens today, in fact.

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