Burglar Christopher Lance Moore Called 911 Himself Rather Than Face An Armed Homeowner

Bungling Burglar Dials 911 Himself Rather Than Face Armed Homeowner

A burglar caught in the act called 911 and reported his own crime because he was afraid the homeowner was going to shoot him.

According to Dallas News, James Gerow of Springtown, Texas discovered 41-year-old Christopher Lance Moore attempting to rob his home on Tuesday around midnight.

Though late at night, Gerow, quickly took control of the situation and apprehended Moore with a hand pistol.

Moore managed to get out of the house and reach his pickup, but Gerow and his stepson were able to prevent him from leaving by taking Moore’s truck keys and blocking his getaway with their car.

By Gerow’s own admission, he then told his stepson, who was holding a separate shotgun, that, if Moore got out of the truck, he should “shoot him in the legs.”

A panicked Moore decided on the lesser of two evils and proceeded to dial 911 to ask for help.

“I’m out in the country somewhere. Some guy’s got a gun on me,” Moore told the emergency operator .

He added:

“He’s going to come shoot me.”

Moore’s 911 call can be heard here.

Shortly after the 911 call was logged, Deputies arrived on the scene and questioned Moore as to what he doing inside Gerow’s house.

“Just unlucky, I guess,” replied Moore, before telling the police that he had “bad intentions.”

Moore was subsequently taken into custody — where he remains — and booked on a charge of “Burglary of a Habitation.” Bond has been set at $35,000.

For his part, Gerow told deputies that in reality he’d decided fairly early on during the incident that he wouldn’t shoot Moore when he realized the bungling burglar “wasn’t thinking clearly.”

One for the gun lobby?