Bus Driver Turns In $500,000 Found In Lost Luggage

What would you do if you find a half million dollars? An Austrian bus driver recently turned in €390,000, or over $500,000, that he found in a piece of luggage left behind on the bus.

Transit authority spokeswoman Anna-Maria Reich said that the bus driver turned the bag over to police after finding a pile of neatly stacked 500-euro bills inside. The cops were able to track down the owner of the bag and returned the $500,000 to an unidentified elderly woman.

According to Boston.com, the driver was awarded with a firm pat on the back from Austrian officers. The unidentified woman has not contacted the bus driver to offer him an award.

Would you expect a reward after turning in a large sum of money? A cab driver in Singapore was given an undisclosed cash sum for returning more than $900,000. A woman in Maine was given a small reward, and a hug, after returning $11,000 she found in a bag at Macy’s.

The Associated Press reports that the bus driver found the money stuffed piece of luggage last month. Authorities do not know why the woman had so much cash on her.

What would you do if you found $500,000?