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State Trooper Fired For Using Ebonics In Reports

State Trooper Ebonics

Pittsburg, PA – An African-American state trooper was reportedly fired for using Ebonics in his police reports, according to The Associated Press.

29-year-old William Peake explained that he was fired at the end of his 18-month probationary period because he didn’t correctly fill out his reports. Peake’s lawsuit explains his bosses falsely accused him of using Ebonics when penning official documents.

“It’s a complex problem,” attorney James Logan explained. “Here you have a guy who did very well at the training academy and wanted to be a state police officer more than anything; he just burned to do it.”

Logan added that being fired from his position as a state trooper has made it difficult for Peake to find other jobs within the law enforcement field. Should he win the case, the former state trooper wants to be reinstated to his position and reimbursed for lost wages.

According to the Times Online, the federal lawsuit states that Peake was treated more harshly than his co-workers due to his race. The troopers stationed at the Uniontown barracks are predominantly white.

“There’s an emotional distress component that comes into this as well,” Logan said. “He comes from a family of police officers. For him to be terminated from a job like this, it’s embarrassing to him.”

During the last few months of his time with the Pennsylvania State Police, Peake was removed from the road and placed at a desk. Although the notice of his termination stated that Peake possessed a “lack of solid job knowledge and basic skills,” his attorney doesn’t feel his client was given a chance to prove himself.

“The last bit of time in his employment, he had been restricted to desk work,” Logan said. “How is that giving him an opportunity to perform his job?”

What do you think about the state trooper who was fired for reportedly using Ebonics in his reports?

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91 Responses to “State Trooper Fired For Using Ebonics In Reports”

  1. Daniel Adams

    Another dumbass black man that cant hold a job, blacks always have to try to be different. Pull up your pants shut your mouth and do your job why is that so difficult for them? Dumb ape

  2. Anonymous

    put them on a nuclear sub and have obama as a captain and blow the fucker up!

  3. Mike Clark

    If he never learned to write proper english then he probably missed other skills needed to perform the job. Of course makes it about race instead of lack of skills.

  4. George Shanaman

    If we expect foreign immigrants to learn English, is it too much to expect our native born role models to speak and write properly? They influence everyone they come into contact with. What does it say to our children when they hear a police officer use Ebonics. It says it's okay to sound like they don't need an education. How would people react if that officer wore his uniform belt below his butt? There is a standard of proper behavior that people in authority have to follow if they want to keep their jobs.

  5. Anonymous

    If he never learned to write proper english, then why was he acccepted into the police force.My brother tried 5 times at the Seattle Police Academy and even though he finished in the top twenty, thanks to affermative action, he was passed over for a minority! So don't give me that crap about not knowing proper english!

  6. J.r. Chiddister

    When you type up your report it has to be able to stand up in court, be grammatically correct, and have no spelling errors. Ebonics missuses grammer and the spelling of words. How could it hold up in court?

  7. Anonymous

    He never axed a fellow officer how to fill the reports out correctly?

  8. Anonymous

    Do blacks want to be different or circumstances force them to grapple with difference based on color of skin?…You're so stone cold stupid that you're lost on knowing that there are apes with skin color that can be characterized to be close to your cherished skin color…That is, you could also be an ape if skin color is your measure as implied in your gibberish — being black doesn't make one an ape…There are idiots in every race and you've just demonstrated yourself that you're one of a kind…You're such an imp, thousand pigs piss on your maggot-filled skull…

  9. George Taylor

    Crimminals get off because of miss spelled words all the time. The last thing you want is someone filling out reports that can't spell simple words correctly…

  10. Anonymous

    What about all the other people who got in their first few tries. If he got passed over five times I doubt it was, because of affirmative action alone.

  11. Daniel Cordova

    Without some examples- I can't really comment on the use of Ebonics. However, I do find it interesting that at PSU- a white male could have molested several boys at his home over several years, while the idolized Joe Paterno and other school officials looked the other way. This and the Chi Omega girls posing as Mexican pot smoking bandits strikes me as that y'all are some prejudiced white trailer trash, and you ought not throw rocks when you're living in a glass house. Firing someone for using Ebonics, but being in denial about the actions of some prominent local Pennsylvania folks just stinks. Y'all's state stinks of bigotry.

  12. Vince White

    dogbey_99 Not being able to read and write english is what made this idiot look like an ape. Not skin color…….your the dumb ass racist bitch !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mike Clark

    Dog, I agree with the fact that Dan is an idiot but I completely disagree on any excuse you may give this police officer for not learning proper written english when attempting to do a job where it is needed.

  14. Anonymous

    Most of your comments are ignorant if you ask me. This article does not give enough information about what was written by the state trooper. Second what is Ebonics anyway, using the word "gonna?" We all do that. And to miss affirmative action- not only do agencies not disclose when they use this much needed policy, but you didn't even spell it right. If your brother spells like you then that is probably why he didn't get hired. Yes people, blacks can be smarter than whites. And unfortunately racism is still a big issue in the workplace and society alike. SAD.

  15. Mike Clark

    I don't remember seeing in any posts where Sandusky, Paterno or the girls in the picture were given a free pass or mentioned at all. If you can't learn to write proper english then you need not apply for jobs requiring it and many do. To use race as a reason is nuts and makes him and by your "white trailer trash" comment, you, the racist.

  16. Michael Stephens

    Withiout examples of the use of ebonics in this guy's reports, there is no room for anyone to comment on this story — all you morons who have already done so prove your own intellectual failings, and nothing else.

  17. Anonymous

    "grammar" is the correct spelling, and that will definitely hold up in court!

  18. James Mcgurk

    Repub Lying Ryan used "gonna" at least five times in an interview. Doesn't bode well or Wisconsin.

  19. Charles L. Rice

    What is truely Ebonics? The english language is a melting pot of other languages. Words like Okay,Banana, banjo, basenji, bongo, bwana, chigger, chimpanzee, cola, coffee, dengue, fandango,
    gnu, goober, gumbo, jambolaya, jamboree, jazz, jive, jumbo, juke, kwanzaa, impala, marimba,
    mamba, meringue, mumbo jumbo, okra, safari, sambo, tango, tse tse, trek, voodoo, yam, zebra,
    zombie all are African or slang or whatever you want to call it…

  20. Charles L. Rice

    What is truely Ebonics? The english language is a melting pot of other languages. Words like Okay, Banana, banjo, basenji, bongo, bwana, chigger, chimpanzee, cola, coffee, dengue, fandango,
    gnu, goober, gumbo, jambolaya, jamboree, jazz, jive, jumbo, juke, kwanzaa, impala, marimba,
    mamba, meringue, mumbo jumbo, okra, safari, sambo, tango, tse tse, trek, voodoo, yam, zebra,
    zombie all are African or slang or whatever you want to call it…

  21. Russ Brooks

    If you refuse to use proper language and spelling while composing professional law enforcement documents, then how in the world can anyone consider that you are a professional? If you write like a jerk or an uneducated fool, then you should NEVER be wearing a badge of any kind, not even to be a dog catcher!

  22. Mike Clark

    Sine you replied I assume you are also calling yourself an idiot ?? If the guy can't write a report then he should not attempt a job where you have to use proper english and yes, that was in the article and more than enough information to comment.

  23. Alex White

    Just because he doesn't sound like President Obama, doesn't mean you should fire the guy. A lot of smart black people have ethnic accents Maybe he could have taken a public speaking course or something to sound more "white"?

  24. Charles L. Rice

    A lot of people are saying if he doesn't kno how to use correct grammer how can he be a police officer or how can his reports stand in court. Did you even read the article? He was great in the police academy and if he was so ghetto and spoke using ebonics why did they hire him in the first place? And if that's the case in my opinion everyone who lives below the dixie line cannot speark correct english (which isn't true)…just saying.

  25. Mike Clark

    Kalisha, If the guy could not write proper english then why attempt a job where it is vital to write proper english and why be mad when they fire you over it ?? Do you actually believe a person should get a job based on skin color even if they are not qualified ?? Also, he comes from a line of police officers, I believe he thought this would get him through and should have known better.

  26. Andrew Davis

    Irony: Making racist statements and having the nerve to call *other* people dumbasses.

  27. Anonymous

    Mike Clark, I believe that there is a possibility that he could write proper english. Don't you think if he came from a line of successful policeman that he can read and write properly. If he wins his court case he just wants his job back, that shows that he has been working hard for his career and cares deeply. This could just be a case of discrimination.

  28. Mike Clark

    I am sure he did not write proper english in his reports which has nothing to do with the words jazz and coffee and more of putting a proper sentence together which is crucial in a police report.

  29. Charles Smith

    Although ebonics is a recognized form of the american english language, the use of it, by professionals, should be viewed as an inability to perform your work at a professional level. This guy should have used better judgement.

  30. Bradford Charles JH Bailey

    I Kant unda stan whi hee gaut dizmizzed fum hiz jaub. I weant ya Haavaad aand haave noww praublem taalkin ta peoplepz. Hee should getz hizz jaab baaxk ant reandstaated baack ta beeingz ah poleece officea yaz noze.

  31. Andrew Davis

    A lot of the people that commented on this article seriously need to get over themselves. If you're going to insult another person's grammar, then at least make sure you're using it properly yourself.

  32. TJ Yarger

    How do you know it was affirmative action? Maybe your brother just wasn't good enough. Just because a minority gets accepted over a white person doesn't mean the minority is less qualified and only got a boost because of their race/ethnicity. Sounds like someone's a racist~ (It also sounds like you may be bitter about your brother losing, using any excuse you can grasp at just to avoid admitting that maybe it was your brother's FAULT).

  33. James Shores

    I believe anyone that uses Ebonics, at all, should be slapped, punched, kicked in the nads and fired. How can he say he wasn’t given time to prove himself? He had 18 months..And hes thowing out the race card right away? Yea hes prob a Jessie Jackson, al Sharpton and Quanel X fan…All race baiters should be shipped to a tiny island somewhere.

  34. Andrew Davis

    A lot of the people who commented on this article seriously need to get over themselves. If you're going to insult another person's grammar, then at least make sure you're using it properly yourself.

  35. Mike Clark

    There is a possibility that he could write a proper report as I am sure he went through 12 years in school, but since was fired for it then I have to assume they have reports to back up their claim. You may be right about the discrimination but my tendency would be to believe in today's society of lawsuits they have his reports as evidence.

  36. TJ Yarger

    Mike (Clark, not Michael), there were no EXPLICIT EXAMPLES given in the report. Just claims made by the police department. How hard is that to grasp?

  37. Mike Clark

    Wording in a police report is very critical and can actually get a murder charge thrown out. This had nothing to do with his slang while speaking.

  38. Curt Potter

    slangs fine when your with your friends ,but in a professional setting. a police report?no sorry. wouldnt fly in court. a judge white or black would rip him apart. but as usual we are probably only getting part of the story.

  39. Mike Clark

    He could not write a police report which is critical in doing police work. Murder cases have been thrown out for as little as misspelled words no less sentences that are not composed correctly.

  40. Charles L. Rice

    Then they should have given him test before they hired him. Im pretty sure in the interview if he was speaking ebonics (way too much) he would not have gotten the job. what did he say in his report? No one knows.. your assuming it said: Yo cap'n gave dis guy a tick cuz he was crusin' doin' 80 in a 2five. Im pretty sure that was not how he wrote his reports if he graduated from the police academy.

  41. Shannon Kappel

    His Attorny can be reached at, FE FIE FO -FE FO FI -FOFOFEFE, or you can direct letters at fittyfityy west fittyfo street. Your here learn not only to SPEAK the language but also to WRITE it as well. WHOLLY FLIPPEN HELL. Durring your law suite why not put some money in the National White person College fund and stop making them pay for it with loans that takes forever to pay off. Wholly friggen hell, that is LAZINESS, speak the words out there are voules and other things in words not just what you think k, my nizzle forizzle!

  42. Charles L. Rice

    I disagree with alot of people on here but Daniel this comment you just made was a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black…lol. Yes some people are "ignorant" to other races/ cultures thats why education is key.Also I don't think the police officer who was fired is using the race card, I believe he is just returning it.

  43. Robert Tout

    George. Here's your ticket! "…need an education" is a violation of proper grammar. Seems to me, this is a case of the white man calling the stop sign red. I'd plead guilty and pay the $300 fine. You're welcome!!

  44. Robert Tout

    Ebonics bashing? It's almost criminal just to read some of the comments on here. Can't even spell grammer properly. All the genuises on here make me want to paint my face, hang my head, and cry. Ha! Bet nobody 'spected The Ebonic Inquisition?

  45. Anonymous

    Or you could learn to fill out your reports correctly like your co workers who are black white red yellow etc… and stop blaming everyone else for your personal short comings.

  46. Anonymous

    Hebe fired fo what? Iz gots ta lissn to that S417 alla daz, webe gettn use todat juz ax me.

  47. Cool Papa Bell

    "Amongst are weaponry are such diverse elements as 'Who axed you bitch,' 'Yo, why you trippin' bitch' and 'I'm a crawl up in ya bitch' … oh damn, should we come in again?"

  48. Robert Tout

    Clever boy! I also misspelled at least one other word. I even thought about mispelling "misspelled", but Homey wont play that ace.

  49. James Shores

    Come off it,,,,we all know what Ebonics is,,,any slang in a proffesional report is inappropriate, esp if it could mean someone either going to jail for something they didn’t do or being set free when they did. No thank you, Ill have my police speak, read and write in proper English.

  50. Robert Tout

    Todd. I never noticed that. The author musta looked it up in an Atlas that was printed between 1890 and 1911. Maybe he shoulda googled that turd.

  51. Bob Bennett

    There had to be other reasons for his dismissal that were not stated in the complaint against him.The fact that it was done during his trial peroid when he has little recourse to the action tells me that they wanted him gone.That's the main reason for a trial peroid.If they had waited till he was out of the trial peroid it would of been difficult to dismiss him.I doubt that their real reason will come out.

  52. Edgar Alvarado

    Stupid is as stupid does and some forms of stupid u cannot fix. This imbecile has got to have a few loose screws if they told him to stop using slang in his official reports and he kept doing it. I bet the judge throws this crap out of court as soon as he sees this moron's report talking about how he ''axsed a homie bout how it be and what went down in the hood on the night in question"… lol. I would pay a dollar to see one of those reports.

  53. Edgar Alvarado

    Charles L. Rice Those words are recognized as words in all English dictionaries. Go find fo sho or homes or frontin or G or bejamins or bling or bee-itch or bustin a cap or bigga or trigga or strappin… you follow me ma nizzle? Do you write like this in your medical reports. Holla!

  54. Bruns Michelle

    I needed a translator for some of the white officers I've been pulled over by. And, no, they were not foreigners. Just Bubba and Jeb.

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