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Tommy Chong On Pot Legalization: DEA Will Probably Be Disbanded

Tommy Chong, who has spent months in prison for shilling bongs on the web, has spoken out on the massive, recent gains made by the marijuana legalization lobby — and the Up In Smoke star is positive about the prospects for legal weed in the US.

Tommy Chong is one half of comedy film duo Cheech and Chong, known for classic stoner films and a large contribution to cannabis culture. But in 2003, Chong was sent to federal prison for his business dealing in paraphernalia, a punishment that feels archaic just nine years later as tokers publicly light up in the shadow of Seattle’s Space Needle.

Chong talked about his hopes for marijuana legalization as the dream became a reality in two states — Colorado and Washington — and he believes that the movement will go even further in years to come. Tommy even believes that the Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, will become a thing of the past soon enough, pumping his fist in support for the end of the administration.

Speaking on Current TV yesterday, Tommy Chong predicted:

“Washington and Colorado are just the toe into the water … The whole body’s following … [Legal recreational marijuana is] going to empty the jails, and we’re probably going to disband the DEA.”

Tommy also discussed his belief that the movement would spread rapidly, and opined that while the Obama administration had not followed through on easing up on drug laws:

“He’s also a black guy from Hawaii who used to surf.”

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Chong said that Obama simply needed to move pot from “schedule one to schedule two” to allow for federal acceptance of legal marijuana.