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Mall Santa Fired For Being Grumpy

bad santa

A mall Santa in Maine was fired this week after he failed to bring his holiday cheer with him to work.

According to the NY Post, the mall Santa was rude, grumpy, and wouldn’t let some children sit on his lap.

WGME TV reports that Jessica Mailhiot and her 6-year-old daughter, Chantel, visited the grumpy Santa and were less than pleased with the experience. Chantel, who was not allowed to sit on Santa’s lap for some reason, told Santa that she wanted an American Girl Doll for Christmas. Santa said that she would get a football.

Chantel said: “He just put his hand on his lap so I couldn’t go on.”

Needless to say, they didn’t buy the $20 photo package.

Jessica Mailhiot said:

“This was just really important to see that Santa was listening and maybe the one thing she wanted, she would get. He didn’t even ask if she was good or anything like that, he just snubbed her.”

Mailhiot posted her story on line and quickly found out that many other parents had similar experiences.

One user wrote on Facebook: “I took my daughter to see him and she was terrified and he was the rudest man I have ever met… didn’t smile… not even a ho ho ho.”

Have you ever had a bad mall Santa experience?

Did it go anything like this …?

Or maybe this.

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3 Responses to “Mall Santa Fired For Being Grumpy”

  1. Anonymous

    But as to my insubordination, I was not rude to that woman. Someone should remind her that Christmas is more than barging up and down department store aisles and pushing people out of the way.

  2. Anonymous

    Someone has to tell her that Christmas is another thing finer than that. Richer, finer, truer, and should come with patience and love. Charity, compassion. That's what I would have told her if you'd given me a chance.

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