Brooke Burke cancer update

Brooke Burke Cancer: Model Tweets ‘Thank God It’s Over’

Brooke Burke’s cancer scare is in her rear-view after undergoing a successful surgery Thursday.

The model and Dancing with the Stars host confirmed on her Twitter account that she is out of surgery and recovering Thursday morning, saying “Thank God it’s over.”

Burke’s thyroid cancer diagnosis had her worried at first, but she said on her Modern Mom blog that she was ready to get the surgery over with.

“I’m not afraid anymore,” Brooke Burke wrote. “I think I’ve been dealing with it so much the past couple months that now I’m ready to just get it done and put this behind me. My only need is being ok for my husband and my children so they don’t have to go through any pain and making this as easy as possible for them.”

Burke also attempted to keep the gravity of her situation from her children, a plan that backfired when her 5-year-old discovered part of Burke’s cancer video on her phone.

“So when I sat down to discuss it with her, I said that I didn’t want to worry her and explained what was happening – that I had a little lump in my neck and the doctor needed to remove it and that I was going to be fine,” Burke wrote. “Then she looked me dead in the eyes and said ‘It’s called cancer, Mom.’ She’s a very deep, old soul; she’s like a 40-year-old woman trapped in a beautiful five-year-old body.”

In any case, Burke’s cancer surgery seems to have been a success:

Here’s wishing Brooke Burke a speedy recovery!