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Pit Bull Babysits Toddler While Man Allegedly Goes Drinking

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Palm Coast, FL — In a weird and potentially dangerous “home alone” incident, police arrested a man for allegedly leaving a 10-month-old baby in the care of a pit bull while he went out to a bar for a few cold ones.

The suspect, identified by NBC Miami and other news outlets as James R. Irvine, 41, was apparently charged with one count of child neglect for the incident that occurred on Saturday. He was released on a $1,500 bond.

WESH Orlando reports that he was supposed to be watching the child for his girlfriend while she was working:

“According to investigators, the baby’s mother left Irvine in charge while she went to work. The woman told investigators when she got home, Irvine was trying to get in the garage door and admitted he’d been at a bar.

“Officials said Irvine told the baby’s mother the baby wasn’t alone, because the pit bull was watching him.”

NBC adds that “a bar employee verified that she had served [Irvine] five Coronas and one Bud Light.”

When the mom arrived at the resident, “the dog was sitting outside the room, the door was shut and the baby was crying,” according to WESH.

Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the allegations.

The man in this case is just a suspect at this point, but do you think the mother involved should seriously consider making other childcare arrangements in the future? Do you believe that leaving a dog — especially a pit bull — to watch a baby is in any way equivalent to the child not being left alone?

[generic pit bull image credit: Dante Alighieri]

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12 Responses to “Pit Bull Babysits Toddler While Man Allegedly Goes Drinking”

  1. Casey Claire Rose Nielsen

    I am in no way excusing this man's behavior because he sounds like a terrible parent… but does it MATTER that it was a pit bull? If it had been a different kind of dog, such as a Golden Retriever or a Lab, would that have been noted in the article?

  2. Vicky Schmitz

    I thought the same thing. This dad is a moron but I laughed when the article said, "especially a pit bull". Journalists are ridiculous

  3. Sucile Jeffery

    It does not matter what kind of dog it was…. Any type of dog watching a baby is ridiculous! That dog is not a human being and cannot provide for the baby. This could have been tragic.

  4. Lizzie Drägon

    Really? "Especially a pit bull!" Ok 2 things. First of all why the hell would any sane responsible parent expect anything other than another sane responsible adult to watch over a child? Second oh yes god forbid the dog who earned the name 'Nanny dog' is around a kid! Oh good lord let's get towels to mop the blood cause these dogs are such kille-oh what's that? Both the dog and child were found ok after being left alone for a extended period of time? Oh yeah well pits are still vicious mhm hey can you pass the lube? They need to push their heads farther up their asses. I think they may have seen sense for a split second. I got my face mauled by a Dalmatian when I was little. I don't hate on Dalmatians or avoid working with them at the animal shelter. Why would people hate pitbulls, one of the best breeds on earth, just cause a few incidents that the media chose to blow WAY out of proportion where in reality humans were at the root of the problem anyway? What people don't realise is hating a singular breed is basically racism in another way. You wouldn't hate black people because one or two incidents happen where a black person kills someone would you? Then why do the same thing to pits and make your life be devoid of working with or even living with one of these wonderful dogs?

  5. Mandee Lynn

    "Especially a Pitt Bull" because what? A doberman or husky or any other type of Canine couldn't kill a child? Way to generalize there, buddy. Get real with your stories. That Pitt could have easily of saved that child's life just as well.

  6. Mandee Lynn

    It would have been titled "Courageous dog watches child while Man goes to bar"… Ridiculous.

  7. Shelia Harris

    I wonder if the baby was more protected by the dog, since the mother or boyfriend did not use good judgement.

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