Julia Gollard Jokes Mayans Were Right

Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard Jokes The Mayans Were Right

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard is warning citizens that the Mayans were right and the world will end this month — in a lighthearted, joking way.

Gillard’s comments come as a part of an ad for a breakfast radio show and isn’t actually serious, though that will likely not stop some people from believing even more than the world will end on December 21, the day the Mayan calendar ends, reports NBC News.

Gillard addresses the audience, calling them “dear remaining fellow Australians,” adding:

“Whether the final blow comes from flesh-eating zombies, demonic hell-beasts of the total triumph of K-pop, if you know one thing about me, it is this: I will always fight for you to the very end.”

When the Prime Minister’s office was contacted about the commercial, a spokesman stated:

“What Australian doesn’t mind a laugh from time to time? Anyway, the world’s going to end tomorrow so shouldn’t you be writing about that?”

The prediction about the world ending tomorrow comes from Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, who came up with the theory that the world will actually end two full weeks before the Mayan calendar runs out, according to The Herald Sun. Kruszelnicki stated:

“I was using science for the purposes of science and comedy. On the 21st of December, inconveniently only two shopping days before Christmas the Mayan calendar will click over. But to say the world will end is like saying today’s date is the 29th and therefore your cut lunch will turn into a show. That’s how rational and logical it is.”

Do you believe that Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard — though joking she may have been — is right that the world will end on December 21?