Michael Douglas Will Star As Liberace In HBO's "Behind The Candelabra"

First Unbelievable Stills Of Michael Douglas As Liberace And Matt Damon As His Lover Released

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are as you’ve never seen them before.

Both actors are starring in a forthcoming HBO feature film in which Douglas plays flamboyant pianist, the late Liberace, and Matt Damon plays his lover, Scott Thorson.

In the stills, 68-years-old Douglas — who looks like he may have relished every minute of filming — wears a bouffant brown wig and an outfit that bears more than a passing resemblance to a costume of a bullfighter.

Damon, wearing slightly more make-up than a geisha, looks equally transformed.

The film is titled Behind the Candelabra.

Mirroring Liberace’s own life, the biopic will focus on not only on the maestro’s talent but also his struggle to keep his homosexuality a private matter in what were less equality conscious times.

Matt Damon Plays Scott Thorson In HBO's Behind The Candelabra