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Cadet Quits Over Religion At West Point

West Point

A cadet is reportedly quitting West Point over religion less than six months before he is scheduled to graduate, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Blake Page explained that his clinical depression played a role in decision to quit the military academy. He went on to say the unconstitutional focus of religion in the military was also instrumental in his decision to leave West Point behind.

“I’ve been trying since I found that out: What can I do? What can I possibly do to initiate the change that I want to see and so many other people want to see?” the cadet explained to The Associated Press. “I realized that this is one way I can make that change happen.”

Page explained that cadets who don’t put an emphasis on religion were deemed “heathens” by instructors. One individual reportedly told Page that he would never be an officer until he “filled the hole in his heart.” West Point Spokeswoman Theresa Brinkerhoff insists that prayer and religious activities are voluntary.

“I don’t want to be a part of West Point knowing that the leadership here is OK with just shrugging off and shirking off respect and good order and discipline and obeying the law and defending the Constitution and doing their job,” Page explained.

The cadet expressed his concerns about West Point’s stance on religion in a recent article at The Huffington Post. In the piece Page included this excerpt from his resignation letter:

“I do not wish to be in any way associated with an institution which willfully disregards the Constitution of the United States of America by enforcing policies which run counter to the same. Examples of these policies include mandatory prayer, the maintenance of the 3rd Regiment Shield, awarding extra passes to Plebes who take part in religious retreats and chapel choirs, as well as informal policies such as the open disrespect of non-religious new cadets and incentivizing participation in religious activities through the chain of command.”

What do you think about the cadet who quit West Point over religion? Do you think religious practices should be kept out of the military?

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144 Responses to “Cadet Quits Over Religion At West Point”

  1. Jim O'Neil

    It took him 3 1/2 years to figure this out? He gets a world-class education and just as he is about to have to repay that by his contractual service in the military he has a crisis of conscience? Kind of like the Marine Officer who got his college paid for, millions of dollars of flight training and when he got orders to deploy decided he was a conscientious objector.

  2. Anonymous

    Hell yes, why not take religion out of West Point. Because of one person no less. It is like everything else that is happening in this country. They have taken religion out of almost every aspect of life in the United States and what has it got us? The answers is: We have become a country of liars, cheaters, adulters. The United States will not survive because of it. When are people going to wake up to the fact that the political climate in this country is what is causing out downfall. It is time that the politicians started to represent "We the people" again but it won't happen until they change the system. No more then 2 terms in office, No pensions, same health and other benefits as regular citizens, and no lobbying allowed by anyone.

  3. Bruce Hulick

    Not religious myself and don't think that religion should be in the military , but another person may have the opposite responce. So there is no real solution to the question. The two people will go round and round with no answer.
    The only possible solution would be to have two West Points. And that is out of the question.

  4. Anonymous

    It sounds to me like a convenient excuse to quit. If he wants to truly change the system, then it needs to happen from within first.

  5. John Hardie


  6. Michael Harrison

    Who cares? Let him quit. Every institution has rules. Tell me he didn't know about this before he matriculated! Too bad it cost the taxpayer so much.

  7. Gary Reed

    I am reminded of the old cliche saying, "The most religious man in the world is the one sitting in a foxhole."

  8. Doug Benton

    Just for an FYI this is coming from a recently retired after many years of service military type. That matters only in that I am very familiar with what he knew and what he didn't know before joining the military.
    This p…y is playing this card because he's afraid to face the intense pressure his would-be fellow officers will face after graduation. Save the 'West Point is really tough' BS, because though it surely is it's not war.
    Now he has a prestgious degree from a spectacular center of learning. Taking the oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God" nobody twisted his arm to do. Nobody twisted his arm to sign the documents he signed. The Officer Corps doesn't need liars like you.
    Now his words no good and neither is his signature. You're going to find out, sissy boy, employment oppurtunities except for maybe, I don't know, as a community organizer are going to be very hard to come by.
    I'm good and sick of creeps in the minority in whatever fashion whining like the spineless jerks they are because of thir being 'offended" because of this or that.
    You're worried about the Consitution with what's going on in our country. Get out, p…y. You couldn't have cut it anyway.

  9. Anonymous

    I think "One Nation under GOD" says it all, we're losing God and we're losing our way. As for God and the military I know while I was deployed I certainly didn't pray to whom it may concern for the safe return of myself and my buddies.

  10. Anonymous

    I completely support Blake's stance on religion enforced in government. You do not have to be religious to bea good person, or a hero. All of the politicians who took a stance on women's health this past year because of their religious beliefs lost in November. That is what the people want. Government and institutions should not force any religion upon anyone. This is America.

  11. Bobby Mobley

    According to what this Cadet said Religion was practically forced on him. I have a right tobelieve what I want to believe without having it forced on me, I absolutely donnot want Religion period. I do agree that this Cadet should have made this decision along time ago. I f you want Religion that's fine, donnot shove it down my throat that is the issue here. Live and let live. Keep yoiur religous belief's to yourself.

  12. Richard George

    Religion is personal and fine as long as it's accompanied by charity, compassion and aid for those less fortunate. Religion just to worship an invisible man in the sky is a steaming pile of horse manure.

  13. John Sullivan

    seems to me he is trying to figure out a way to get a free education from the government! 31/2 yrs later HE want to take a moral stand.

  14. Adalberto Portalatin

    he spend a long time there.
    maybe he does not want to serve his country after wesy point gave him an education.
    would like to know what he intenteds to do now maybe he should have to pay the money back for his education.

  15. Anonymous

    he may need GOD when muslim is trying to kill his ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  16. David W King

    The article simply swallows Page's view of things at the Academy without bothering to ask / find out if his view is accurate or biased. As a Christian I would never attempt to "force" religion or religious exercises on anyone, but simply for presenting the case for Christian faith and urging others to in open discussion to consider it I've been accused by thin-skinned, angry and defensive people of trying to "force your religion down my throat." Nothing could have been further from the truth. There may be a vibrant Christian community among cadets & faculty at West Point whose members urge other to embrace the Christian faith. So what? They have that right. So let's have an article that listens to people on both sides of the question on not just one disgruntled cadet. Is it possible his gripe about religion is a cover for his own failings as a cadet, blaming others for his own troubles?

  17. Loreto Biete

    yes, religion or spirituality is a core cconcept and theory of military science, since abe lincoln! look at what makes america great! "IN GOD WE TRUST" printed in dollar monies! that's the reason the military have chaplains, too! this cadet should read the autobiography of SGT ALVIN YORK, Medal of Honor recipient.

  18. Johnnie Dukes

    I put in an unlike but noticed afterward the word like had been changed to unlike. what's wrong with Yahoo? Mr. Benton had an excellent reply.

  19. Keith P. DeWeese

    Larry, we were a country of liars, cheaters, and adulterers when religion WAS in every aspect of life in the United States. Have you been living under a rock? Or is your television perpetually channeling old episodes of the Donna Reed show? Get real and read up on your history of this country.

  20. Duane Short

    <–Atheist in foxhole here. It sucks getting religion forced on you in the Army. I had to go through that crap too, especially in Iraq. Oh sure you can say you don't believe, but you will be treated differently. It sucks that you have to live a charade.

  21. Mark Adams

    Ok, Lets give him a pass on Religion at West Point, and when he graduates send him to Iraq or Afghanistan to the frontline. "I Guaranty during the first ambush he'll start to pray".

  22. Anonymous

    I totally agree. I've been saying the same thing about Global Warming for years now!

  23. Anonymous

    No one has taken freedom of religion from you. You are free to exercise your religious beliefs in any way you choose. What has been changed is those of us who don't "agree" with your religion will not tolerate it shoved down our throats.

  24. Anonymous

    Good for him. I grew up exposed to the military, DOD, religion and the deep southern ideological beliefs. I look at how Bibi in Israel is trying to militarize all of his people. He wants to draft all of his people. I see online face book posts glorifying and objectifying women with guns. It is disturbing. This is Hitler styled fascist movement. The religious deception of a favored race or that war is to bring peace is not coming from a good God. Religions of war like Christianity and Islam are not coming from a good GOD. I was raised in church too. I think this man is journeying into a higher realm of spirituality. We outgrow religion when we self-actualize. God-good is within us. The church is in us!

  25. Richard George

    Vinden: You're just superstitious. You think God (in whatever form the deity takes) really helps mankind? Through thousands of years of Stalins, Hitlers and Assads, what has God done to aid mankind while people were being imprisoned, tortured or killed? Squat!

  26. Anonymous

    People are waking up to the truth. Militerizing peoole and a twisted religious doctrine are exactly the evil that Hitler used. This cadet is realizing that they don't belong together. Religions are supposed to practice and teach peace.

  27. Dave Plihal

    you're right, doug. let's make sure religion and government are tightly intertwined, that way we can be like Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia. Bastions of freedom.

  28. Zach Hubert

    what people don't understand is religion may help someone when they are shot cornered and no doubt about to pass on it is a guide to help thier teammates and fireteam partners to know that they are doing what needs to be done at all costs.

  29. Dave Plihal

    you're right, larry. let's make sure religion and government are tightly intertwined, that way we can be like Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia. Bastions of freedom.

  30. Anonymous

    Relgions that claim to promote war for peace is the evil. I'm proud that the world is waking up to the truth. The UN was right in standing up for a Palestinian statehood. They have always been treated bad. The Isarel of today is NOT the biblical Israel. These are NOT the biblical Jews. The point, so many lies. Nobody is right in war. I have never seen religion belonging in the military. Warmonger mentality is not a good-GOD thing.

  31. Charles Babb

    The right wing religious nut cases who promote religion at West Point and the AF academy need to all be kicked out and both institutions forced to eliminate all religious activity from the campus except that which is voluntary. Religious activity other than that provided by chaplains should be totally eliminated from all branches of the military.

  32. Bryan Nonya

    This little sissy was washed out. He wasn't fit to be an officer to begin with. If you can't handle being forced to prey how the hell would you be able to fight in a war? And the article said that he quit over religion. That isn't true. He quit because of his clinical depression! That alone would have washed him out. If not he'd be one of the guys firering on his own people. It takes a strong person to server and do it well. This guy isn't one of those people.

  33. Anonymous

    This is what is wrong with our world……denial, but worse is the reality of the charade and being a willing participant. I dislike you more than those living in denial.

  34. Steve Otta

    Wow! I guess the chain of command doesn't understand the first amendment of the Constitution. Doesn't this count more as establishing a "state" religion more than putting a cross on public land? Isn't this worse than have a creche down at city hall? No one makes you pretend to belong to a religion in those instances but this one does. There should be an investigation and those in command should be discharged "for the good of the service".

  35. Anonymous

    This is proof that religion is sick. I dislike Christianity just as much as Islam. I don't see a difference. They both justify their evils.

  36. Anonymous

    Shut up pussy. What were you the only non believer in Iraq. No Body Likes Me everybody hate me guess i'll go eat worms. if you didn;t have friends it was because you are cry baby. SHUT THE FU^& UP.

  37. A To Z Consignment

    He did the right thing! He left. The school should not change just because of non-beleivers. These screwballs are getting nativity scenes taken down, prayer out of schools & the Ten Commandments taken down from court houses. Enough is enough. Christians need to start standing for something and stop letting satan rule over us! These people are no better than Christians, they put their pants on the same way we do. Only one difference, their hearts have a big hole in them!

  38. Andy Haynes

    I think it's corrupting our foriegn policy as well. If it comes down to us or them; meaning "Good Christians" verus everyone else – I just think that's a sad commentary on where we're headed as a nation. I'm not saying let them pracitice every religion there either as I don't see a place for Islam in our military as it's fundamentally at odds with American beliefs. I also think we need to reevaluate if we're starting these wars as a result of fanatical military/religous establishment. Get the Christ out of our military. Our motives for any military action should be based on threats our American way of life not some overzealous religous bent.

  39. Tony Cossio

    Keith P. DeWeese The norality of this country has fallen in the last 30 years – significantly. If you cannot draw the line between the empty churches, the rise of socialism, and the destruction of this country, then no one can help you.

  40. Tony Cossio

    danielmanke No one is shoving shit down your throat atheist. You don't like the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence, a prayer at graduation, In God We Trust, Merry Christmass, or God Bless America, then please GTFO of this country.

  41. Bobby Hansen

    Which god?

    zeus? apollo? ra? thor? muhammed? buddha?

    you think the sky genie picks sides in wars?

    why dos he sit by and watch millions starve to death?

  42. Tony Cossio

    Richard George And yet, it was Christians who ended slavery, stopped Hitler and Stalin. Also, for a U of Oregon grad you don't seem pretty bright. Those Countries you mentioned were Godless only proving the need of a benign belief system. Certainly Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany prosecuted and drove out priest.

  43. Tony Cossio

    Dave Plihal You comparing Islam which has no separation of Church and State with Christianity which does is idiotic. But you are an idiot so I guess its ok.

  44. Tony Cossio

    Bobby Hansen Hurr Durr Flying Spaghetti Monster so mainstream Hurr Durr. If God exist why is their evil, so philosophical. Except it isn't, this argument was already shot down in the Book of Job and Book of Wisdom – found in the Bible.

  45. Anonymous

    seeing as religion normally brings with it ideas of peace, humanity, good will, and the ten commandments (one of which strongly suggests that "thou shall not kill" in a few words or less) I would imagine it to be completely incompatible with anything having to do with the military in the first place. that it apparently plays a central role in helping to train people in organizing mass killing strategies seems kinda perverse to me….

  46. Jim Dujka

    You might want to do a little more research… The correct translation is "thou shalt not commit murder" which is the unjustified taking of a human life, not thou shalt not kill…

  47. Michael Klein

    Freedom of religion goes both ways. you are to believe in an invisble man that sits up in the sky if you want, but conversley, you are also free to engage in common sense and NOT. West point has apparently taken that part away from cadets.

  48. Roxanne Santucci

    We as a nation are no longer thankful for the benefits we have received from Christianity.
    Last year I read a book titled Under the Influence: How Christianity Transformed Civilization by Dr. Alvin J. Schmidt (Zondervan, 2001). The author was a professor of sociology at Illinois College until his retirement. His book shows the impact of Christianity on Western culture.

  49. Anonymous

    It took him 3and a half years to figure this out? There is more to this story than meets the eye!

  50. Caryn Spring

    From my husband: Jim you're WRONG! This brave young man didn't quit to get out of being deployed. He quit to call attention to an outmoded practice that needs to be stopped!

  51. Caryn Spring

    From my husband: After reading some of the idiotic comments from the self-righteous bible-thumpers, I'm sorry that FB doesn't offer a "thumbs-down"!

  52. Bill Jones

    took him until 6 months before graduating to find out about thsi? Then this jackass has the nerve to cite the Constitution which is SHREDDED b y the supreme allah? Get this fggot out of my fucking sight….

  53. Terry Davis

    I must agree with you, he is a punk who is decided to avoid commitment and possible deployment. He should be required to repay Uncle Sam and any college credits be removed from his history.

  54. Terry Davis

    I think you're full of it, I served for many years and retired from the military and I spent many days in foxholes or behind cover in the jungles of Vietnam as an 11B. Nobody asked or cared if anyone had a religion, we cared about our buddies next to us.

  55. Greg Nelson

    Hey Tony . The Catholic inquisition that suppresses the right of the person to choose. If you didn't believe you were convicted of heresy and killed . The simple fact is that religious beliefs in a God has killed more people than all the Nations you have listed and the list could go on.

  56. Anonymous

    No one should be treated differently at any of the academies because he or she express their religious beliefs differently than others. Or not express any at all. That said, when I am in a diifficult situation I sometimes find myself praying.

  57. David Martinek Sr

    As a retired Army officer, I think the young ex-cadet is naive to think that this is the only fight in his life. If he can't deal with this adversity (his opinion), maybe he wasn't officer material to begin with.

  58. Oliver Kloseoff

    If what he says is true, about the "fill the hole in your heart" remark, the extra privledges for plebes who go to religious services, mandatory prayer, and dis-respect for non-religious cadets, then I find that very worrying. As tax payers and as Americans who expect a professional army, such discrimination cannot be tolerated.

  59. Oliver Kloseoff

    No it doesn't need to be changed from within. If his allegations are true, then congress and executive branches need to come down on hard on the military and order the change. And they must snap to it or be fired. At the same time, though, there is a tradition to maintain. I'm not saying, ban the chapels, etc. but special privledges for the religious? Remarks by superiors ("fill the hole in your heart")? …..TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

  60. Caryn Spring

    From my husband: No, Tony, it wasn't xtians who did all those things, it was AMERICANS…which also included Jews and non-believers! As for slavery: there were plenty of bible-thumpers who kept them! Get real and quit spreading LIES in the name of your specious "religion"!

  61. Caryn Spring

    From my husband:

    Tony: Islime and bible-thumpers are just 2 sides of the same stupid coin…and both are dangerous lies that should be relegated to the garbage can!

  62. Caryn Spring

    From my husband: Tony, your bye-BULL was written by ignorant and superstitious near savages thousands of years ago. If you want to believe in a book of fairytales, that’s fine. Just don’t try to force your specious “religion” on the rest of us!

  63. Zephan HuBert

    And from what I read in the article, the cadet wasn't okay with how the school treated him and his education after he was unwilling to participate in the religion sections.

  64. Caryn Spring

    From my husband: sambaylor, your make-believe "GOD" would be about as useless as "allah"!

  65. Caryn Spring

    From my husband: No, Ronald, you are wrong! The Founding Fathers were very careful about this point…which is why there must ALWAYS be a total separation between "religion" and government!

  66. Ralph High

    makes perfect sense. how are you going to teach people to kill if they aren't religious?

  67. David Shields

    If you are not with GOD you are against HIM. That means the one who leads is not the GOD of love. We have an enemy and he is death and destruction to your soul and spirit. I pray for our military to ask our God of love to guide them in all they do.Having to kill to defend our our country and way of life is not what anyone wants, but if evil has it's way we will be destroyed. I pray for all who don't know our God of love. He loves you no matter what you believe.

  68. Caryn Spring

    From my husband: Satan? Do you REALLY believe in such superstitious nonsense??? BTW, I've been a non-believer for close to 50 years and my heart is doing just fine, thank you!

  69. Chip Wilson

    Would agree with Terry Davis, nobody "forced" religion on you in the military (served 10 years active duty). If you want to go somewhere they REALLY force religion on you go to Syria or Egypt–you might lose your head over it!

  70. Monte West

    An observation….this gentleman maybe thinks way too much of himself and his perceived ntellectual credentials. If he was to be commissioned in combat arms his big brain should have been hyperfocusing on two things and two things only. First, making the grade in class and second, on developing the skills he will need to have his guys accomplish whatever mission they are given and he then be savvy enough to get them out of harm's way in one piece. Also think maybe he has forgotten something….it makes more sense to try to change a system that you disagree with from within than it is to quit and take your marbles home with your lip poked out. I am always amazed when this kind of press exposure is given to someone who hasn't spent a single day doing his job but who knows more than an organization that has been producing regular army officers for the last 218 years. I think this young man might consider a career as a community organizer. Who knows where he might end up. I totally agree with his accessment that he is not suited for a lifetime of service in the military.

  71. Chip Wilson

    Nobody's forcing anything on you, and as a woman I'd love to see you go to Iran, Turkey or Syria and try arguing with them about forced religion.

  72. Chip Wilson

    @Caryn Spring–Noone forces religion on you in the U.S., but if you feel so inclined I would suggest you go to Iran, Turkey, or Syria if you want the full effect of a theocracy. As a woman I'm sure they would listen to your argument.

  73. Bill Annett

    dainiel your nt military mined an they do make religion a very high priority an at west point everything you say an do is recored even your religion an you really have no say so. it is a dictatorship there at west point plain an simple

  74. Jim O'Neil

    I never said he quit to avoid deploying. My point is that he entered an institution (as well as a contract), enjoyed the benefits of the education and the experience and just before it is time for him to repay his obligation he has an epiphany that he can no longer be a part of it. It seems very convenient that he is now having this revelation after receiving most of the benefits of the deal without now having to live up to the obligations he assumed.

  75. Michael Turner

    you still have to pay for that stuff yourself, he doesdnt have to repay shit, there should have been a seperation in the first place, and there wasnt. religion will cause more problems then it tries to solve

  76. Dave Plihal

    learn how to spell and then i might take your "idiot" comment seriously, douchebag.

  77. Michael Turner

    there is a claim to a seperation here in the states, but it dont exist, because of religious idiots slamming there culture down our throats

  78. John Gaines

    Chip, no one forces religion on people in the US? Wow, stick your head back in the sand, cheif. It happens daily. It's just slightly more subtle.

  79. Anonymous

    danielmanke There are so many other places on the earth where you could live besides the United States. Perhaps you should choose one if you are so unhappy here. We are not "shoving" anything down your throat. God forbid. But we do have the free exercise of religion in the Constitution. So perhaps you need to back off and allow me to exercise my constitutional right. Eh? This is not a nation for non-believers only and just like I do not have to breathe your tobacco smoke even though you are perfectly free to smoke in most areas you do not have the right to tell me I cannot pray , preach or worship God anywhere I want to as long as I don't force you to participate. You always have the right to remove your self or stay away from where I am doing this. I would not attempt to do this in an inappropriate venue and I do not expect you to try to tell me I cannot do this in any public institution where the policy of religion is already publicly stated. Persons who go to an academy with a history of religion can expect to encounter it there. How stupid and arrogant to try to change it instead of choosing one that does not already have established religious policies. Now who is shoving something down someones throat? Those of you who do not want us to have any religion anywhere that's who. Like I said …go live somewhere else. We are always going to be around. Deal with it and stop hating so much.

  80. Anonymous

    Richard George And you really believe God and not mankind is responsible for these atrocities? Obviously you don't know God or anything about the Word of God or your statement would not be so full of anger and hopelessness. There will come a day when He will make all things new and man with his perverted nature won't be in control anymore and I along with millions of others look forward to that day.

  81. Anthony Bernard Magnabosco

    There are atheists in foxholes, and this trite phrase is an insult to those men and women.

  82. Edwin Quantrall

    "Do you think religious practices should be kept out of the military?"

    I have no problem with the practice of Religion in the military. I *DO* have a problem when one particular religion is favored above others or a lack of religion or belief in a particular religion or deity is used as an excuse to persecute someone. The U.S. Air Force needs to stop these practices immediately!

  83. Karen Pugh

    That is crap. He had 3 and 1/2 years if excellent schooling. Now he decides to take a stand. I think that that is a wee bit late!!!! If he doesn't like it. Stay in school and graduate. Then he can help to change the system..IF it needs changing!!!

  84. Ryan Nay

    With idiots like you in the military it's no wonder that thoughtful and conscientious cadets like Mr. Page would feel inspired to quit in protest.

  85. Ryan Nay

    Tony Cossio careful who you are calling idiotic when in the same statement you are confusing Christianity with secular documents written 1800 years after the founding of that religion.

  86. Ryan Nay

    The fact that there are so many morons like you who don't even know that "under god" was added to the pledge (unConstitutionally) just a few short decades ago says it all..

  87. Ryan Nay

    Tony Cossio the "hurr durr" part is the most intelligent thing you've managed to post today.

  88. Ryan Nay

    I'm not even in the military, just a civilian over in the Middle East, but I get the military radio network over here and it is disturbing how much religious propaganda is on there. Though not as bad as the fact that they play Rush Limbaugh whose only purpose is to insult and slander the commander in chief.

  89. Ryan Nay

    yes jay you have the right to be an ignorant twat, though that doesn't really give governments the right to ignore proven science.

  90. Ryan Nay

    the real screwballs are the ones who are forcing the ten commandment to be displayed in courthouses, or insisting on mandatory prayer in school.

  91. Ryan Nay

    yes.. nobody wants soldiers who can actually think for themselves. Mindless drones are better.

  92. Diane Archambault

    Caryn Spring where is your husband, Caryn, can't he speak for himself ??? You seem the be the problem in here. He's only trying to find the easy way out if paying, someone else could have benifitted from that education and been a good soldier. Why are you so hell bent to defend this man, I'm more than sure thos Army didn't force him to pray. He only had a few months to go, then he would have been free of having to pray by force, and he wouldn't be looking to hardship. Would he be trying ti learn how to start his own army ot militia of sorts ???

  93. Dave Flint

    Young people change during the course of their maturing and education. Yes it took him over 3 years. What happened to all his classmates? Didn't they learn anything?

  94. Dave Flint

    Larry…your comment is convoluted. People in the USA have always lied, cheated, and had affairs while married. It has nothing to do with religion. Look at the Catholic church. Politics is full of lies, it has nothing to do with religion. Look at Mitt Romney. Pensions and health care for politicians will not bring the downfall of the USA! You really aren't focused on what the article was about.

  95. Dave Flint

    Religion and politics and military should be seperate in a democracy! Come on! A lot of people look at the taliban, muslems nations, and atheist nations and want to actually invade and end the injustices! By making USA forever Christian they are the same as Iran or Taliban Afghanistan. Surely Americans are better than that!

  96. Dave Flint

    "One nation under god" was scripted a long time ago, by thousands of nations! Why does it hold special meaning for America? The Crusades, Joan of Arc, the burning of witches (in the USA), and thousands more events were "One nation under god". Iran is "One nation under God". So is North Korea! However the god is somebody's grandfather. One nation under Zeus lasted a few hundred years, then where was Zeus when the shit hit the chariot wheel? "One nation under god" is clearly crap. No nation has survived forever with that crap!

  97. Dave Flint

    Ghandi was not a Christian. In fact Jesus was not a Christian. I also wonder how a school like West Point that teaches a lot of people how to kill a lot of people can reconcile Christianity. I don't think Jesus ever talked about killing a lot of people who don't agree with one's politics.

  98. Nick Pruiksma

    When are we going to stop believing in fairy tales?
    People put so much energy and commitment into something which doens't have a shred of scinetific fact to support it. It's all make believe people. When the last brick falls from the last church on the last priest, humanity will have truly reached enlightenment.

  99. Nick Pruiksma

    When are we going to stop believing in fairy tales?
    People put so much energy and commitment into something which doesn't have a shred of scientific fact to support it. It's all make believe people. When the last brick falls from the last church on the last priest, humanity will have truly reached enlightenment.

  100. Lindsay Elder

    The troops fight for God and Country. Have the Americans not listened to thier entire National Anthem, including the forth verse!

  101. James King

    Tony Cossio That's his point, Tony. That separation is enshrined in the Costitution so why is there religion in any school at all? If you're going to call someone an idiot you should make sure you understand his point.

  102. James King

    Tony Cossio You haven't read it if you think that's in there, Tony. The Bible is not the book if you're looking for verifiable information about anything.

  103. James King

    "One Nation Under God" as well as "In God We Trust" date from the 50s. They were certainly not anything the Founding Fathers believed in, especially not Jefferson, they wanted the separation of Church and State so that people could believe what they wanted and practise it openly but also that no one else was forced to believe what they did. We don't want to be a Theocracy. Even if you're a believer you shouldn't want us to go that way.

  104. James King

    Anthony Bernard Magnabosco Besides, that just means that man in the foxhole is afraid to die. What does that prove? Only that he's afraid to die.

  105. James King

    It's always funny when someone talks about the travesty of having the Ten Commandments taken down from courthouses. This was all started by the movie The Ten Commandments, made in 1955. It was a publicity stunt. They haven't been there since the beginning. They shouldn't be there now, as this country has a separation of Church and State. It shouldn't be in schools for the same reason.

  106. James King

    In God We Trust has only been on money since the 50s. We have a separation of Church and State. Let this guy think for himself, that's what science is based on and what religion and the religious hate.

  107. James King

    You need to read your Bible a little more closely. Once in a while, just for a change of pace, it might mention something about peace or good will but usually quite the opposite. Even if it wasn't filled a lot of horrible shit and a God doing a bunch of fucked up, crazy gangsta shit would you really need it to tell you that, say, killing someone is wrong? Well, as Jim said it's actually "murder" not kill, lucky for the rest of those West Point guys.

  108. James King

    So what if he did? That doesn't prove anything, all it would tell us is that he's afraid to die. If you give me your address I will send you that Mensa practice test.

  109. James King

    Not necessarily. He might have thought he could just tough it out or, if he didn't "come out" as a nonbeliever maybe he thought he could just keep quiet but, in the end, didn't think it right. I agree with those saying he should pay back the money.

  110. James King

    No, it wasn't. The Founding Fathers wanted religion to play no part in it. That's not to say they were all atheists (the closest was Jefferson but he was a deist) but they knew they didn't want it to ever become a theocracy.

  111. James King

    Diane Archambault They didn't put a gun to his head and force him to pray, but if you read the article a little more carefully you'll see that they forced it in other ways.

  112. Suretta Lisker Williams

    I may be mistaken, but I understood the cadet was upset that those who practiced their religion were given preferential treatment. He was concerned about following the Constitution which calls for the separation of Church and State.

    He is not suggesting that those who are religious are wrong, he's only stating that those who AREN'T are getting a raw deal.

    BTW, I agree with everyone who thinks he got his education and now doesn't want to serve his obligation or loans.

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