'The Walking Dead' Negan Backstory Special Spoilers: Lucille's First Kill Revealed, Negan Was A Hero?

‘The Walking Dead’ Negan Backstory Special Spoilers: Lucille’s First Kill Revealed, Negan Was A Hero?

The Walking Dead fans who love the TV show are also interested in Robert Kirkman’s comic books. One character that people want to know more about is Negan. How did he begin ruling over the Saviors and nearby communities? Who was Lucille’s first kill? How did it all get started? Some of those questions have been answered in the new backstory special. Before Glenn Rhee, there were other victims of Negan’s barbed wire baseball bat. Who was it and what led to the character to start swinging? It turns out he was a bit of a hero.

TWD spoilers for the comic books and television series are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want all the gory details.

According to ComicBook.com, The Walking Dead has a special backstory published in Image Comics’ Here’s Negan, which comes in 4-page increments in the monthly publication. As more information is revealed about Negan’s past, readers are learning something special this time. Specifically, fans find out the identity of Lucille’s first victim and what led to the TWD villain to begin ruling the post-apocalyptic world.

The latest issue of the magazine reveals part 14 of Negan’s backstory. Last month, Negan came across a group, and the leader offered to allow him to rape the women. The issue ended with the leader explaining that is how they run things. This month, the leader is going to get Negan’s answer and to put it bluntly, he won’t know what hit him.

“Whatever you guys were doing here, it stops now. Or this is where we part ways.”

The leader of the group in The Walking Dead comic book backstory doesn’t take Negan’s answer very well. In fact, he gets angry that the character doesn’t want to take him up on his offer. He makes a fatal mistake and starts a fight with Negan. After being shoved into a pile of barbed wire, Negan grabs the baseball bat, which fans know is named Lucille. Then, he uses the bat to pulverize the leader’s skull.

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What is interesting about this scene in Here’s Negan is that the skull-bashing comes complete with an eyeball popping out of the leader’s face. As fans know, this is exactly what happened when Negan killed Glenn in The Walking Dead.

According to the website, this is the first time that Negan used brutality toward other human beings. However, it is also the beginning of his reign over the remaining survivors, including Dwight and Sherry.

It almost seems like Negan was a bit of a hero in the TWD backstory. At least, that is how it began. With Negan, in both the comics and TV show, he has a few rules. One of those includes not raping women.

In fact, in Season 7B of the television series, one of the Saviors tries to rape Sasha Williams (Sonequa Martin-Green). Negan doesn’t take it very well when he finds out, and the man is killed. The body is then left in Sasha’s cell. Eventually, it would reanimate and Negan was interested to see how Sasha would handle herself when faced with a walker in an enclosed space. Needless to say, she handled herself (and the rotting corpse) just fine.

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However, Negan underestimated Sasha. Getting suicide pills from Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) and convincing Negan to let her ride to Alexandria in a coffin, she surprised everyone. She took the suicide pills and died during the trip. After death, she tried to eat Negan. Even though he survived, it was her last attempt to deal with the vicious villain. As fans wait for the premiere of Season 8, everyone is wondering what will happen during the war between Negan and Rick’s group.

What do you think of Negan’s backstory in The Walking Dead? Have you checked out Here’s Negan from Image Comics? Do you think the backstory will make its way into the TWD TV show in Season 8?

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