Pre-Recorded Skype Messaging Confirmed By Terms Of Service Changes

Skype users will soon be able to send pre-recorded Skype messages to people in their contacts list. The company recently changed its terms of service, which led to confirmation that the pre-recorded video clip servcie was in the works.

As it now appears, the new option will allow for unlimited pre-recorded message sends on premium accounts with free accounts being offered a limited number of video recordings.

According to the change in terms of service:

“If you are a Skype Premium subscriber you can, subject to the Video Messaging Fair Use Policy below, send and receive an unlimited number of Video Messages,” starts the new rules, which also reveals that non-subscribers can also send messages, though the number of which will be limited. All users will be able to receive video messages from other users, though messages sent or received will expire within 90 days unless they were sent from a Premium account or the recipient upgrades theirs.”

Microsoft offers Skype Premium accounts for just $9 per month or cheaper if users are willing to pay in advance.

At this time, it is unclear if users will be able to send messages via Skype mobile platforms or if non-premium subscribers will be able to use message credits of some sort to send pre-recorded Skype messages.

It has been a busy few months for Skype. Towards the end of November, Microsoft announced that it would shudder Windows Live Messenger, allowing users to move their messenger contacts over to a free Skype account at their earliest convenience.