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Racist Sorority Photo Features Sombreros, Mustaches And Marijuana

racist sorority photo

The girls in the Chi Omega sorority at Penn State are in a little bit of trouble for posting a racist photo on the internet.

The racist sorority photo, which was apparently taken on Halloween, features several girls dressed up in sombreros and ponchos for a Mexican-themed party. The costumes would probably be enough to get the girls in trouble on their own but a few sorority members are also holding up drug related signs. One reads”Will mow lawn for weed + beer” and the other says “I don’t cut grass I smoke it.”

Jessica Riccardi, the president of the Nu Gamma chapter of Chi Omega, said that the photo was under investigation.

Riccardi told told the Daily Collegian:

“Our chapter of Chi Omega sincerely apologizes for portraying inappropriate and untrue stereotypes. The picture in question does not support any of Chi Omega’s values or reflect what the organization aspires to be.”

Director of Penn State’s Public Information, Lisa Powers, said that the photo was protected by the girls’ First Amendment rights but added that she was extremely disappointed that they chose to have a racist party.

Powers said:

“This photo has been brought to our attention and we have looked into the issue. The students in the photo are within their First Amendment rights to express themselves in this way, although we are certainly appalled that they would display this level of insensitivity and lack of judgment. These costumes and this group do not represent fraternity and sorority life at Penn State, nor the 95,000 students who attend our University. The Chi Omega sorority sisters have expressed deep remorse over this incident.”

The Penn State sorority isn’t the only group of college girls to post a racist photo to the internet. Shortly after Halloween, the official Duke website featured a photo that showed a women’s lacrosse player wearing blackface.

Do you think the Chi Omega sorority should face any sort of punishment for the racist photo?

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43 Responses to “Racist Sorority Photo Features Sombreros, Mustaches And Marijuana”

  1. Armando Perez

    Im hispanic and think it's freakin' hilarious. People should pull the sticks out their asses and stop being so overly sensitive in this ridiculously overly politically correct society.

  2. Christopher Blumen

    It was a themed party! looks like togetherness and bonding of different people coming together to celebrate another culture…God Bless America!

  3. Don Messer

    It is just disturbing to me how much this country is so politically correct that you can't make jokes anymore. It is the same with people who disagree with Presidnt O'bama's policies, they are racist. This party was a halloween party. It could have been hispanic girls dressed as americans with the same signs. I'm just sorry that it causes an uproar. They didn't call them derogatory names or anything along that line, just had a halloween party.

  4. Craig Kendall

    What "race" would this "racist" action be directed toward? Didn't know Mexican was a race.

  5. Anonymous

    I completely disagree. It is ok to dress up as a Mexican for Halloween I don't see a problem there. Its the stereotypical signs they are holding up that bother me. The way I see it they are being condescending against hardworking Mexicans trying to make a living. Do only Mexicans mow lawns? Its like having an Asian themed Halloween party and someone holding up a sign that says, " I should'nt have a license." Do Mexicans really mow lawns in exchange for drugs? Really? No one sees anything wrong with this?

  6. Anonymous

    Initially I did not think it was that bad. However, what if they were all in black face and had signs saying"I don't want to work"? I guess we just need to have more empathy culturally.

  7. Aaron Rodriguez

    Its racist as hell. How one can look at this picture and say it isn't, is beyond me. I don't understand why working and making a living through mowing lawns is always portrayed as negatively. Why the hell is it bad working for your living by cutting grass? And the drugs appetite of Americans has fueled the drug cartel fighting in Mexico that has claimed over 40,000 lives.

  8. Mason Landings

    This is such a joke. This is no racist at all. It was just a party! I guess I am a racist because of all the toga parties I used to have in college. Give me a break! They are kids having fun. If you think this is racist your an idiot!

  9. Mary Hopkins

    Exactly! My son-in-law is hispanic -for Halloween he was dressed as the pic above and my daughter was a border agent…it was as hilarious as this pic is.

  10. John Garcia

    I'm Mexican, and who cares about this? Lighten up its kids who were partying.

  11. Thomas William Rickner

    I love this pic…. people had better learn how to relax .. life is short….thèse young laides are just Havin fun… Up tight assholes that always have to pull out the race card should worry about saving their own country from criminals instead of hiding in this 1 worrying about how politically correct we are

  12. Tony Bailey

    These girls were in their rights. People r so touchy feely. OMG! I think alone with the lawmcare jokes is what got them in trouble.

  13. Craig Kendall

    Going to have to agree with you. People call anything racism these days whether it has to do with race or not. Yes, bigoted, but I would say mildly so. Like John said above, "Lighten up…"

  14. Ronald Messer

    Don I do not think it was the dressing up that caused the problem as much as the messages they posed which were clearly racist in nature. Dress up at Halloween is fine but to imply certain attitudes to a certain group is racially sterotyping

  15. Gerardine Baugh

    ? Racist party? Halloween? I missed the memo about which costumes are politically correct. How many of those girls are of Mexican descent? Making fun of yourself is not racist. The grass cutting signs are so over the top, …Really! I've never seen a Mexican tending a lawn or..wait are we taking about here or Mexico?

  16. Fredrick Keen

    As a Black man, I have learned that when people use the word "racist" most of those labeled as such are not.Most often they are actually exercising the right to free speech A true racist doesn't want any ethnic groups "in their presences.He wants his "group," " party" (non-political), his "neighborhood" or even their " bowling leagues" to be interacted with those of different classes, skin colors affiliation(s), and so forth. Others, meaning other races of people categorically try vainly to be a part of these-sometimes toxic spiritual groups fit this category as well-in most cases. When a minority ask to attend these functions, usually they retort," go to the one in your community. If you don't have on, Oh, well" Am I racist when I see a group of Black children wearing hoods approaching me, and I embrace my hand gun ever so close to me, that, if one was to push another kid on me I'd shoot, when all they were doing was playing? Is that racism or just me protecting myself just in case? Dirty&%$# politicians (some) use that word to keep us divided, even every one of the so-called, "Black leaders." They don't "lead" me, nor anyone I befriend. *$@$% them all.

  17. Johnathan Williams

    Who has ever seen that movie called WHITE GIRLS with the Wayans brothers.. SO I guess by the same standards, that movie also would be RACIST……right? Or is it just a DOUBLE STANDARD… Because that's what REALLY divides people in this country…..

  18. Johnathan Williams

    Who has ever seen that movie called WHITE GIRLS with the Wayans brothers…????? SO I guess by the same standards, that movie also would be RACIST……right???? Or is it just a DOUBLE STANDARD….? Because that's what REALLY divides people in this country…..

  19. Johnathan Williams

    I say that MOST everyone wants to laugh at them selves and each other and live together in relative unity….its a just FEW "professional victims" and the BS liberal media that REALLY flames the fires of so called "racism"

  20. Beverly Vest Gardner

    Mexican themed party is not racist. I've had a few myself and as is the intent of all my parties, we enjoyed mexican food, fun, and camaraderie. Anyone who considers the party racist is taking political correctness too far.

  21. Beverly Vest Gardner

    Ronald Messer How are the signs they're holding racist? Many college kids, our illustrious leader Obama included, smoke pot when in college. I'm not saying that doing drugs is right, I'm just saying it's a fact. The party and the signs were all in fun and those who are raising such a stink about it need to stop pointing the fingers of political correctness and address whatever personal issues they have that make them so judgmental of these young ladies.

  22. Judy Korbe

    I agree. What about 'dumb blond' jokes, or even other natioality themed jokes? In the past we all made jokes about each other. I have the perfect solution…ANY and ALL people offend; move to a different country where freedom of speech is not allowed! AND GOOD RIDENCE!!!

  23. Judy Korbe

    I agree. Way too 'touchy' I'm blond and proud of it. I love all the 'dumb blond 'jokes. I'm not dumb…I'm a retired RN and I continue to expand my knowledge.

  24. Kevin Joseph Judge

    The photo can't be racist because it Mexican is not a race.
    Insulting, demeaning, prejudiced and condescending to Mexicans? Absolutely
    Words mean things and you would think that a so called news site would take care to use an inflammatory term like racism correctly.

  25. Patrick Frye

    Humor tends to make fun of stereotypes. A Mexican friend of mine told me that people, who are also of Mexican ancestry, will sometimes show up at parties and start yelling "La Immigre" just to watch people scramble out the windows…

  26. John Nicoletti

    The signs are not the issue, the message is a little out there. I don't cut grass, I smoke it. Wow, the parents must be real proud of that pothead. Just think, these girls are our future teachers, and leaders.

  27. Christopher Spencer

    "celebrate another culture"?! That's your idea of a joke, right? Let me guess. your little "investment" company is run out of your Mom's basement? And you are a Willard Romney supporter? Well, one thing is clear. You are definitely a douche. But don't despair. I hear the KKK is having a "themed" recruitment party and you would probably fit right in.

  28. Yvette Noriega Rivera

    Johnathan Williams I hear you but why is it always the Mexicans who get called out. What about the Puerto Ricans or Columbians or Cubans or any other Latin ethnic group???????

  29. Rick Nau

    they cant have a Mexican themed party? lighten up, its not a big deal. Why is it socially acceptable to make fun of white people but not any other race? Turn on any show or movie, white people are constantly ripped on but its just funny. Say anything about any minority and its some big news day. This country is becoming more and more ridiculous by the second.

  30. Johnathan Williams

    Yvette Noriega Rivera because people are ignorant and just group ALL latinos together……just like people who think those who wear turbans are muslim…..just typical American ignorance

  31. Angie Myers

    As long as no one got hurt or got into trouble and fun was had by all. I do not find this offensive. That's just my opinion.

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