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Homeless Man’s Pet Rabbit Thrown Into River, Saved By ‘Kiss Of Life’

Homeless Man's Pet Rabbit Thrown Into River, Saved By 'Kiss Of Life'

Dublin, Ireland – A homeless man’s pet rabbit was thrown into a river by the king of jerks. According to RTE News in Ireland, the incident occurred near a bridge on the River Liffey in Dublin. Homeless man John Byrne was begging on O’Connell Bridge when his pet rabbit, named Barney, was snatched from his hands by passerby Gary Kearney and thrown into the icy river.

The homeless map leaped into the river to save his beloved pet rabbit, reviving Barney through a kiss of life before both were rescued by firefighters. For his act of animal heroism, the homeless man was given a Compassionate Citizen Award for going above and beyond the call of duty to help an animal in need.

On the other hand, king of jerks Gary Kearney pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to animal cruelty and torture. The Irishman has been sentenced to four months’ detention for his needless act of animal cruelty.

Homeless man John Byrne has been living on the streets for 23 years. Panhandling on the bridge is a regular routine in his daily life. He owns multiple pets including dogs, so many nights he’s forced to sleep on the streets.

As for why he risked his life, he said he was in shock when he saw his pet rabbit swimming around in circles, unable to escape its impending doom.

“I wasn’t going to leave him there,” the homeless man told reporters while standing outside court. “I had to get him, I had to jump in to get him. Barney died in my arms. I got him under the bridge and gave him the kiss of life.”

What do you think about the homeless man risking his own life to save his pet rabbit Barney from the deathly clutches of the river?

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6 Responses to “Homeless Man’s Pet Rabbit Thrown Into River, Saved By ‘Kiss Of Life’”

  1. Heather Johnson

    I would have done the same thing for my pet. Poor little rabbit! I hope the jerk who tossed him in has the same fate happen to him someday.

  2. Austin Wade Rozzell

    I am not afraid to admit, this made me cry, men like John Byrne, show that at times humanity lives up to its name, that said Gary Kearney, I hope you live to regret this, may you die alone, unforgiven, unremarked, screaming in pain, while lying in your own waste. so be it said so be it done.

  3. Mabel Lee

    It made me cry too. And I would have done the same too. Poor thing…. why…. why human do these….

  4. Fabiana Diez

    Not all of us have it easy :( why would this ASSHOLE Gary hurt an innocent animal!!! Hope he rots in HELL:( … GOD BLESS this angel and all his animals :)))) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Liz Millan

    god bless you and your pets you are a true human being and yes karma is coming gary kearney!

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