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Subway Murder Suspect Implicated Self, Cops Say, No Charges Yet

The “subway murder” suspect we learned had been apprehended this morning for questioning has “implicated himself,” reports say, but no charges have yet been filed in the terrifying incident.

The man taken into custody for questioning in relation to the subway murder of Queens man Ki-Suck Han, 58, reportedly has a record including eight prior collars, but the suspect’s name and age have not been released despite the video below of his arrest having been widely circulated in the media.

In reference to the subway murder and the widespread attention it has drawn, NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Public Information Paul Browne confirmed that the suspect had been taken in for questioning on Tuesday afternoon and that the man was a Times Square street vendor.

Dr. Laura Kaplan is a medical resident at Beth Israel Medical Center, and ABC reports that she confirmed in a statement that she witnessed the subway murder and rendered aid before Han succumbed to his injuries. Kaplan seemingly addresses a media narrative suggesting that Han’s death went unnoticed or was otherwise not prevented by those present in the station:

“A security guard and I performed 3-4 minutes of chest compressions.”

subway murder arrest

“I hope the family may find some comfort in knowing about the kindness of these good Samaritans, as they endure this terrible loss … I would like the family to know that many people in the station tried to help Mr. Han by alerting the subway personnel.”

Kaplan described the victim in the subway murder as “a brave man trying to protect other passengers that he did not know.”