Karl Rove

Karl Rove And Dick Morris Pushed Out By Fox News

The romance between Fox News and contributors Karl Rove and Dick Morris is coming to an end. New York Magazine reports that Fox News President Roger Ailes has given the directive to the on air corespondents that their presence is to be curtailed starting immediately. Fox News representatives confirmed the move saying that “the election’s over.”

Karl Rove and Dick Morris have long been hailed as the foremost political minds of our times, Rove for his work in getting George W. Bush two terms in office and Morris for his work with the Clinton Administration. Rove alone pledged that his SuperPACs would spend more than $300 million dollars to get Mitt Romney into the White House. It is rumored that they spent even more than that, but the results were not what Rove had hoped for.

Rove may just be remembered for his Election-night meltdown on Fox News. He went ballistic when the network called the State of Ohio for President Obama. The call for Ohio effectively ended Mitt Romney’s night and handed the election to Obama. Fox News Executive Vice President of News Editorial Michael Clemente told the Associated Press the morning after that Rove’s argument proved his value.

At the time, Ailes said that he had had a bit of a shocked “What The F” moment in an interview with TVNewser.

Speaking of the incident, Ailes said:

“Rove was wrong. He backed down. Our guys were right.”

Morris was similarly castigated for his election night predictions that Mitt Romney was prepared for a landslide victory. He thought that the polls and predictions were so far off that he laughed at the idea of a second Obama term. This type of antic made him a hero when he did the same for Clinton but a goat when it was done for Romney.

The New York Magazine report also says that programming chief Bill Shine is requiring all produces the get approval from him if the wish to book Rove or Morris to comment or appear.

How do you feel about Karl Rove and Dick Morris being snubbed publicly by Fox News?