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Bart Starr, Legendary Packers QB, Collapses During Speech In Wisconsin

bart-starr-collapses-2012 during-speech-in-wisconsin

Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Bart Starr collapsed Tuesday morning while giving a speech in Madison, Wisconsin.

According to ESPN, Starr — who led the Green Bay Packers to six divisional crowns, five National Football League Championships, and two Super Bowls in the 60s — was wrapping up a motivational speech at the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) conference Tuesday when he suddenly fell on stage.

“He gave a terrific speech about how organizations build success through talented people who form a great team,” said Kevin Fischer, spokesperson for the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, the host of the conference. “At the very end, however, you could see [his] appearance was awkward.”

Fox Sports reports that, prior Starr’s fall, the 78-year-old paused silently for “about 15 or 20 seconds” and then collapsed without warning.

Minutes later, Mr. Starr sat up and was evaluated by emergency medical personnel.

“After a few minutes, he was feeling better and speaking well,” Fischer said.

After speaking coherently and giving indication that he was feeling OK, Bart left the convention center with his wife, Cherry, in a private limousine bound for the Dane County Regional Airport, where the two flew back home to Alabama.

Though the reason behind his collapse is still unknown, Starr appears to be okay.

“He’s doing well,” Fischer added. “Cherry informs us that he is doing just great. He’s feeling fine.”

Bart Starr, who lives in Birmingham, Alabama, played for the Green Bay Packers from 1956-71. In addition to leading the team to multiple title games, Starr was a four-time Pro Bowl selection in 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1966, a two-time Super Bowl MVP and was rated the No. 51 NFL Player of all-time by

He also served as Green Bay’s head coach from 1975-83.

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24 Responses to “Bart Starr, Legendary Packers QB, Collapses During Speech In Wisconsin”

  1. Deborah Perry

    My dad was a Green Bay / Bart Starr fan all the while I was growing up. Watched the games on black and white TV or listened to them while driving down the road on the radio. I'm glad he's doing okay. Reminds us all we are getting a little older each day.

  2. Helen Barr

    Bart started at Green Bay the year I graduated from high school in Antigo, WI. He was a hero to everyone in the state. A great player as well as an honorable one. May God keep you well and with the Pack in person and spirit for many more years. An old fan.

  3. Anonymous

    He was a hell off a player horrable coach though but a respected and admired man I wish him all the best for many years to come.

  4. Rick Habel

    Bart is one of the true role models as a player, and as a family man. He is a hero and my prayers are with him. Go Packers!

  5. Tim Mills

    Love Bart Starr, great man and a great player. I just wonder if maybe he reacted like many of us and passed out when he heard Brett Bilema was leaving UW. Just a thought, because I almost passed out when I heard it.

  6. Anonymous

    I used to listen to Alabama on the radio when Bart Starr was quarterback. My Dad was an Alabama fan. He even used to talk about Frank Thomas. Anyone remember him?

  7. Dennis Thompson

    Bart was my hero growing up. I got his autograph when he was coaching. Last one I ever got or will get. So glad he is ok. He is an American treasure.

  8. Dennis Thompson

    Bret left because he will always play second fiddle to Meyer. No loss, unless you can stand listening to a whiner. He wont last long at Arkansas

  9. Charles Henk

    I wish ol' Bart would have went to the hospital to get himself checked out. Maybe he just felt faint and passedout momentarily. That has happened to me before. Anyway, Bart get well, we want to keep you around with us for awhile.

  10. Anonymous

    Strange that he did not go to ER just to be sure he had not had a stroke or a brain bleed. Dangerous thing to get on an airplane after an accident like that, especially at his age.

  11. Charles Blaisdell

    That's really too bad , I had heard that the Vikings were in the middle of a deal to bring Starr back in hopes of jumpstarting the Vikes , worked darn good with Farve.

  12. Anonymous

    A class act. Played in an era for the love of the game, not the paycheck.

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